Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 Well, we got the word this afternon about 4:30 that the home we've been living in for so many years now has a pair of new owners.   One's that we are so sure will enjoy, love and care for this special space.  Time has come to pass the torch and Norm and I couldn't be happier with those who have been touched to carry on caring for this precious little patch of heaven we have called 'Home'.  

We've been packing and packing and packing for what seems like reality only about a month or so.  But.......that's where the "Busy As A Bee" title comes in.  How could we have possibly accumulated so much 'stuff'??  My studio alone, took days and days to undo.  I must have broken the all-time record for "Pack Rat of the Year".  We won't even approach the subject of Norm's garage and work area.    But, just about all the packing is done except for last minute things.  And we'll still be here for another couple of weeks or so.   Then come the movers and we're off of new adventures!

We'll miss all the many friends we've made over the years here in Port Orford.  The many activities and experiences that have influenced us and are now a part of who we are.  And since we really aren't moving THAT far away I'm holding a good many of you to the promises of coming to visit, stay awhile and continue on with new experiences and fun times.  There are a few gals that have already agreed that next spring we  go zip-lining!  I can hardly wait!!
I will be continuing my blog as I get settled in over in Winchester but I think this last sunset photo is a good one to end with here.   So, I'll sign off for a while.......stay in touch........Love you all!!