Friday, April 30, 2010


I didn't get too far away from the blooms, did I? We went to town today and there was a Commissary store set up at the National Guard Armory up in Coos Bay. I had thought it was going to be warm today so I wasn't dressed for the cold. The building they held the sale in was a big drafty garage-like building. And the line was all the way around the perimenter of the building. We stood in line about an hour. I think they were taking a survey and hope to hold one of these commissary 'stores' every other one would be in June and hopefully warmer weather!
OK......the first floral above was the backside of a pansy that was backlit by the lowering sun in late afternoon. I enjoy trying to get the transparency of the petals or leaves so this is my first attempt at that this year. A lititle blurry but still beautiful colors, I think.
This one is a white Siberian or Japanese iris.....I never remember which is which, but it sure is pretty. I should have a couple of gorgeous blue ones coming up soon also.
Got the back weeds all whacked down this afternoon. Somehow I don't see as many of the weeds in the garden beds if the surrounding area is fairly neat looking. It even inspires me to get out there and pull some if the weather is cooperating. It's been pretty iffy lately but let's hope for some sun this weekend. And I wish you all a fun filled weekend......and a safe one for those traveling back home.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


As promised, I took a number of photos of the old city jail today. Looking at it today, it's just hard to believe that anyone would put another person in anything so.....well, hovel-ish. A cold, drafy cement box. Hopefully, they had some kind of window back then. I imagine it was used only for unruly 'over-nighters' who might have had one too many drinks and got in fights or something or other. Once sobered up, they were probably sent home to their unhappy wives. Maybe then, they wished themselves back in jail! 8-))
I remember when we first moved here, and since our first home was just above this old jail, I'd peeked inside and knew about it. At the 4th of July parade.....a truly BIG deal in Port Orford !!
there would be a pickup truck made out like an ole hoose-gow, and they would choose different citizens watching the parade, that they would pick up and charge with something... The 'threat' was that they would put them in the jail until someone came to pay their 'bail' AKA a donation to whatever local fund raiser was behind this. Well, like I said, I had seen inside this jail, and I think my eyes probably grew in size as I thought about the possibility of ending up in this awful and dirty place..even for a short time! Visions of spiders, rats and other vermin came to mind. Actually, they didn't put anyone in this old jail, but I didn't know that until later. In the meantime, I seem to remember standing BEHIND Norm until the portable jail passed well on by.
Just to play it safe!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm glad I went around the garden the other day and took a lot of shots of various blooms because I'm sure not getting out in the rain to get anything else. I enjoy photos of flowers every so often, but I have to admit that I'm craving something a little more exciting right now. No (Pam), not something that will blow me and my hat off the cliffs. Not to worry.
Well, never mind cause it's flowers that we have still. This first one is Russell's lupine. I'd heard of these flowers and seen seed packets for years but had no idea that it grew as a medium sized shrub! It's covered with blooms!! And big ones! I'll have to buy more if they come in different colors.
The second floral here is a columbine that volunteers every year, changing color as often. This year I think it's the prettiest I've seen. The white with a blush of the pink makes it look even more delicate than usual.
Well, tomorrow I'll be out and about mid-day and I'll definitely bring my camera. I just have to find something else to snap besides flowers.....lovely as they are. I have wanted to get a couple of the old City jail......that will be one of my goals. It might make up into a pretty good card, huh? I worked on cards most of the day and again, need to change the routine tomorrow. Too much sitting allows Donna to spread.....and not in a good way! Time to walk!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A busy day of the morning in Bandon (having my hair 'bent' as Norm calls it). And this afternoon I've been organizing my prints and making up more greeting cards.
Anyway, this first bloom snapped here is for Millie. I found out that she loves our beautiful little wild iris. I found these two blooming down in the lower part of my the shade. These iris aren't bothered at all by spending even most of their time in the shade......they bloom their little hearts out anyway. They can become a pest by sowing their seeds and roots all over, but it really isn't that much trouble to keep them under control.
This second flower is something that is one of my favorites and for the life of me, I can't remember what the name of the flower is. Maybe one of you can remind me??
We did have more rain today and will probably have more tomorrow, as well. Thankfully, I still have a lot of work to do on my cards so I won't mind much.

