Monday, August 13, 2012


OK.............I need to state right here that this photo below was NOT my idea!!!   Norm was in a very goofy mood and thought it would be good for laughs.  He actually wanted me to post it on Facebook and I refused.   For those of you who don't know us, please believe me when I say he does not usually look like this.  I'm really married to a very nice looking, conservative and normal guy.  Not one that looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket! 

OK........on to other things.  I'm getting ready for my Alaskan cruise that I'll take with my friend, Karen.  Today I plotted out some of the things that I'll pack in my suitcase.  I usually bring way too much for all the "just-in-case" moments.   In case the weather is cold; in case the weather is hot; formal or informal, comfortable or "Ugh".  Getting excited is half the fun, don't you think?   I'm so looking forward to all the beautiful scenry and animal life........and giving my camera a good workout!

I hope everyone is having a good summer.  Around the south coast here we were wondering if it was ever going to come!  While the rest of the country is melting away, we've had fairly cool weather.  The sunny days are here, though, and the vegetables, especially the tomatoes are loving it!  Late planting of green beans......Romano beans are my favorite as well as carrots, sugar peas, lettuces, beets and other greens......The blueberries are ripening, and looks like early crops of blackberries. 

Did you all enjoy watching the Olympics??  We did!  The U.S. did our country proud!  Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin were incredible as well as our women's gymnastic team, the soccer team as well as many, many others.  Always sorry to see them close.  Looking forward to the Winter Olympics in another two years..........

Norm's battle with the squirrels and other assortment of seed-devouring critters has calmed down somewhat.  Most have figured out that it's just not worth the trouble.  However............there was one new little chipmunk a couple of weeks ago..........very tiny little guy.  For some reason he was very interested in the hummingbird food.... (Go Figure).  He crawled out onto the PVC pipe and then just seemed to stay in one place.  Norm thought it was hilarious and I did, too, until it became obvious that something was wrong.  I looked closer and then walked out on the deck to check it out.  Chipmunk still wasn't moving.  Then I saw what the trouble was.  Norm had put a LOT of TangleFoot on the top of the pipe.  This lititle guy was so small that his tail got wrapped around the pipe and was not only stuck but completely encased in thick TangleFoot.  Poor little thing couldn't move to go anywhere.  I had to slowly peel his wee little tail from the bottom, working it free little by little, and hoping I wasn't hurting him.  He finally regained his tail and dropped like a rock down to the shrubs below.  The next day I saw a couple of baby chipmunks on the deck drinking some water we have out for them.  I'm going to assume that our little- hummingbird-want-to-be was one of them........alive and well!

OK...........that's it for now.  Hope you all have a great rest of the week.