Sunday, March 21, 2010


These are a few of the finished pieces of work from some of the children of Saturday's Art Class. All three are so telling of the children's talents and experiences.....The first one here was painted by Harry. Harry, I believe, had just come from the beach, so it makes sense that the sun, boats in the water, and the dark cloud (blue) on the left side would be on his mind. I think he did a very good job.

The second, lower left, was done by Quinn. He has so much artistic talent! The main red object here is a dragon's eye! Pretty imaginative, huh? Look closely at what lies under the green and you'll see the dragon's scales. He finished other pieces that day also, and he is quite an artist!

And now, we come to Gabe's painting.....Hope for the future is what I thought when I saw it. I see a lot of symbols here in colors and various objects. She has a beautiful heart.
I think there might be a future planning going on to make many of the children's paintings out there for the public later on down the year. Just thought I'd get your interest tickled a little.

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