Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've posted a few more photos from Alaska............these were all taken from a Tlingit community, Hoona, located on Icy Strait.  It was one of my favorite places.   It was not only beautiful in a misty, rainy and wonderfully gray way, but the excursion we went on in visiting the rain forest was full of
 Native folklore, ancient healing ways, and so many examples of a people living with all aspects of the natural world.  We heard of Native ceremonies and rites, births and funerals, giving and receiving and valuing people in many beautiful and respectful ways.  And it surprised me that I found it, not simple, but fairly complex.  
And with that rumbling through my head, when I returned home I soon had a birthday.......One I considered somewhat of a milestone event.   It wasn't so much the age itself, although any that mark another decade is always noteworthy.  No, this one has left me doing a lot of reflecting and examining different aspects of my life.  I think that every one of us experiences this at one time or another........many times in a life, most probably.   It might be brought on my a health crisis and life change or some deep personal experience.   Everyone has or will have these times.   A time of really looking at what is working and what isn't..........What is the truth and what is false........considering what helps in our life and what doesn't.....and deciding on what brings joy or peace and what doesn't.  Of course, a life lived will always bring bouts of both.  Hopefully in balance.   It's when it doesn't that it needs to be re-examined..........A time of change, for better or worse.

I think the photos I posted speak for themselves.......Oh, the whales!!!   The whales tail I took, here below, is a favorite of mine.   I love the water sloughing off, as well as the way the light hits. 
The second photo shows the scale of one of those tails compared to the fishing boats.   Oh, Wow!  And as we left Hoona to move on to the next port, Juneau, the last view through our wet and rain splattered port window, was of two humpbacks, in perfectly matched time, gracefully gliding past the bow of our ship, wishing us a fond farewell and me thanking them for their exquisite performance.
Hope everyone has a great Friday and rest of the weekend!!