Friday, July 30, 2010


For all of you waiting anxiously for the weekend and have fabulous plans to fulfill and fun to be had.....wait no longer!! Here it is, just as promised! I had been thinking about what photo to post here tonight and then received an email from the Sierra Club asking me if they might use another of my photos for their The Daily Ray. From my point of view that was pretty much a 'no-brainer'. This is the photo they chose.......I took it last night just before we went to dinner. The fog ('mist' always sounds sooo much better, doesn't it?) was playing tag with the shoreline and I thought the light here was interesting. Can you see the teeney little people in about the middle of the photo? There are three of them.....2 adults and a child. It shows the scale of the rocks and water. Funny how none of us usually feel so least I don't. Course, I don't feel short either and most people might think I am. We all have our 'illusions of grandeur", hmmmm?

Everyday I'm getting more and more caught up from last weekend's party. A lot of leftovers which are finding their way into either the freezer or garbage. The cookies are the hardest for me......I do love my sweets. Well, today I finally got rid of all the various sweets and cookies around the house. Then started my routine of daily walking again to try and exercise them off. So, now you know exactly HOW I got rid of those cookies!

Norm called me into the back today and said to bring my camera........this lily below is the result. It's beautiful, huh?? While I was down there I noticed all the hollyhocks are blooming beautifully, too. I'll show them off in the next few days. everyone go out and make good use of this weekend!! Be safe and have fun.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


We just came back from a great dinner at Bandon Bill's at the Inn at Face Rock on the Bandon Beach Loop. Norm had a steak.......way more than he could finish but delicious none the less. I had prawns with risotto...........Oh, Yum!! Apparently they've changed their chef(s) and menu and I'd been hearing how wonderful it was now from a number of people. I hadn't been there for dinner since Christophe had it back many years ago. This was very good and they had a great menu. Since they had a full house, I'd suggest reservations.
This first photo was taken at one of the way stations along Beach Loop. The light was hitting just that one streak towards the horizon which made it interesting along with the more colorful foreground. Then this second photo I think I'd call 'Face In The Mist'. The fog was really rolling in and of course, the large rock in the background in Face Rock, for those that don't live around here. Oops.......I see I got the two photos out of order to what I wrote. Well, since I'm on the run, I think you can figure it out, huh?
We now have a movie Norm wants to watch so I'm on my way to the TV. Netflick review tomorrow!
Have a terrific Friday, all. And an even better weekend!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I thought maybe I would leave the party for awhile.......I know I have more photos to show you later......but for now, let's take a break. And today was a break. I stayed around the house and tended to a sore back that the fog in the morning didn't help along much. I think I even heard some thunder off in the distance but I'm not sure. I'll have to ask my neighbor whose poor dog Maxx is always alert to the sound of 'the dreaded thunder'.....You'll find him in the closet, poor guy. I read that we even had a little earthquake this morning. A 5.5-er and off the coast around Winchester Bay. I didn't feel anything myself.

So these photos were from about a month or so ago when I went to Battle Rock with friend, Karen. I might have mentioned in a previous posting how surprised I was at the number of rocks that are now exposed.......course these were taken at a minus-tide. Can you spot the starfish on the lower exposed rocks? This one, below, I processed in black and white for a little change. I love color, but there are times when the black and white give the image a certain strengh that's missed with the distraction of color.

I was supposed to go over to a friend's and give her some Therapeutic Touch for her back and other bumps and bruises she suffered in a bad fall.......unfortunately I was taking care of my own. And I missed seeing Carrie Grant's new photo studio. She is very busy setting up her tent for the county fair. I think she's set up to take photos at the fair. She posted on Facebook that she also had over 2,000 lollypops to wrap up along with her card. So if any of you find yourself at the fair, be sure to stop by and give her a "Howdy". Her new business just seems to be growing up leaps and bounds and we're all hoping this will be another Port Orford success story.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Guard me from what, you ask?? Well, maybe a strait jacket, for one! I had started to write out all that she did from weeks before to beyond the party, but I think I might have embarressed her and that I don't want to do. Just let me say that she was incredible in the support and help that she gave so willingly. Completely beyond what I think I've ever had given to me before. I'm still astounded by it. I honestly don't have enough words to express my gratitude and praise for this very special lady and someone who I'm so blessed to have as a friend. Thank you so very much, Nancy! Well, here in this photo is Nancy and Pat Stannard. I love this photo of them. You can tell they hold each other in warm friendship, can't you? Pat is another sweetheart that I've been lucky to have in my life now also. She's a fantastic photographer and we've had a couple of very fun adventures traveling some backroads without a GPS. Did you know that Pat actually enjoys getting lost and discovering new territory? And that was one of our little outings. And it was fun, which surprised me who wants to plan for every possible event that might happen......but rarely does!