Just finished watching the Netflick movie "Brothers". It was a good movie, well acted, good plot but emotional. I would think that Toby McGuire might be up for an Oscar for his portrayal of a war-damaged soldier.
Have a great day!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yep, it began to rain this afternoon and looks like our greening of Oregon will be with us for another couple of days at least. Maybe just as well since I can hardly move today with sore muscles from my gardening yesterday. These are a few snaps I got in late yesterday afternoon. There are more that you'll be seeing in the next few days.
And those of you who follow, remember how I said yesterday that my friends on Flickr just won't respond to my woodsy photos. Well, I was wrong, I'm happy to report. The two pics I posted yesterday (same as the ones here) were commented on least from a couple of fellow photographers.
The photo here on the top is of some of our blueberry blossoms. Aren't they dainty and fragile looking? But they're tougher than they look. They survive the rains and especially our summer winds.....which are a bit more than breezes. And the berries will grace many a bowl of cereal come summer. Maybe even share a pie with some blackberries....Yummm!

And the second snap here is of a lonely but pungent chive flower. Not only pretty but so good on salads or veggies. I used to have enough when I was in California, that I'd make bouquets of the flowers......they're fairly long-lasting too. In both of these photos I enjoy looking at the background as much as the subject flower. OK.....that's it for today. Have yourself a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Winding up our re-visit of the Compass Rose, I took a couple of photos of the woods on the way down to Lake Garrison. The Hansen's have carved out a nice easy to walk nature trail winding through the trees. The dappled sunlight hitting the moss covered trees have always been a favorite of mine. I continue to try and put various shots I've taken of shade/sun lit trees and posting them on Flickr. So far, I have yet to make a 'believer' out of anyone.....those pics are usually ignored completely without any comment or word whatsoever. Maybe they're trying to make a 'believer' out of me!! ...... like "NOT GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY!!" But I keep trying. Even when I was painting, I always have loved the contrast between the dark and light......and maybe that says more about the human condition than just the forests. And of course, the photography can't convey the sense of smell of the trees and undergrowth, the close-up look of the textures that might catch the I'll just continue to enjoy it myself and keep on keeping on.
Down at the water's edge we could hear the sound of various birds, especially the red winged blackbird. Emily could see some mallard ducks and spotted where the blackbirds flew and hid in the reeds. Most who know me know my eyesight rivals Mr. McGoo so I just took her word on the fact that the birds were there. I did see the mallards (I think), though. I enjoy the editing of these kinds of shots......when I enlarge them to look at the full pixels, I look through the reeds and undergrowth hoping to see some little animal or bird hiding from me but not the lens. No luck so far. This is a lovely spot......they have built blinds located along the way where a person can sit and watch, wonder and wait......there are several bird nests around and the newest added are boxes for wood ducks. A very beautiful bird. Also in this snap you can see the side and top of Humbug Mountain off in the distance. Such a special place!! Perfect place for a wonderful get-away.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's like stepping into another world....full of the creativity and fun.
This wonderful weather vane of the
locust with it's green 'jeweled' eye has a somewhat fanciful look to it. I posted this photo on Flickr and titled it "The Good Locust". One of my Flickr friends asked why it was good.....and it was probably because it was skewered....8-)). The weather vane is on top of a barn that's right next to the vegetable garden that is right now a work of art in progress. It has a little winding rock stream and various veggies, some blueberry bushes and some herbs......and a whole lot of charm! I took a stroll down a path and through the woods to a part of Garrison Lake that has many reeds and grasses and loaded with birds......and I guess fish too. I saw a big heron down there the other day so he must have been fishing for something good. I still need to edit those shots. I love this snap of
the other bunny though. The one from yesterday was a female I guess....since her name was Mrs. Fuzzworth (stands to reason, huh?) So the one here must be a male. This brown one seemed a lot more shy than the Mrs. And sorry for the slightly fuzzy look. They were thoroughly enjoying their lettuce and their little jaws and noses were bobbing up and down.....and I wasn't using a tripod, which is actually the real reason why it's not as sharp as it should be. But I'm sure you can look beyond the fuzzy and see this bunny's "essence of cuteness."

