Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For these shots I was trying out my new tripod......one that finally holds my camera steady and secure. I really like it a lot and am anxious to try out all kinds of new things.
This first photo was taken from out deck looking out towards Battlerock and beyond. Those big ole' thunder-bumpers were working their way inland, but seeing the patch of blue sky was such a treat. We had a lot of short down-pours and maybe more tomorrow. I can tell how much those trees have grown too. Pretty soon they'll be blocking our view, but that'll just have to happen, I guess. That's a pretty steep drop down to the canyon, and many of the distant trees are not on our property.

This second shot was of a lily that had broken off the main stem. I found it after it had lain on the counter for a number of hours. It was still closed and I thought I probably should just throw it away, but instead put it in a small vase of water. After placing the vase in my kitchen window, I was so surprised to see it fully open about 2 to 3 hours later! Amazing!! Aside from that, I'm pretty pleased with the tripod. Look how clear and crisp the inner workings on the lily are. (Can you tell that I'm lacking in botanical vocabulary?)

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