And this is my favorite shot of Nancy. Always smiling, always has a ready laugh and ability to put everything into the proper perspective of importance. Another day of writing this blog and recognizing .......Lucky me.

Monday, July 26, 2010


You've met him before but get reacquainted with Norm celebrating his #80 birthday. Mr. Blue Eyes, of my own for 37 great years. I'm the one who received the gift!! His actual birthday is in a couple more days but he had an unexpected but welcome gift from friend and neighbor, Gary Anderson. Gary arrived with a heavy load of crabs, fully cooked and ready to eat!! and saying
"Happy Birthday, Norm"! The crabs are getting a little scarce right now so it was even more precious. Norm really felt so pleased to be remembered in this unexpected and gracious way. He specifically wanted me to acknowledge Gary's generosity and Norm's high regard for him. OK.........on to some of the lighter elements of Saturday's party......... These two beautiful are Kylie on the right.......our great granddaughter and up and coming beauty........and Emily on the left, our great niece and also one who will give her father many a sleepless night in just a few more years. The girls are so photogenic and compliment each other so well for the camera. Both are at that age that enjoy practicing "The Pose". Truly a wonder to watch!!
This is Madeleine.......she has the grace of a young Grace Kelly. Tall and willowy with classic features, a warm smile and warm eyes and extreme intelligence. Beautiful inside and out.

Oh, Ben!!! He is so loveable!! Look at the twinkle in those eyes......I understand that there are many a girl that has a crush on this little Romeo. I think I'm one of them!! He's so fun and sends me very awesome emails!
I love all the people, young and not-so much, on this page. All so special and leaving enormous tracks on my life's pathway. Like I started this page saying......I'm the one receiving the Gifts!!
Lucky me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's been a busy week and weekend. I have a lot of editing to do but that can wait for another day or so. I don't know if it's going to show up or not, but as I type this, the print is blue and underlined..........don't know how that happened.
Anyway.....yesterday was spent celebrating my husband, Norm's 80th birthday with a party with many of his friends and family here to help him acknowledge how beautifully and lovingly he has touched so many lives. We had a local singer and guitar player who is also a terrific guy, Steve Montana (not to be confused with the 49er quarterback). The weather was absolutely perfect! It has been windy with a little chill to the air, but Saturday couldn't have been nicer! After the eating of more food than anyone could possibly put away (well, except maybe for Nick!), and after the

cake received it's due, those left sat around and watched a surprise for Norm from his sister-in-law, Pam, and niece, Lauren and their respective families. It was a wonderful tribute and had a good many laughs included, some really good music as well as bringing a little dampness to more than one eye. I'll undoubtedly be telling more about the gathering as the days go along, and my energy picks back up.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of some beautiful flowers. This first is of an orchid that was given me by a friend............Isn't it wonderful?? I'm hoping that I found a spot for it where it's happy. It looks good, huh? Fingers crossed!