Friday, April 23, 2010


A very neat day! The sun was shinning! Yaaa! Always a good sign, huh? These photos are actually starting at the end of the day when I went with my friend to visit the bunnies at the Compass Rose. They really loved their lettuce leaves....plain lettuce, no dressing or croutons, please. You'll see more from the Compass Rose in the next few days.
I went with Emily to the Rotary meeting in as a guest. Delicious lunch, but what was really wonderful was listening to Angela Haseltine Pozzi from Art 101. Her dedication and passion in tackling the problem of ocean trash, especially plastic, will make anyone who hears her never doubt the damage that is being done to our waters, and I'm sure many dry areas as well. Don't see how it couldn't. She is working with many others, including a friend of her deceased husband in making a feature length film that will be released in theaters when completed in a year or so. They are editing as they go along and filming a few days a month, so there doesn't seem to be any doubt that this film won't get made. As an artist, her vision is to take the ugly and harmful plastic and turn it into something not only beautiful, but meaningful as it will travel on a tour to help awaken others to the very urgent message of all this garbage. The name of the project is "Washed Ashore, Plastics, Sealife and Art". There are not only many citizens of all ages helping at Angela's studio on Hwy 101, but she has the schools inspired to contribute what they can, which is no small contribution. I do need to research this a little on the internet before I start giving out misinformation. You might want to look into this project yourself, and hopefully become involved in either helping out at the studio, or just doing your own educated study and changing some of the ways you shop, or stock your own household, or just carry the word. Oh....and the ARTULA Institute is the organization behind Washed Ashore......I think......check it out yourself online. And it's not just a Bandon problem, or a Port Orford problem, nor's world wide and growing so rapidly and expanding so large that I really do need to get the numbers right before I write any more.....but the state of Texas comes to mind....and garbage 7 miles deep!!!
Since it is a world wide problem, I think it sort of fitting that this last photo is symbolic of where the 4 winds blow.......
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Stay safe!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


On the way home today we stopped by Cape Blanco so I could get a couple of the traditional lighthouse shots. Thankfully, I had just found a fairly inexpensive monopod and had that to stake myself to the ground. The wind was really whipping around and I was so busy trying to steady Donna, the camera and the monopod, that I had no time to catch my favorite baseball hat that I'd bought in Scotland. It's undoubtedly blown over to the Highlands by now! But, Hey!! The good news is that the sun graced us again with her presence. Life is Good!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What a treat to look upon one of our first of the spring wild blooms. I found this, again, over on Paradise Point Rd., but I'm starting to see them all over now. They grow in my yard also and I let them be until they start to get too invasive, but they make such good cut flowers and fill-ins in a bouquet.
I'm not positive what I saw today because it's been so long since it's made a dependable appearance, but it was something in the sky that was large and sort of gold in color. I think it's listed in Webster's Dictonary as "sun", but I couldn't swear by it. Possibly, if it happens again, I can study it and make a clear identification. Unless any of you know.......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Rather than nice, warm sunny weather it was a soggy like a sponge rainy day, instead. If I hear from the state authorities that we aren't yet up to our needed rainfall, I think I'm just going to have to become a non-believer.
This top photo is again from the marsh at Paradise Point Rd. I love the warm tones of the orange leaves with that 'wha'sha-call-it".

This second photo is one of my first Calla Lilly of the year. They're always so graceful and elegant. I like the lines of this one.

