Friday, December 30, 2011


So, the end of another year.....wiping that past away and making way for the new. A time to reflect on what's been, what is and what will be by being aware that the NOW is where we really are and that will creatively influence our future.
I've been reading the most wonderfully delightful book by, Elizabeth Griffin....."A Taste of Grace".
She writes her story beginning with her life from Seattle and finally over to Trieste, Italy......dramatic, humorous and certainly holds various episodes in her life that we can all relate to. Also, interspersed are Italian recipes lovingly created by her husband, Mauro. There are meditations and Italian words and phrases along with the phonetic pronounciation. There was an explanation of what must be an Italian cultural view in how the Italians view 'breezes'. And I take it that one of the worst things that can happen and must ALWAYS be guarded against, is the Dreaded Draft! So, the people are always noting if it happens to be a windy day.......Take Care!! Her examples are pretty funny. Now for followers of my blog, you might remember quite some time ago that I mentioned re-connecting with a friend I went to high school with.....and her Italian born father's misuse of some of our American terms. As teenage friends, we loved to find something to giggle about regarding our corny and 'so-out-of-it-parents'. So, where the Italians will say "What a breeze"........Mr. Tuccori would say "What a windy". So hilarious did we find this that even now, my husband and I will comment on 'what a windy' when our Port Orford coastal winds get roaring..........and when I talked to my old friend after so many years, one of the first things I said to identify myself was "What a windy!!" We laughed and laughed as if it were yesterday. I'm so loving Elizabeth's book and if you have a chance to take a look at it on Amazon, it might appeal to you too. American meets Italian culture plus a whole lot more! And Elizabeth's own personal journey through health crisis and into a beautiful spiritual Awareness that she readily shares with all.

The photos I have posted here were taken a couple of weeks ago. The first one was of Meyer's marsh up in Bandon. There are some photos that have too much 'nature' in them too make a good photo. This is where I really appreciate my Topaz software. It can soften all the features so they aren't competing with each other.
The below was taken on a very windy day (where IS Mr. Tuccori?) and the sea looked more turbulent than I like.........again Topaz softens. I know this look isn't to everyone's liking but for the time being, I'm enjoying it a lot.

So, I'll give you my Happy New Year's greeting and advice to stay safe if out on the road. May everyone have a great weekend and an even better 2012!

It's raining in Port Orford and "What an incredible Windy!!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope you all had as lovely a Christmas as Norm and I did. Norm is always like a little kid on Christmas morning.......waking me up early (by mistake, of course.... NOT). So, the coffee was already made and I fortified myself with sips as I dug out all the gifts for each of us to open. Great fun and many wonderful some needed items that went under the tree "From us" "To us".
Following breakfast were the family phone calls, everyone giving thank you's and how are you and what the plans for the day were. We all had plenty to do so the Sunday calls were a little least for my sister's and I. Now, Norm.........he can get on and off the phone before the person at the other end even knows who they're talking to! 8-))

We had been invited over to our friend's home for Christmas dinner at their beautiful Bed & Breakfast, The Compass Rose. It was like stepping into a Currier & Ives scene. The house was so beautifully decorated.......everywhere. Outside, inside and in every room.............Even the bunny hutches~~! So inviting and cheerful. And the aromas in the kitchen!!! Ohhhhh..........Not one person thought of keeping any piece or particle of a diet. That can be postponed until Jan 2nd I guess. So, in the top photo we're greeting by our wonderful host and hostess.......Doug and Karen, in front of their Noble pine Christmas tree.

The crown pork roast pictured here was every bit as delicious as it looks. Moist, full of flavor.....just fantastic. There was also stuffing, great tasting broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, to be followed by a number of decadent and scrumpious desserts made by Karen. A fruit pie, a lemon cake, and a chocolate cake. I had the chocolate.............ohhhhhh, was it ever good!!!

The cheerful lights below were something they made up and it just showed off it's own holiday warmth in the dark powder room. I can't do all the various scenes justice, even if I could post them all on this blog. For more, you can go to Facebook, but still, you'd have to have seen them in person.

We arrived at Karen and Doug's at 1:30 and were driving home a 9 that night~I couldn't believe we had spent that amount of time............It was so much fun and time passed so quickly. We were tired and I can only imagine how our friend's were enduring! And Karen had to work Monday!! Later, I found out that Doug was up and out burning limbs and fallen junk down in the woods. Gesh!

So, as our Christmas leads into New Year's and the close of 2011, it's now time to look at the past year and be grateful.........for gifts but also for lessons learned even if they didn't quite feel like that at the time. Everything has value and some time or another, looked at with appreciation for what it held. All evolving into who we are now. With more to come! So bring on 2012 and let's all try to make the world a more peaceful experience for us and our children.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


To all my friends and family, Norm and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring peace to all, in mind and spirit...........

Monday, December 19, 2011


Are you all having a good holiday week?? The count-down has begun and it's only 6 days until Christmas. All my baking is done.......all packages gift-wrapped and under the tree......tomorrow off to Coos Bay/North Bend to deliver some gifts to our doctor's offices and maybe pick up one or two things if we can muster enough courage to combat the rest of the shoppers. My week promises to be a good one with meeting up with friends and sharing some cheer. And our weather continues to cooperates with the promise of plenty of sun.........with just enough cold bite to the air to remind us that it is, indeed, still December.

