Friday, April 19, 2013

A BAD WEEK........

 I think everyone will agree that this has been a very hard week for our nation...........innocents murdered, innocents maimed and so many marred by frightful images of a sense of right and wrong gone amuck.  I don't know about all of you, but I've had a difficult time getting away from the TV today as the last suspect, #2, was being sought and the final drama of his capture.   The national and collective sigh of relief that this stage of the terroristic act/s were over.   Along with our sighs of relief was the joyful and spontaneous applause of the people of Watertown for all the brave law enforcement officers, the FBI, National Guard, State, county and city police and many more, I'm sure.  They cheered, clapped, waved and all wore beautiful smiles of sincere appreciation for a job well done.  I think most all of America was there in spirit, as well, telling them that it was a professional job so well done.  I remember a town I lived in being ravaged by wildfires that destroyed so many homes and disrupted so many lives........and hundreds of acres destroyed........and the cheering and appreciation that we all felt for all the firefighters, coming in from other states and areas, after the fires were finally put out.   Your heart just feels like it could burst with joy and love for those brave men and women.   I know that's how the people of Watertown must be feeling.....
 So, today I'm bringing more spring bloom photos...........hopefully bringing a sense of new birth and hope for a fruitful season.   Sending prayers and thoughts of healing for all those victims of this past week's horrible events.........
The other day I met with a long-time email buddy.   We finally got together in the flesh.....such a special visit.   I knew she was a friend to be comfortable with online, and meeting with her in the flesh far exceeded the former limited friendship.   I'm looking forward to far more bouts of sharing and friendship, B.   She is a lady who has been one of my strongest and constant supports for my photography.  Love you for that alone, lady............

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.   I heard a rumor that the sun is supposed to make a re-appearance.   Let's hope it's not shy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


 The day started drizzley.....just as I was going to go do some gardening.  Mainly the weed-whacking.  I found other things to do and after lunch decided to just-get-out-in-it.  I did manage to get it all done in back, which is the largest area............and now, a few hours later, the sun is shining and it's warm and balmy out.  Crazy spring weather.  Well, at least we don't have snow like so many in the mid-west. 
Last week, I came across the most talented lady and her recent creations.  I'm giving you her website here and I think you'll all be just as amazed as I was when you look at her talent.  According to one of my sisters, she has done a great many creative ventures and is excellent in each and every one.  This latest is cakes and the like.  They are just beautiful!   Her earlier beginings with various confections was exclusively wedding cakes, but now is branching out into smaller items that she can ship with more ease and less risk.  She lives up in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area in the California gold country after spending much of her time and talent in the SF Bay Area.   Take a look and prepared to be "Wow-ed"!     Her creations would be such an asset to anyone planning a wedding or other special occasion........or the services of a wedding planner.   She said she would let me know when she sets up her new line of cupcakes, petite fours, etc.   I'll be sure to pass the word on when I hear.

While the sun was shining today, I went out to take a few spring flower portraits.  Not too many in the garden yet, but they're coming.  I see more and more signs of spring each day.  I saw our first Shasta daisy beginning to open.  Then there are the gophers and/or moles~~stretching their limbs and sharpening their teeth.   The geese are migrating and I do love to hear all their noises as they pass overhead on their way north.  Bon voyage..........Speaking of niece and her daughter, Madeleine are on a special mother-daughter trip in Paris.  Just the two of them doing and seeing the sights that are so full of charm (and rain).  What is so neat, and a sign of this day and age, is that every day she sends photos and videos of their various sights.   This morning there was a little video of mass in church..........a very beautiful church!  There are so many street scenes with Parisians traveling about their business.......or children playing around a large park pond; boys floating and sending their small top sailboats across the pond using sticks, just like they did many generations ago  Seems there is a Impressionist painting with a scene like that I've seen.  All these daily scenes are sent via email and although there are times when I'm disgusted with the age of electronics, these emails are such a joy.  I'm thinking I would love to go to Paris, too. 

Well, hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready to kick up whatever you need to kick, this week.   A good Monday to all.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi Everyone..........long time, no see, huh?   I didn't realize it's been quite so long since my blogsite had refused to download any photos for me.  I was having a problem with photos on FOXnews website showing some photos, too.   Then, suddenly, everything is back working like it should!  Go figure......
These two photos were taken out at Cape Blanco on a perfectly beautiful day a few weeks ago.  There was no wind, which is very unusual for Blanco........almost unheard of.  Tourists were out there just soaking up the sun and enjoying the clear and gorgeous view out on the Pacific.  The photos here represent some of those lookers. 
Wow........there's so much time that has passed by I don't know where to start here.  Big in our lives for the past few months is a basal cell carcinoma that Norm had in his ear.  The first surgery to remove it left a pretty deep and large area that had to be healed a little before some reconstruction surgery took place.  So, the reconstruction took place a couple of days ago.  The whole thing has been so tiring for Norm, but the final healing has started; he has the stitches taken out next week, and we're good to go.  
We have our home up for sale and there are a couple planning on taking a look maybe this or next week.   Still time for a life-style change.   We've loved living the rural life but it's time to move on and leave it to people who are better able to keep it up (and love doing that).   When we found that almost all of our time is working to keep up the house and property and things were falling behind more and more, then it's time...........We think that Bandon will offer us what we want.  There are arts, beautiful beaches, medical, still close enough to our friends in Port Orford, but new ones to make in Bandon.  Now we just wait and see. 
 This shot is a tourist who is lost in thought.   Can't you just imagine how you might be there in his place?  I can.
Here we have two young people sitting on the edge of the world........that's what it looks like, right?  Actually, there is a steep, but do-able hill below them.   I shouldn't have told you that........spoiled the illusion. 

We recently got a new Honda Accord............It was listed as one of the best of the new cars in Consumer Report and we're familar and have been happy with other Hondas.   It's so nice!  But so many new features that it's going to take a while to learn them all.  Norm is still having a hard time remembering how to start it up without a key in the ignition.  Ha!  Course recently, I thought the car was giving me a warning about low-oil and although I was on my way to an appointment, I turned the car around and went home.  Quickly, took the Toyota after briefly telling Norm that our new car had a low-oil issue.   Seems that what had happened was a warning bell and blinking light was letting me know that I was over the road line on the left side as I was letting a speedy car pass by.  The blinking light that I saw as 'LOW" was actually "LDW".   A simple mistake that anyone could make.......Norm didn't need to laugh quite so much or be quite so smug. 

OK.....well, that's a start to beginning the blog again.  Hope you all have a good rest of the week.  Watch out for driving in the fog all you south-coasters.......And stay dry since more wet weather is on it's way.