Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Norm had an early blood test and we ate breakfast up in Bandon. This sight at the Bandon marina had me stopping and taking a couple of photos. I don't usually see boats this big in Bandon. Then the seagulls and pilings attracted my attention more than the boat. I've only put a couple of them here.......

This apple tree was loaded with it's bright red fruit. On our own trees at home a spring storm blew off every last one of the blossoms and we have not one apple this year. But the fruit season was not a complete loss.........we did get 2, that's T-W-O! pears. Wow! Don't everyone get all envious at once, now..........

If you view this photo on large you'll get a better look at the fruit. I did work it with Topaz in hopes of letting the fruit stand out more.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Waaaaayyyy up there you see Jerry White hanging around in a place not too many of us would want to be. It doesn't seem to bother him, though. Norm wanted some of the tall trees in front trimmed up for winter and Jerry and his son, Blake made it look easy. Well, all except the climb up there and back. He obviously knew what he was doing and his work was smooth, agile and experienced. Blake is a senior in high school this year and he helped his Dad with eyes from below and the hauling of the cuttings. The finished 'product' looks so neat...........the trees look so much taller and allow a lot more light onto the front. In another visit the two will take care of other areas of over grown trees and let more sun onto the vegetable garden. It sure cleans everything up! Thanks, Guys~!

I wasn't able to get all the photos I wanted to download on my blog tonight. Sometimes that happens and I don't know why. So, tonight's pics are divided into two postings. The one on top is Jerry surveying the area and the second is Blake, his son. Great smile, huh?

In the below posting, that's Jerry in a longer view so it shows just how way up there he is. (Pass the parachute, please!)

Today Norm and I picked up a couple of items from the new Mexican restaurant in town, "Don Rey"........Very good and we recommend it for a tasty and filling meal. I ordered a couple of tamales...........delicious. They reminded me of my favorite when I lived back in San Francisco. Our family used to go down to Taravel Street and get the huge corn husk tamales. Memories seem to increase in fondness as time goes by, but really, Don Rey's were just as good as I remember from my childhood. Norm ordered an Adobada Burrito. Since I never heard a word from him and his burrito disappeared at mock speed, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he enjoyed it.........a lot.

We seem to be getting our Indian Summer.......at least today. It was beautiful! I picked blackberries, huckleberries, cooked up the last of the chard and the first of the string beans. Those beans were wonderful! So tender! Blue Lake or something like that is the type. We have to plant them again next year and they're much easier to pick (pole) than the bush bean that we usually plant.

So........that's been our day.........hope yours went well as well as the rest of the week~

Happy Monday!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


I was going through my older files and came across these Icelandic poppies and thought I'd fool around with them a bit. Along the way, it occurred to me that it's been a little while since I wrote on my blog. The summer continues to wind to a close, the blackberries are picking-ready and so are the huckleberries. I thought I might try drying the huckleberries this year. I read up on it and I don't know how much time it would save over freezing, but it would save a little space in my freezer.
I'll let you know how it works........have any of you tried drying them? If so, let me know how it worked for you.

Our veggie garden has really been producing this year...........and I know many others around our area have as well. Norm should know better, but he planted waaayyyy too many tomato plants this year. Most of them are cherry tomatoes. Some are the orange tomato which is new to us this year. Very good~! Thankfully, I know people who are happy to help us eat them up.

Today I received an email about how to decorate your Christmas holiday table! It's too early to start in on that, although I have seen a few things with the holiday spirit (I use that word reluctantly) up in some of the stores. The idea actually was to promote a new holiday DVD for the group, Pink Martini........but still.....Wow! I'm so not ready!
We haven't even had frost on the pumpkin yet!

Next month there will be a digital photography show up at the South Coast Hospital in Bandon. They're so great with the arts........always having one kind of an exhibit or another...........Should be fun. There are so many expressive things you can do with editing on your computer now. I'm looking forward to seeing all the results. It runs from October through December, I think. For the coasties......be sure to stop by sometime on your way up to our own 'Bay Area'.

Seems that most of our gold finches have moved on.........and the hummingbirds were here one day and just gone the next.........not even a 'good-bye and thanks for the summer syrup'. How's that for hospitality? More nuthatchers though. And I think the junco's should be arriving in another couple of weeks. The Canada geese also. I love to hear them honking and looking up and seeing their V-shaped arrival. Then I know for sure that autumn is here! Hope you're all enjoying the changes as much as I am.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


A little change from the Rogue River shots..........at least for this first one. Norm made this portable rustic planter. We planted some petunias a couple of weeks ago......... add water and sun and 'voile'! Pretty, I think......the only petunias we planted this year. What has been taking over the limelight on our deck this summer is the calendula..........bright, bright orange and yellows!

But backing up the river just a little.........The homeward trek on our jet boat. One of my favorite shots of those I took is this one here below. If you see the two fishermen and see how dwarfed they are by those surrounding hills and mountains, you see how it can really allow you to feel humbled. God's own Creation that we're blessed to live in~!!! You can get a better view by clicking on the photo to see it in a larger image.

And for those of you who live here on the south coast, you'll recognize the bridge crossing over the Rogue just before it empties into the Pacific. The waters just beyond the bridge was crowded with sports fishing boats......all shapes and sizes. I don't know how they did in their luck with fishing. I didn't see all that many holding up their trophies this trip. But maybe it was just a poor day..........But not for me~It was a great trip and now it's time to think about what's around the homestead for a while.

Enjoy your weekend and the turning season...........it's here!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Little folks are friendly up the river. This little guy was just all charm~his dog, now, he's a different kettle of fish, isn't he? Fido was fishing also, but he came up with a rock. Not like the serious fisherman here in this second photo. I think he looks pretty cool. Including that great and probably good-luck fishing hat.

This third shot is the best I could get as we drove by these two bald eagles in the

oak trees. They always look so majestic don't they?? And I enjoy the lines of those oaks. They match in majestic dignity.

I talked to my sister today, twice actually. Most of the photos I took of her and Nick, didn't turn out very well. Darn! There is one that I might put up next posting where Nick, whose reputation for 'bonking' his head as a little kid spoke for itself, is over on his back when somehow the chair he was sitting in up-ended. It's some of that continuity of life that I love.

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day holiday tomorrow and the shortened work week ahead.