Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I just couldn't find much to take shots of around my house today......walked out to get the paper and looked. There was just dull sky, duller clouds and nothing that really struck me as very appealing. I thought I'd have to scout around my old files, but then.....Ah-Ha!! Nanci's garden!! So, over I treked (like it's really a great distance next door, huh?) These are a few of my finds. This first little patch of mushrooms looked so protected and terraced, like they'd been thoughtfully planted there........
I love the colors.
This next one is one of the beautiful camilia flowers. I have a hard time believing how quickly her bush grew! It's taller than I am and lots of buds getting ready to pop forth. It's going to be even more beautiful as they all open.
The daffodil way up on top I had to add after these but am including the description down here to save some time. I think just the one, especially with that lovely purple background, makes a prettier picture than a whole cluster of them.......although clusters work. I just didn't want them here right now. Don't want to insult the 'cluster-lovers'!!
Tomorrow is another trip to Coos Bay and I'll hopefully find some new places to camera-haunt.

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