Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Some of my friends have asked for some photos of our new home and surroundings and they aren't on Facebook, so I thought I'd post a number of photos so they could get a small glimpse of our new place.  We're away from the beautiful south Oregon coast and are now in what some call "The Land of Umpqua".  I find it beautiful here also........although completely different than Port Orford.  Actually, the surrounding hills reminds me of  California....down through Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin Counties.   Although, the native trees that are growing here are different.  More madrone, some firs, black and white oaks.......Warm weather and I'm adjusting with the help of our air-conditioning.  
This first photo is a corner of our back yard.  It's a small yard but nicely landscaped and room for me to add my own personal touch.......eventually.  

 This photo of the tractor was one I took when we visited Kruse Farm in Melrose.......a suburban area of Roseburg.  This market/farm is wonderful in it's offerings!!  Fresh vegetables and fruits in season.  A lot of specialty items.......wonderful pies, spices, ICE CREAM!  pickled items, chutneys and many others.   Oh, the 'real' tomatoes again!  Instead of red wax.......yum.  And the corn on the cob was so sweet and the kernels so big I ended up nose deep in the biting.  (How's that for a graphic image?)   Next time we go to Kruse, I'll be bringing my camera inside to shoot some of the colorful bins.  The photo below was also of the farm.  I love old barns, trees and mists........this photo has them all...... is our little 'castle'..........Actually, the color is a sage green and we thought we'd name it "Sage House".   Norm will make up a sign in his own artistic style.........
 We went for our first walk today and these photos are views of our surrounding hills.  I haven't seen any deer or other wild critters but I know there are deer around since they come at night to nibble on our hydrangea in the front of our place.

Love this big ole' oak
And here's Himself...........reading the local paper......or it might be the Port Orford News and reading about some of our old friends.  Notice the cartons still waiting to be unpacked.......and there are more that are unseen.  This is why you're not seeing photos of the other rooms.

I found my new hairdresser the other day.  I very much like her and her work.  Her name is Tye-Anne.  She, her mother and her grandmother all work in The Winchester Hair Salon.  We've also found our doctors.  The forms we have to fill out are like a couple of manuscripts!  But we need to complete them before an appointment can be made.  I'm just happy we found someone who is recommended to be a very competent doctor.  (Thank you, Ms. Emily)  The same Ms. E. who had found the perfect real estate office where we found our perfect-for-us home.

Our dining room set found a new life today.  After 40 years of service to us, our families and friends, we passed it on to The Rescue Mission of Roseburg.  A very worthy organization.  And 9 cases of extra canning jars I had (still waiting for that magic genie to come and can for me), to a church group that supplies canned fruits and veggies to those in need.  They have many organizations, churches and charities in Roseburg.  I'm hoping to become a part of something like that come next spring.  Maybe sooner.

And talk about a small world!!!   Our next door neighbor, who is so helpful and a joy to be around, has a sister who lives in Port Orford!  What are the chances??  And her mother is/has been involved in Hospice and CERT........another of my interests.  It's sometimes remarkable how things work together, isn't it??

Well, it's getting late and I'm just so happy to be writing again!  (A side note to Rosaria-----I'm not far away so we can still touch base and share...8-)) they say in the commercial, "It's Hump-Day" so finish off the week and look forward to a great weekend!