Saturday, May 10, 2014


It's up and running now but it was clearly a disaster when Norm and I tried putting this up by ourselves.  We got it about half way up.........trying to connect the two swung, it swayed, it swung again, and swayed and crashed down with a mighty roar!  Barely missing hitting us on the way down.  These are steel beams........light steel, but still would have left us seeing stars had it landed on our heads.  Within a few days, help arrived in the form of Clayton and Danny.......Angels from Umpqua.  The directions said it was "easy to put up......only taking a couple of hours.  Ha!  It took 4 of us, at times and about 3 hours to get it done.  But, it's up and now nicely shading our little patio.  I think eventually it might look nice to have wisteria growing over the top.  But that's a project for another day.  And I might want to wait until the many, many things I've planted lately, start filling in so I don't bury ourselves in greenery and blooms.  

And speaking of blooms, the rhoddies and azaleas in the front are just gorgeous!  They were here when we moved in and have a number of years growth.  Big and lush.........with hydrangea starting to bud.

Seems like some good spring showers have graced our areas lately.  And in a couple of days the temperatures are supposed to go shooting back up into the 80's again.  Good........I ordered a half a dozen Virginia Creepers to plant.  I see them on the freeway overpasses, and saw them in their autumn beauty while in Scotland.  Seeing them growing up on century-old castle walls is something I won't forget anytime soon.  And I expect nothing less for here!!  So......I'll get them off to a good start tomorrow when it dries up a little and hope they grow quickly.

I went with a friend the other night to the Roseburg Unity Church.  They have A Course In Miracles group and I've very much missed being a part of a study group since I've moved over here.  Those of you who know me, know that this is very much a passion of mine.    What a great bunch of people.........I know I'm going to love it......I already do and it's like a part of me 'coming home'.

So.......all in all, life continues to slowly evolve with Norm and I.  He still has very little voice from a medical procedure of a couple of months ago.  This week we see an ENT doctor to see what he thinks of it.  Obviously, Norm is not a happy camper regarding this.  Hopefully, he'll feel better later next week.

I hope all you Mom's out there have a perfect Sunday..........My own has passed on but not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her.  And in gratitude I thank her for her love.