Thursday, March 4, 2010


An unexpected treat for me.......the weather was perfect and Emily suggested we go for a walk on the Heads. And surprise-surprise!! I had my camera!! Imagine that! I got so many good shots that I'm still not finished editing and had a difficult time choosing which to post first. The first one here is a pair of Canada geese. They were actually clear enough where I could have cropped them to have only the pair of geese, but I think the rock adds so much to the total scene. I'll save the lone geese for another time. But, isn't that blue sea incredible??? I don't know as if I've ever been there when the weather was so perfect. (shows how much more I should get up there.)
The second photo is of a beautiful scene we came upon early on the walk.....starting towards the south side of the heads......The light was coming through and hitting the moss on the branches. I always find that so rich looking. I thought there might be a little too much light on the left coming in, but I like the way it looks. The bare branches little trees below were a bit on the gray side which made them look scraggy, but just warmed it up a bit. I'm looking forward to sharing the other shots I got along the way and then in Emily's beautiful garden. I think I'll be back up that way the next time we have another morning like today's. And a good keeping with my "let's get rid of part of Donna diet". It's been a good day.

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