I had a look at what will be the new Siren's Coffee & Chocolate Cafe sometime in May. It's going to be wonderful!! Lots of charm, lots of light, lots of comfort and friendly atmosphere, plus what sounds like a fantastic array of various foods. I can hardly wait! I'm very excited about watching this new venture of Dianne's unfold. Be sure to drop in once it's up and running! Have a cup a, or one of Joyce Kinney's fabulous dishes for lunch, delicious candy or some tempting pastry. Oh.....and something I have a lot of trouble saying NO cream!! Ahhhhh.......8-D)))

Monday, April 19, 2010


Isn't this a fantastic view! I've driven over this area many, many times and never really stopped to SEE. I actually did very little editing.....everything just seemed to work that day. I think all the orange floating on the water are leaves. I don't know what the standing orange circular thing is either. It adds some interest though, huh?
So....I'm still a little tired today, but the worst of my flu seems to have finished with me. Soon, I'll be back to my usual chatter........

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm going to have to leave you all with only a photo for a day or two. I've come down with a whopper of a flu.
Hope to be back in good form very soon....Oh.....this is the Paradise Point road low dip in the road and looking south.

Friday, April 16, 2010


If you go to the south side of the Arizona St. bridge over what I call Garrison Creek and Garrison Lake, and look on the creek side you'll see this marshy area. What looks like quite a mess and tangle of dross in the below photo is actually a lovely blend of reeds, grass, lily pods (one in bloom here) and the reflection of all the above, plus some out of sight trees. It's really very pretty. If you click this photo on you might see it in a larger form. Then the reflections really stand out and you'll see what I mean. The orange colored lily pod that is blooming is about 1/4 way up on the left center-ish. See if you can find it.
This second shot is the same general area, but at a distance so you can see the reflection of the large tree. Bet the who ever lives in that house has one great view of not only the creek and the lake but maybe some of the ocean over the narrow strip of dune that separates the lake from the mighty Pacific.
I think we're all looking for a repeat of the sunny weather today. It was almost hot for awhile this afternoon! and sort of muggy. I come from the San Francisco Bay Area and I immediately think "earthquake weather"! And the way that there's been a lot of rockin' n rollin' going on with Ma Nature all over the globe these days, I wouldn't have been half surprised if I'd felt a shake or two. Hopefully NOT!!
I'm looking forward to taking more photos that show blue sky and blue water. The gray and stormy have their place......but not until next fall, please.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I took a shot of this first rock rose at a home over by Arizona Street at Garrison Lake. There were a lot of blooms but this was the first I saw open. A few rain drops only added to it, I think. It looks like crushed voile. Since I've been looking at various sheers for a change in some of the rooms at home, I must have had that in mind as I looked at this little flower. When we lived in Grass Valley the summers were very hot. One particular area just wouldn't grow anything because of the heat and poor soil there. Someone told me that rock rose was a heat lover so I got some and planted about 3 or 4 small bushes. I really did think it would be a very short growing season for these poor little plants. Instead, they just exploded!! I probably could have sat watching them and marked the amazingly rapid growth. By the end of that summer they were full and covered with blooms and filling in that whole problem area. So....I though they'd do great up here with a lot of water but still in a sunny place. No......they grow, but not well. The soil I planted them in is sure problem enough. One of the builders of this house decided that he could use the topsoil over at his own house, so just carted the good stuff off from here and used it in his gardens. Guess this problem area has a little too much problem even for the sturdy rock rose.

