Sunday, March 7, 2010


These two photos downloaded in a new way and I can't say that I care much for it. Since I don't know how to correct it we'll just all have to live with it on this Monday morning. The photo overlooking Nellie's Cove is pretty interesting when you know what to look at. I didn't until it was pointed out to me that there are five Canada geese lining the crest of the rock island. See if you can find them. I think you can click on the photo and see an enlarged version if that might help.
This mask is one hanging in Emily's garden on a fence. I just think he's the cutest little guy! Once I noticed that I could make his eyes look like they were doing strange and wierd things by using the light and leaves in the background, I forgot to stop taking more and more shots. This one has one eye half closed and the other looking at his own nose. Or he could just be missing part of his left eyelid. Your choice .......... or you can fill in your own.

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