Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What is going on with the weather this year???   Just crazy.  It was actually snowing a bit over in the valley, if you can believe that!!  Actually, the rain has worked in my favor in one way.  It made the ground wet enough again for me to tackle more of the weeds.  Today was spent just gardening.......tomorrow will be spent trying to move my aching muscles.............The grass had gotten tall enough that it took a while to weed whack both the front and back and some areas that get normally neglected.   Then replanted a peony and a lot of daylillies.  Weeding, weeding and more weeding............and still a lot more to do. 

I think Norm has won the game with not only the bluejays but all the squirrels as well!!  Chipmunks, too!!  He can now say with pride that he is smarter than the birds and squirrels.  And we still have the desirable grosbeaks, finches and chickadees.  The squirrels still do come the jays do, and they study over and over on how to possibly get to their treasure but they end up going to the ground and picking up what seeds fall.  I think my favorite is the little brown squirrels.....pine squirrel?
As I was looking out at the yard and just enjoying the look, the little squirrel scampered near by, then jumped over to a tall tree stump and sat there, just hanging out, until I went in.  The same little guy snuck into the gargage yesterday and was helping himself to a mostly empty bag of seed.  Norm walked in on him, walked over to him as said squirrel kept right on munching away, perfectly at home,  until Norm yelled at him and then he scampered off...........which just shows that he actually DOES have some survival instinct.

These flowers that I'm showing tonight are from my neighbor, Nanci's garden.  They have to be the biggest, most flouncie rhoddy blooms I've seen.  Every year they become more beautiful......Just a joy to look at. 

We finally sold our futon...........and the computer desk and hutch.  Making room for a trundle bed that my sister will be bringing up in a couple of weeks.  I'm so looking forward to her visit.  Not only my sister but her best friend, Lisa.........Have to show off our local sights and hope the rain doesn't spoil things.  No one wants to hike the Heads in the rain.

Norm is trying to sell a tiller.  A Honda engine and it's a good one in excellent condition.  He paid $345 and is asking $195, if anyone out there is interested. 

Well, that's it for now........stay dry, enjoy summer, and have a great weekend which is coming up already!!!!  Wow!  Time does fly.