This second shot is another one of Garrison Creek. I'm not sure if that's even the correct name for it. If anyone knows differently, please let me know. It's another favorite area of mine. Like Garrison Lake.....always new and changing.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Did we have sun today?? It's been sort of an 'all-over-the-map' kind of day. It wasn't blazing sunlight.....that I do know. But I took these late afternoon shots out at Garrison Lake and there was sort of a soft glow.....almost the gray we're all getting used to....but there was a hint of warmth for the snaps. I love Garrison Lake!! It's always changing, always beautiful and I never know what new surprise might be waiting for me when ever I drive by. We used to live above Battle Rock and the view was wonderful but after a while, if you want a life, it becomes more of a picture on the wall that you've started to take for granted. You just don't sit there for hours and admire least I didn't. Maybe it's the same living on the lake. One of the things I love about living in Cedar Terrace is the surrounded feeling I have living among the trees and the rest of Mother Nature's nesting ground. So, perhaps a lake would have the same appeal for me......It's not 'out there' at a distance but something I can feel a part of. I'm always promising myself that some morning or afternoon I'm going to just drive down there and sit with my camera and just watch, wait for whatever happens to happen, and enjoy.....just drink it all it. "Just One Of These Days............" Someone should write a song........

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today a good part of the afternoon was dedicated to the frustration of installing a new printer. I think this new printer, a Kodak, is really going to be a winner, but oh.....the angst of trying to find out which wire leads to which plug leads to which outlet....then how to untangle and figure the work of getting said wire and plug from point A to point B. Of course it called for moving half the house hold to finally accomplish. And actually trying to SEE in the dark corners behind the over-built desk and hutch that houses the whole mess. But!!! I can really use it where I couldn't figure much of anything out of my old one and sure couldn't print any photos. And it was SO noisy! The Kodak? Easy. And the colors weren't at all bad for me to use in making up my greeting cards.
I did get out today, with tripod, to take a couple of snaps in the front garden. The first one is our Pieris Andromeda. Every spring it has these delicate looking little clusters of white bells. They make pretty good cut bouquets, too. Now the lower photo.......This clivia I call the "Survivor". When I first found it in a nursery down in Auborn, California, it was barely alive because of having been left out in the snow and freeze. But it came back with some TLC, and blooming time after time, and multiplying over and over again. I've been able to divide it and share with many friends here in Port Orford and I think they have better results than I do, usually. This winter, the poor ole' thing had a repeat nightmare.......left out in the snow and freeze. I thought I might have lost, not just one, but three potted plants I had in front. Well, as you can see, here comes one big beautiful bloom on one plant and there's another on one of the others. The leaves aren't looking too good fact they're fairly non-existent, but the blooms are celebrating Renewed Life! Again!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Yep!! Here he is!! For those who don't know, this is Norm......or AKA "He-who-keeps-my-feet-warm".
Beautiful blue eyes and a big ole' smile. He considers it his 'job' to make sure that I have something each and every day to laugh at, at least once. Considering the sometimes odd way I see the world, I don't think this is a very hard task for him to fact, he's using me as his excuse.....because HE wants to laugh at least once every day. Well, we both keep each other pretty happy. He looks very pleased with himself in this shot since he finally figured out a plumbing problem that has been plauging him for about a week. Seems the foreign instruction manual just 'assumed' that everyone would know that the faucet could unscrew rather than being gently pulled up as the drawing in the manual gave hint to. And now his next vexing problem soon to be solved is getting Netflick right off the TV. Again, the this case they use their own language and assume that everyone automatically knows their techie jargon. What he DID find out is that he needs to go back to Fred Meyer and ask about what else he needs to go with his BluRay. One little baby step for my man-kind......but one step closer to another pleased -with himself -smile.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


These are a couple of shots I took last weekend at the Kids Art Class. A very gifted and talented artist/teacher by lovely name of Anastasia, came all the way over from Coquille for two Saturdays to work with the children in creating their own works of art. The results were pretty remarkable. I especially like the one here by Jason Wilhite and his portrayal of the "Aye, Matey!" pirate....ARRRGH!!
Any pirate with eyebrows like that has to be a bad guy, right?
Pretty good, don't you think? They used poster paint and as neat as everyone tried to be, somehow I even got some on me and my camera. Neon Yellow, to be exact.
This second photo is of the sweet little Rayna Grace and her finger painting exercise. She's still pretty young but is growing into her own creative style rapidly. When she first came last year, I have one photo where she hadn't quite mastered the art of holding a crayon or brush other than awkwardly. I'm almost sure that any day now she'll be branching into calligraphy. 8-D)) In the most beautiful color blue she can find.