This second one is a little bouquet I put together using some Queen Anne's Lace from the backyard. I don't think it really shows here how very large this blossom was. It was between 4"-5" wide!! Probably due to all the winter rain we had.........and had..........and had!! The beautiful Polio Rose that was blooming so profusly a few weeks ago, has slowed up now, but I did manage to get one more little cluster of them. They are the white flowers here.
And lastly, these are some colorful, cheerful nasturtiums that my friend, Nancy brought over to use as eatable color and decorative touchs to the various food dishes at the party. More about the incredible support and help I received that was well beyond what I'd ever have expected, at a later date...
So........I'm now wishing you all a great week....full of new adventures and friendly people who make you feel good!! Norm and I certainly have an abundance of that in our lives!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


If you haven't yet been into Tim Belmont's hair salon, plus, you're cheating yourself of a rare treat. Tim's salon's name is Jeffrey's and is located in a grand old building in Langlois right on Hwy 101. Inside it's as much a boutique as a hair salon......lovely jewelry, purses, scarves, cute little feminine this n' thats. In the same building is Michelle's tanning salon and Tim's daughter, Maria's, massage. It has a wonderful and warm feel to it ............... charming, just like Tim. Pictures of Lucille Ball you'll see here and there, along with flowers, hats, etc. etc. etc. So, even if you aren't needing a new hair style, it's really worth a look to just poke your head in and look around.

Too bad I wasn't paying close attention when I took this shot of Tim........the reflection on his glasses is distracting, but...........maybe you can look beyond it..................try!

Hey!! Tomorrow is Friday and I know everyone has great plans for a wonderful summer weekend of fun. So, smile as beautifully as Tim is here and pass on the happy feeling!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here are a couple more photos from the new gallery on route to Bandon. This first is more of the stained glass......again I remind you that these are priced very reasonably. Think early Christmas shopping........

The second photo is of some of the lovely flowering baskets she has here and there. They all seem to reflect the colorful and eclectic art objects inside........

Night before last Norm and I watched the Netflick movie, Wolfman. Awful! The acting, especially by Anthony Hopkins was pathetic which surprised me very much. He sounded like he was just reading a script and was bored to death. Benetio del Torro wasn't much better.
Tonight we'll be watching Shutter Island and Netflick audiences rate that at about 4 stars so I'm hoping for a better movie time.

My sister and nephew will be rolling into Port Orford tomorrow evening. I can hardly believe that it's been over a year since I've seen them both! We talk on the phone usually once a week so maybe that's why it doesn't seem so long. More family coming in Friday. It's going to be wonderful to see them all!! A great weekend coming up! Hope yours is too!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is one of the photos I took while up in Coos Bay last week. It was the day of drifting fog and gave the harbor a more muted look. I like the way it turned out.

Today was spent getting ready for Norm's birthday party, as the rest of the week will also. I'm still not quite sure how many are coming, but there won't be a lack........that I know for sure.
Got word today that our first granddaughter is able to make it. It's quite a distance for her and it's been many years since we've seen Steph.........We're so happy about it! She was a beautiful child and has grown into a beautiful lady. A wife and mother now. My gosh!! How did THAT happen? The years really just fly by so quickly.

Picked a great big bunch of basil leaves today for pesto making! Yum!! I won't go into all the rest that got accomplished........and what didn't.....
Actually, it's time to close down this day and hope for a Wonderful Wednesday!! Let your smiles be wide and happy!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I mentioned this new art gallery last week and this seemed a good way to start off the exploring a little more of the Vickie's new business. Flowers are planted and the doors have been opened. When we stopped by today Vickie said that the open house of last Friday brought tons of people and the weekend was very good also. One of the side features of Whistling Gallery is a table with various art supplies for the youngest of the budding artists among us....children. A table had been set up but not too many supplies yet. We needed to make a stop in Coos Bay at WalMart and Norm found a number of coloring books with crayons that he wanted to get for the gallery. So, while Norm presented his contribution to Vickie, I went around and took some shots.....some of which you're seeing here. The first is obviously the sign on Hwy 101, so you'll recognize it when you see it. The second is the gallery itself.....again, pretty obvious. The third is one of many new pieces of stained glass. This blue one I thought was the most beautiful but there were many others......and all very affordable. I'll run a few more photos that I took in another day or so.

This week is going to be a pretty busy one for me, so if I should sound a little scattered it's probably because I am!! But, I'll do my best to make sense......8-D) Then again, doesn't everyone enjoy a puzzle now and again??

