Monday, March 1, 2010


Here are a couple of photos that I took yesterday along with the flowers. Little oddities that I particularly appreciate that shows my garden has become 'established'. HA! Not that it takes too much time in misty Oregon. And in some circles the word "established" just very well might mean "neglected". Another HA! Well, whatever we might call it, the first photo is of a moss covered Budda that I've had for so many years that I think his smiling little face is dissolving. But I know he's hidden under there, and now you do, too.
The second is of just a pottery old strawberry planter that didn't do too well as a strawberry planter because the plants couldn't retain the water well enough for them to survive. I love it as one of the so-called carelessly placed interests in the garden. I like the moss growing on it in this close-up shot. Anyone want to put their hand in there?? Feel free.........I'll watch.

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