Friday, April 9, 2010

END OF OUR HEADS VISIT (for a while)

Some shots work OK when you shoot into the light.....the top of this image wasn't one of them. That one particular very old tree, though, always draws me to try to capture the wonderful old spirit it holds. It has moss growing along it's many, many branches as well as ferns nestled in here and there. And it's BIG! spite of the flare in the upper part, I just couldn't not include it....
And I always see photos of the front of the Coast Guard Station and have gotten a little tired of here we can look at the backside, which I think is just as beautiful. Although I can't help but remember when I volunteered there and climbing those back steps into the old kitchen/now gift shop. I would rush in and run over to punch in the code before the alarm went off. A couple of times....two times! it happened. Thankfully, once the park rangers were there and even they had a time figuring how to turn it off......the second time, Barbara from next door came running over and knew exactly what to do. I just remember the cold, clammy dread and rush of adrenaline when that alarm would first start to screech. I'm much more comfortable now taking it's picture from a distance and safe from 'breaking and entering'.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Norm suggested I get some updated photos of the Coast Guard boat up at the CG museum. It wasn't raining!!! Surprise-surprise!! But the wind was pretty cold. When we stood in the sun, it felt so good! That wind, though, let the American flag stand at attention for the camera. It's a beautiful old boat and a real credit to not only the now retired US Coast Guard but to the local volunteers who refurbished her. In enlarging the photos to see how sharp the resolution of the photo turned out, I was able to get up close and personal and the job they did and, I guess, the upkeep they do, is really well done. I don't know how often the volunteers are told how much their work is appreciated, so if you happen to come across any that you know of, be sure and let them know. Or better yet, go visit the museum again.....take a hike on the beautiful paths and admire that fantastic view......write in the comment book at the museum, and yes, even drop off a small donation. Because it's a job very well done.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here are two more I took yesterday. This first one is looking west down the Coquille Rv. You can see the red roof of the Coast Guard Station, behind the tree, and then the lighthouse off on the left at the bar. A few minutes after I took this shot, a sea lion was bobbing around.....the seagulls took off.....but the sea lion didn't stick around very long.
This second photo is looking down the boat ramp, obviously, into the marina. The cloud formations made for an ideal backdrop, as well as that seagull on the right.
Today was beautiful, wasn't it? We had a number of errands up in Coos Bay, and everywhere we went the favorite topic of conversation was "Isn't it wonderful to see the sun!!" I mean, it was THE talk of the town!! Sort of funny when you think about it. It's not like we live up at the North Pole.........we're spoiled, is what we are. The weather here is just about perfect as far as I'm concerned and we've just come to expect that perfection to continue, without any interruption. So, I'll have more sun and warm temperatures, thank you very much. No more mistakes please, Mother Nature.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wasn't it great to see it today? Maybe not ALL day but enough for us to know that it's still there! I was having my doubts. After I dropped off a few pelican photos at the hospital for the exhibit, Norm and I had lunch at Two Loons (no jokes, please). They have the best quiche!! Unfortunately, it's about the only place that has quiche around..........but they do a fantastic job and it's consistently good. With the sun trying to break through some of the clouds, we went down to the marina where I took a few, or many more, shots. (I don't seem to have that "took a few" down too well yet). The first one I thought was pretty good of the Bandon lighthouse. They've repainted it and I enjoy the bright colors.
This second photo is what I call "Shrimp Bisque on the Rocks". Some young man from one of the fish markets came over to throw a bowl of old shrimp over the side of the boardwalk. There were seagulls and crows all over.....all trying to get their free lunch. And me moving around quickly when the over-head action became a little to thick. I'm not much of a bird photographer but I do like the open wings of this crow.
Tomorrow the sun is supposed to be with us least for the day. Let's all enjoy it!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday, Easter Sunday, we had, it was one hail storm after another. And one boom of thunder after another. Pretty wild day, weather-wise. I'm surprised there wasn't any power outages, at least where we live. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we haven't exceeded in rainfall what we had measured for all winter. And any hope of a pear crop at our house is now pretty well doomed, I think. Anyway, This first shot is a little blurry, but I was getting beaten by hail and rain.....both me AND my camera. It just wasn't the right time to set up and use my new tripod.
The second image is some of the hail that deposited itself in a garden abalone shell. The colors of the shell make sort of an interesting contrast along with the grass in the background. I think the 6-10 day forecast is showers tomorrow and then just partly cloudy for the next several days. I think we're all more than ready.......
A side note......for anyone interested in pelicans and/or photography..... the Southern Coos Hospital in Bandon will be accepting pelican art over the next two days getting ready for a month long exhibit. The number of pelicans that graced our shores last winter made quite an impact on many an artistic eye. I think it should be a great show. Also.....Pat Stannard will have a month long display of some of her wonderful photographic work at the Langlois library, so try to stop by and take a look. And let's all look for sunny days ahead!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Bringing home the girls is what I thought when I saw this scene. I wish I could let you view the entire picture of what was happening. The cows were running to, and along side, and ahead of the man you see in this photo. Calves were running and kicking up their heels, I think, just for the pure fun of it. They look too young to me to know the taste of hay yet. The noise is what first got my attention.....being in the middle of a stampede was barely louder, I think. All the mooing going on from all of them...It was a lot of fun to watch.

