Thursday, March 25, 2010


The other day for some reason the photo of the pansy that Elaine gave me didn't show up on the emailed subscription blog. So, here I am re-introducing the pretty little red pansy that was my yearly gift.
I particularly love this first one because of the richness of that red....almost a burgundy color, huh? And the contrasting blue just helps it to stand out.
Today the rain returned. I was up in Bandon, and of course my camera was with me.....batteries charged and ready to snap. It poured buckets........some hail thrown in to show us that spring hasn't really quite arrived just yet. Although I did see new blossoms opening on my Asian pear and our Empress tree. I hope we get some pears this year. Sometimes our Bartlett, which always blooms first, is finished when the Asian begins........or a big wind comes up and blows the blossoms clean off! And I read that the bees are having another hard least in California. Anyone seen any of our little furry buddies around yet this year? Hope it's not yet another sign of weird weather patterns. I'm getting tired of them and want things back the way they were before........uncomplicated!! Predictable!! Does this sound like I'm going to launch into an insurance commercial? You never know......8-)

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