Enjoy a warm and sunny Tuesday!! It's going to be a good day!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Here is the same scene as one of yesterdays postings. If you look at in it's larger format you can see all the birds on the top of the rocks......especially the two on the left.

And an exterminator and picker-upper of dead critters is coming out this afternoon to rid of us our unwelcome guest who had the poor manners to die under the house. Since it's last minute and sort of a rush job they won't have the chemicals to de-odorize the area but will at least pick
up the
stinky and take it away. I might have been wrong about it being a mouse......Norm seems to think it's something larger.....The de-odorizing might not happen until tomorrow or early next week, but maybe the removal will solve the problem. Fingers crossed (over my nose)

I'm going out to hear a photography lecture this afternoon so I'm writing this post early......I need to get underway........So. Everyone have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today was a funny day, weather wise. It started out beautiful, then as we got closer to Coos Bay, the fog started coming in. There were pockets of it here and there and it would drift in and away. The first photo here is of the bird rocks (I think that's what they're called) surrounded by the 'mists'. I enjoy the mysterious quality that fog gives to rocks and the softens them. Rounds them off a little so the sharp and rugged edges aren't as apparent. Tomorrow I'll put another photo of these same rocks but they have been edited more and are clearer to see and have more color. You can see hundreds of birds on the tops.....can't really make them out well except for the obvious gulls, but you know they're there.

This second photo was taken as we drove over the Bandon bridge. There's the fog offshore waiting to come in. I love the grasses of the salt marsh, though. And since we were driving, the grasses aren't real sharp but the wind was blowing them anyway and it gives, at least to my eye, an impressionist sort of soft look. Which I like.

Wow! Have you south coast Oregonians noticed the traffic lately and how heavy it is?? It's been quite a number of years that I think I've seen this much. Good for our local economy though, if not a little frustrating to my own private driver. We generally turn off and take the back way into Coos Bay via Seven Devils Road. But then you run into the bikers (not literally, please!). But this is what the summers bring us and we'd better be happy about it.

Here comes Friday!! Get ready for the get to do whatever you want to do......"Yeah, right!!" I know that's what some of you are saying. At least it's usually a break in routine, huh?

Have a great day........maybe treat yourself to an ice cream?? Oh, wait.....that's for me.........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We spent the day with a lot of time-eating errands in Bandon. This afternoon was a weekly (almost) group I meet with so no time to take new photos.... I've raided my photo files for a couple I took down at Battle Rock. This first one of the starfish is just like it came out of the editing. It looks like it's been decorated with tiny little beads, huh?

On the way back from Bandon I stopped off at the new Whistler Art Gallery. It's owner, a lovely young woman by the name of Vickie, was out in front planting some flowers. Usually the shop doesn't open until noon on Wednesdays, but she came over and happily let us in and look around. The gallery itself is a well lite and welcoming place. All manner of art is tastfully placed around and on walls. There are paintings....mostly watercolors, jewelry, some photos, glasswork, carved wood and much more. Her grand opening will be Friday evening with an open house between the hours of 'I forget" and 8pm. I'm occupied on Friday night and was thinking if the open house might not be included but I don't think the time is going to work. Then on Saturday, Vickie will be hosting the first of many once a month artists fair. There is a large mowed field between the front of the gallery and Hwy 101. This is where the art vendors can set up their tables or tents or whatever they're going to use. This art fair will continue until the weather doesn't permit......probably into October, I'd guess. Vickie has all the exuberance of one who is seeing her dream finally being fulfilled and has the type of joy all over her face of a Mama flushing with pride over her newborn. I hope her gallery is a success........stop in and take a look when you drive by.

OK.....the next photo is another of the beach down at Battle Rock. You can see the starfish clinging to the rocks if you look closely.