I loved this old oak tree down on the Elk River and decided to experiment with a few various editing applications. I like them both........they each have a 'frosty' look, don't you think?

Watching the Monday night football at Candlestick Point........twice the electricity went out, delaying first the beginning of the game, and again in the second quarter. What a least no one in the audience panicked. Must be hard on the players, though, to stop, start, stop, and start again. No wonder it's such a low scoring game.

Speaking of start and stop activities...........I just spent an hour talking on the phone and words have now lost their appeal for me, so I'll close this up and start getting ready to end the day.

Night all..........

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday was great to go photo shooting with my friend, Karen. We were both just driving with no particular destination in mind, and stopping to shoot whenever something appealed to us. It was fun.....all the places that aren't on the menu when the trips up to Coos Bay don't offer the husbands, in other words! The rivers and surrounding areas, marshes, cattle.......and you can see below that I finally got a few pictures of the beautiful white bulls that I've been trying to capture. They are just magnificant and powerful animals. When we got out of the car and (carefully) treaded our way through the soggy grasses....over to the fence....and all the cattle were watching intently. The younger cattle were in a group off and away from the bulls. Something about our presence finally spooked them and they all went charging over to the white bulls. The bulls never moved a muscle even with the rest of the herd heading to gain some sense of safety with the older 'gents'. I call them gents because in the small panic that the younger ones felt, one felt he needed to gain some reassurance by trying to climb one of the white bulls. The bull seemed to realize that this wasn't really going to go anywhere and he actually looked bored with the whole business. Instead of putting the younger one in his was more of a "ho-hum".

That top photo was looking down from Hwy 101 onto the Sixes River. There was some kind of big cement block........maybe the left over from a bridge. I think my straight photo was pretty uninspiring so I played around with my Topaz until I thought it was softer. It appealed to me more.

We went on to Bandon Old Town, drove around and explored. I have a ton of new photos but can only post a few on this blog. I'm putting more on Facebook and Flickr if you want to view more.

Today I returned to A Course In Miracles group after almost a year away. It felt like returning home. And I had just met a young woman an hour earlier, whose son had just died. I felt so badly for well as the man who brought this to my attention. No words could ever be adequate at a time like that........only a hug might convey my sympathy and empathy. So young.....and at Christmas time it seems even more painful. So, if any can remember this young woman and her son in your good thoughts and prayers, please...........

Friday, December 9, 2011


Not a very original title today, huh? But it WAS an originally beautiful morning. We got the last of our Christmas gifts mailed off and on their way. The white bull I want to shoot (camera-wise) down in the Sixes pasture, was not near the fence like I'd hoped. The only time I see him is when I don't have the time to stop. But here was the Elk River looking perfectly photographable......If you look closely you can see one lone fisherman down there wearing a red shirt. I got the impression that he didn't care whether he caught a fish or not, but was just enjoying the quiet, sunny morning. Course, me not being a fisherperson, I am probably interjecting my own thoughts.

Got the last of my Christmas cookies made up today...........lemon shortbread, my two favorites, Snickdoodles and Chocolate Lumpies. I think I like the names more than anything. "Chocolate Lumpies" just says it all, doesn't it?? 8-))

The next stop we made yesterday morning for these photos was out at the Cape. I thought it might be less windy than usual.......HA! I could see the whitecaps over my the Hughes House and as usual, had to find something to brace myself against to try and keep the camera (and me) steady.

Our Christmas tree is an artificial one that we bought a number of years ago. The last real tree dried out so quickly and dropped needles all over that I was afraid of a house fire. The time has come for a new artificial tree right after Christmas.....hopefully at some sale price. The tree we're presently using is probably a 6' and if around this area, you readers know of anyone who might give our old tree a new home please have them get in touch with me. If I don't hear of anyone than towards the end of the month, I'll probably put out the word on Facebook or emails. Sorry, it can't be before Christmas since it's being used right now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend........the weather looks like it might be changing soon, so this is the weekend to get out enjoy..............

Happy Christmas season..........

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Here on the south coast we all have a pretty good idea that winter is here......even if the calendar is a little behind the time. We went over to Roseburg a couple of days ago and the fog over in Coquille was thick and mysterious looking. I love the various effects that it gives nature. Oh, there was one sight that I wish I could have had my chauffeur stop for so I could take a quick photo........It was a grove of trees, completely bare of any leaves. In the gray fog, it gave the mystical appearance, but in the middle of the group there was one large tree not only holding all it's leaves but they were bright gold.........really showing off a great contrast. Beautiful!!

How are your plans and activities coming along towards Christmas?? I managed to have most all of my gifts just waiting to be wrapped up and some mailed off. I put up our Christmas tree yesterday and all the trimmings around the house today. feels good!! You might call it smug.......and you'd probably be right. *-))

A couple of weeks ago Norm and I were shopping up at WalMart in Coos Bay. We had finished and I needed to visit the ladies room before heading home. As Norm was waiting for me a younger man approached him and said, "Thank you for your service, Chief." with an outstretched hand to shake. He was in civilian clothes so there was no knowing if he was in the service, but probably so since he knew Norm's rank by the USN-ret SCPO cap he was wearing. It might seem like such a simple gesture, but it meant so much!!! I imagine that particular baseball cap might just be his favorite one to wear now. And if he forgets I'll remind him. I felt so proud of him!

Well, cold weather tonight and tomorrow night.........keep warm and be carefull if you have to drive anywhere.......Enjoy the season!