This second is just one more of the afternoon out on the eastside. This is probably the last of the photos from that day. Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this) I need to get out there and gather some more shoots. I hope the weather will cooperate.....just a little is all I ask. Today, Easter Sunday, a few weeks into spring and we had snow here today!! It didn't stick but it was definitely the white stuff coming down. I think we're all ready for some warmer weather along with some sunshine. Everyone have a great Monday!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Here is one of the abandoned boats I mentioned in yesterday's posting. I'm sure at one time it was the dream and fun times of usually are. She was probably cleaned, shined and polished with great care and love.......and now.........sigh....

Below is one of the many nice water views we came across. Even though the water was a little green for my taste, the reflection is good and the blue sky plus those beautiful clouds made for a pretty good photo. And I love those stumps! Rustic looking, I guess.
Well, I have a lot of my greeting cars I need to make up tomorrow and so probably won't be posting but I want to wish all of you a lovely and Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


No, not really.....Somewhere east of Coos Bay on the way to Allegeny. I was a passenger and taking in the sights more than paying attention to where we were.....which was slightly lost. But enjoyably so. A friend and I traveled along some kind of slough road....Does Coalbank sound familiar to anyone or am I just making it up? Whatever or where ever, it was a beautiful little side trip. There was a lot of water....I mean a LOT! The ground is pretty saturated after all the rains but I didn't really see any flooding. There was one cow, one of many, that seemed to be very happy standing knee deep in water that was making a pond out of one pasture. And since my feet hurt a lot, I could fully understand her contented look. The clouds were those beautiful thunder-bumpers which added to the whole scene. Lots of farms and some quaint little homes like the one pictured above. Others were rugged and told of maybe harder times. The below photo is I-don't-know-what......some kind of loading dock that was used when the slough might have been used more commercially than it is now.....just a guess.
The sloughs must have been used at one time because there were various kinds of boats seen every so that were in pretty rough condition. And lots of birds......We saw a pair of kingfishers but I didn't have my telephoto lens so the shots I got are terrible. Then the usual ducks and geese, cormorants......and one set of birds that were either dry, tan cormorants or possibly young herons. I'll send that photo onto some of my bird expert friends and they can make the final call. So.....all in all.....a great way to get lost and have wonderful afternoon, too!
I want to do it again!!