Now everyone go have a great day!! Thank happy thoughts!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This foxglove is about 5' tall. It's a wild one that is growing under, up and through the deck. I like the way the late afternoon sun is outlining the little bells. It's even fuller today and reaching for the sun.
This second shot is some of our petunias. I love the purple and white because of the luscious fragrance that they have......especially in late afternoon.
Speaking of fragrances......we've been trying to track down that terrible dead mouse smell. We tore the room apart and looked at every possible and impossible place a mouse might have curled up and died. We both now think that it might be coming from a vent screen that is on the outside of the house that might lead to the forced air heating vent in the particular smelly room. Does anyone else have this problem from time to time? If so, what did you do about it?
Today is one of those days that there just doesn't seem to be much to write about. So....I'll wish you all a happy Wednesday, knowing that you've once again made it to mid-week and closer to a fun-filled weekend.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I haven't had time lately to get 'out and about' to take photos so I'll post some recent ones from around the house. This first one is part of an incredible group of these lilies that multiply every year. I guess this fall I really need to dig and divide them up. It's only for about a couple of months that they look good, but it's spectacular when they're in bloom. Plus a lovely fragrance. I like the angle here against the blue sky. And as you'll see in the next shot, Willie the cat was delighted that I was down on her level crawling around trying to work at composition. The one here where Willie is smelling the flowers was not the way I had planned to compose this shot. But nosey Willie just had to sniff around to see what I found so interesting.....And it turned out to be her!
Today was a neat day. We had Norm's cousin and his wife who we hadn't seen in years come by for a visit. It was really nice to see them again. Great people and the visit was far too short. We took them (well....that's not quite right.....there was the scramble over the bill and we lost) Let me restate that.......We TRIED to take them to lunch at Griff's. The food was good and the view was great. The wind was a little over-kill on Mother Nature's part, but at least the sun was shinning!
I thought I had smelled something earlier today and now it's even stronger......I think a mouse up and died somewhere under the house or near the heating vent or something. Now I know where the expression "I smell a rat!" came from. Norm said his knees won't take climbing under the house and that maybe mine would. That called for one big "HA!" That was not in our marriage certificate and it's doubtful that if it had been that I'd be married now. No way am I crawling into some dark, creepy, crawly place looking for a mouse.....dead or alive. I can't believe a foul thought like that even entered his mind!! He's do better thinking about 'French toast' (those of you who read my blog last week will understand that one.)
Have a good Tuesday and appreciate the smell of good clean air!

Friday, July 9, 2010


for a little while, anyway. My friend, Elaine, wants to come down here to paint and I can wander around taking one photo after another for a VEERRY long time. So maybe I'll revisit Gold Beach sometime within the next few months.
This first scene is another of the Mary Hume with the bridge in the background.
The one below is a question mark. I don't know the name of this looked like a hoist or small barge with a little cabin and there were two small on either side of the cabin like thing.
So, we start the weekend with beautifully sunny and warm days. The breeze has picked up now but it was perfect for most of the day. The windows are all open and the air smells wonderful. I hope it least for another day or two. I saw a thick bank of fog on the horizon and let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays there for a bit longer.
Hope everyone has a fantastic safe and sing.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Or out of, depending on your direction. A neat little occurance happened that day. For those who have been married for many a moon and are very close, as we are. this will sound familar, I think. The morning I was going down for my friend's birthday breakfast, I had a little bite of something at home with Norm....otherwise I'd be dropping over from low blood sugar. Norm said "what are you going to have for breakfast in Gold Beach." I said I didn't know what they had, but it's usually very well done as well as least from my usual daily fare. Norm said "I know what you're going to have......don't tell me and guess what it might be.....I'll (he said) write in down on this napkin and we'll see if I'm right when you come home." I guessed waffle, a favorite of mine....and he said.."No don't guess anymore. Just wait and see." Norm has never been to Rollin In Dough and hasn't a clue what they might serve or how it would be so beautifully prepared. When I looked at the menu at the restaurant and heard all the mouth-watering specials, I think I changed my mind in ordering at least a couple of times. I finally decided (away from waffles) on cinnamon-apple french toast. Well, when I got home and announced that I was back, I immediately went for the napkin that the "All seeing and knowing Norm the great" had written on. Up in the corner and neatly printed was "Fr. toast". I was really amazed, although I don't know why since this thinking and feeling things at the same time happens ALL the time......but I haven't ordered french toast in decades........I usually always prefer pancakes or waffles.......never french toast!! A little different from just thinking of the same thing at the same time.......or filling in each other's lost word in a sentence.
So, me being me, folded the napkin up very carefully in put it in my special keepsake drawer.
Oh......and what sent me off on this line of thought I guess, was the photo here of the bridge into Gold Beach coming from the south and looking up the beautiful Rogue River. It gains in beauty the further up river you travel. Loads of wildlife and for those that enjoy fishing, the river can become very crowded with sports fishermen when the fish are running. The tourist 'mail boats' make a couple of runs up each day during the summer.......they are really a lot of fun!!
Tomorrow is Friday!! And I hope everyone's is fantastic!! Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here it is!! The ever popular Wreck of the Mary Hume in Gold Beach. I was down there this morning taking a friend to a birthday breakfast at a very neat little place called "Rollin In Dough". Wonderful food!! I had apple-cinnamon french toast~so good!!

After we ate I went to the dock area and started doing my thing. I can't make up my mind which of these photos I like most. I like the first one because I have a real appreciation for grasses lately and this image is a little different, I think, than the millions of paintings and photos that I've seen so far......not that I've seen them all, but a lot. The second one is the more traditional image that shows off the detail. So, what do you think?? Comments are appreciated.

And guess all of us coast dwellers are having to adjust to the cool fog of the day. Yesterday it was 83 degrees and down into the 40's overnight.......then the fog today that never did really burn off. I guess that's much better than what a lot of people throughout the states are having to cope with.......terrible heat waves. This fog here should help out the inland areas of Oregon to cool down anyway. In fact, my friends heading over to the valley this weekend should have the perfect weather.......
Everyone have a fantastic Thursday!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


One of my favorite parts of any parade thats worth it's salt will always have animals.
Our little parade had plenty, although this year I didn't see the ducks and roosters like last year. But this llama is a beauty, isn't he/she? Looks like it's posing for the camera. I wish I had eyelashes that long! No need for mascara. Although I just now noticed that it's nostrils are a little crooked.
Maybe I won't want to borrow any facial features from this animal after all.

Now these horses.......Incredibly magnificant animals........I love horses and these just always look so proud....maybe more so the horse in front. The second horse looks like the casual, laid back one of the couple.

I'm going down to Gold Beach tomorrow and if the weather is as beautiful as it was today I hope to get some good photos. I generally head toward the dock but I never know where the day will take me in addition. Lots of art and photography to view and become inspired by. I thought I might take a shot of that ever-so-captured scene.....the wreckage of the Mary Hume. That poor ole boat has to have been painted and photographed more than any scene on the coast! Well, here comes one more!

Wednesday is half way to the a lot!!

Monday, July 5, 2010


These fancy ladies in the parade were bringing attention to Carrie Grant's new photo studio here in Port Orford. I'll be bring more photos of her work in another week or so, but for now I wanted everyone to see the beautiful quality of her Victorian looking costumes. Carrie does Vintage look portraits as well as weddings, graduations and personal portraits, I'm sure. And, personally, I think Carrie is one of the sweetest ladies around Port Orford......A gem!

On to the serious job of candy gathering.........and this little gal was giving it "her all". You can see that the wind was starting to pick up, which suited me just fine from a photographic view. Course, I don't know how hard it made getting all that candy into the blowing bag in record speed. But I don't think any of the kids went home empty-handed.

Beautiful day, huh? Yes, a little breezy but nice. My garden is sure full of flowers right now. I did manage to get out there and get some work done. Tomorrow I'll be back out there.

Did everyone enjoy their towns firework show last night? Our's was pretty good for as long as I stayed out on the deck. I was taking photos of a number of the fireworks. It's always fun down with the crowd but we just stay home rather than fight the crowds for parking, etc.

OK....tomorrow starts another new work week, but a short one, for all you that have to get out there amongst them...........Hope it starts off with a great day for you ........ full of grins and smiles.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy 4th of July everyone!! Hope your day was fun-filled and the fireworks exciting with lots of ohhh's and ahhhh's!
The parade always offers way more photos than I can share here. But for maybe a few more days I'll be posting a couple each day. The parade always starts off with the city police cars, then the sheriff, then the Coast Guard, and then our Veterans, and on. It's always fun to see people you know and yells and waves are exchanged with lots of hand-waving and applauding. It's hard not to get into the excited spirit of things. And no 4th of July parade would be complete without the Coast Guard helicopter flying low and waving from an open door. I always really enjoy that part a lot.

One of the funny sights today was this bloodhound. He bayed from before we actually saw him until out of sight and heading down towards Battle Rock. In typical hound fashion, he would throw back his head and as you can see in this first photo, spittle would fly. I would imagine he was pretty thirsty by the time he reached the end of town! I think he was having a great time (as was my friend sitting next to me, who felt the need to answer him in a bay of her own....she who will not be named).

This year we had some great clowns pranced or cycling down the street. This one below was one of the most colorful and animated. Actually he looks like someone I know......but that's another who will not be named.

The end of parade brought me what has become a rare treat........My double ice cream waffle cone from Siren's! Oooooh. It was SO good! A bit of a mess though since when walking back to the car, the wind was blowing it all over me.........It was still worth it!!

Have a great day tomorrow, everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010


This was actually taken on yesterday's morning walk. You can see how the sun is just starting to hit the upper part of the rock. And if you look closely you can see the gull sitting on top...."King of the Hill". I was pleased to learn today that the Sierra Club on Flickr has chosen this one for another Daily Ray of Hope printing or posting.....
The second shot is of a starfish (duh!!)
Karen and I went for our walk at about 10 o'clock and the tide was out and SO many starfish, anenomes, mussels and other odds and ends of sea creatures. I still have a harder time getting a photo that isn't a little blurry. I wobble and so does the monopod. Maybe try my tripod next time. But, most of the pleasure was just in the walk n' talk. Then lunch at Siren's with friends......a great morning!
The summer is getting busy! People are coming, things are going on and the sun still shines! Even had a little rain last night.....but the important part of that sentence is 'NIGHT". So, beautiful days. For this weekend of the 4th things will be very busy and so I probably won't be posting until Sunday night or Monday. Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!!
I plan to.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The beach was really mild this windbreaker needed. The ocean was fairly flat and the sun was just beginning to peek over to the rocks offshore. A beautiful morning.
I don't know, for the life of me, why I haven't been down here for years because I'm always in love all over again with the wonder that the sea and shore brings. My first trip to Port Orford, visiting some long-time friends, was to Battlerock beach. That day, the wind was blowing enough that my legs felt like they were being sandblasted....which they were! As I wondered why I haven't taken the time to return to such a special place, when I got home I received a phone call from California. My same long-time friend has terminal cancer........all throughout her abdomen. Another one of those oddly timed coincidences.....while I was thinking of her there were strong emotions and feelings swirling around; but this type of thing has always happened. She was the one that listened to me sob my heart out when my grandson, Jorma, died. She just 'happened' to call me.
It's very sad news and I hurt not only for her but for her closely knit and large family, as well. And her husband........he's just broken-hearted. There's so little a person can do, really. Especially when I live a good distance away. So, I thought what I'd do would be to start sending her different cards with my photos on them.....each one evoking a memory of something we would remember together.....something funny. There are a LOT of them. She and I were neighbors in Grass Valley, playing at being the 'country gal'. She'd call me everytime her calf would jump the fence.....time after time, until this calf was practically a bull and even if I could have caught him at that poine....well, what then?? Or when I brought over a birdhouse with 5 or 6 orphaned baby wrens, after I exhausted myself in trying to keep up with feeding them sowbugs and earwigs...and then they got loose in her house and they were drawers, under the bed and into part of a mattress, along with her dog and cat having the time of their lives in chasing along with us. Then there was the rattlesnake thing....that was a mess.......It's just so hard to not be down there and actually DOING something, although I know that it's just the feeling of powerlessness over some hurt in a loved ones life. Leads you to feeling a little desperate, you know? So, the greeting cards will be the way for me to deal with it I think. Not only am I hoping to bring a little humor into her present situation but it will help me say good-bye to a very dear lady and wonderful friend.