Saturday, October 29, 2011


Or is it? It seems to me it's the first autumn was enough for me to start baking bread again. I changed a few recipes of mine and the loaves came out great. I've been making Irish soda bread for years but for some reason last year every batch I made up just wasn't very good. Anyway.......I realized this year what I had changed and went back to my old way and "Oh Yum!" and I added a handful of millet which gives a little more crunch. More Yum~

I met up with a good friend who I hadn't seen in too long and it was wonderful to catch up, see how good she looked and sounded. She's a fellow photographer and sounds like she's moving on-ward-and-upward at full speed. Is putting my lazy self to shame! So, I thought I'd better try and get back with the program. And I actually enjoy shooting more in the fall and winter anyway. More diversity.

My family had a death in the family about a week ago. It was too far for me to travel, and I hadn't seen this cousin in decades. Still, she was the last of the older generation and my thinking was set to honor the past memories of our family's shared history. The good and all helps make us who we are and I like to believe that THAT's a good thing. We all have so much more to us than what we realize. I know I always seem to have a higher opinion of others than they do of themselves.......even by what they do or don't say. There's a saying that I think of every so often......"Who you are speaks louder about you than what you say and do." And people do do the best they can with what they have, at the time of their lives that they are, don't you think? This lady who passed on was a strong woman with strong convictions and a softer heart than I think she let many see. Her life was filled with many years of her own share of struggles, successes, losses and joys........ and much courage. And she passed through her final life phase still caring about others while demonstrating dignity and grace. I picture her rejoicing in happy reunions with past family and friends and wish her God-Speed.

So, these are some early autumn snaps that I took a couple of days ago. The one above I tinkered around with a little editing but it is a late still blooming hollyhock.......vivid pink which I only gave a hint of. When viewed on large it's amazing that there's a whole other world down deep in that flower........Guess that's why some people enjoy macro photography so well. The photo below is of one of our Japanese maples. It's so happy where it's planted.......(not too far from over the septic tank). I don't need to elaborate anymore on that. This last shot is a closeup of a barrel full of mums. Cheerful little guys! After the rain I expect them to look a little weathered so I'm happy I snapped while they still looks photogenic.

Well, hope everyone is having a good weekend...........lots of football games and did you see that World Series??!! Wow~! That was something special this year!!

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


For those who know of Doug and Karen Hansen's beautiful B&B, The Compass Rose, there's going to be an extension built on that will offer space for future bunnies that need rescuing. This has been a long-time dream of Doug's (and Karen) and I hope that the rescue hutches will open the way for more in the future. But maybe it's best to not get ahead of ourselves...........especially by those 'selves' who aren't doing the building and tending. So this first photo on top is Doug measuring something for one of the next steps towards completion. It will have a place that will be protected from our sometimes fierce and blowy Port Orford winter storms. (That's my Norm with him, taking it all in)

And here are the furry little darlin's themselves. They don't know yet that there will soon be another couple to be moving into the neighborhood. For the photos, I fooled around with Photoshop..........cause that's what I seem to want to do right now.
I have to admit that I can never remember these little guys names. I'm pretty sure the boy is PJ, who's this little brown-haired one. I refer to the white lady of the hutch, as PJ's Mrs. Hopefully there will be more photos in another week or so of the occupants of the new Bunny B&B.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


At least some older photos from my files. Seems that time is short these days for going out and getting new shots. These were from my sister-in-law Lucy's garden during her memorial. And the top shot was a beautiful and colorful presentation at the table.......among many other yummy things to eat.

I should have taken a photo of the apple-crumb pie I'd made today. Norm's been wanting me to bake one so today was the day. Good day for it......Sunday's always are. Now I'll be walking double time for the next week wondering if it was worth it...........Oh, Yeah!!

Did anyone see the San Francisco 49er's win today??!! Another "Oh, Yeah!!" Maybe their time has finally come. And the sun was sort of out, the sky was pretty and the air was crisp..........all in all a good day.

So, now that most of all the doctor's appointments are pretty well behind us for a while, maybe this week I can grab a little time to take more photos. Norm has been having to use a cream on his face for some basil-skin 'thingies' (because we disagree as to what to call them, 'thingies' will do for now). He's staying low as much as he can since he doesn't like his appearance right now. It really isn't that bad but I understand how when it's YOU that your feelings are more focused and self-conscious. Anyone over the age of, well, you name it, can remember how we used to lie out in the sun and tan, tan and more tan........thinking we looked so healthy and great. I used to lather on the baby oil or whatever the newest fad was at the time. Oh, all the dead gnats that would collect on my limbs as I baked to a nice crisp brown.........Now we pay the piper; at the very least added wrinkles and spots. Those spots that we call freckles for as long as we can get away with it.

Norm remembers when his father recommended he smoke cigarettes because it kept you from getting TB......especially if you smoked the menthol. Amazing, huh?

So.......stay out of the sun and burn up those cigarettes before they burn you!

And have a great week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today is one of those days where I just can't get this Blogger to download more than one photo at a time..........and then it delivers two of the same thing..........Arrrgh!! Very frustrating!

But what todays post is about is the additional light and beautiful view we have now. Jerry and Blake White came and finished up the tree thinning and trimming. Wow! What a difference...........I can't wait until the skies clear and we can see down to the ocean again. As it is now we have a beautiful view of the canyon just below our decks although I don't know if it shows up all that well in photo form!

And the amount of light coming into the house gives me hope that maybe Emily's orchid WILL actually bloom someday. Hope springs eternal!

So, Norm and I thank you, Jerry and guys did a beautiful job and we really appreciate your friendship, as well. Exciting futures for both of you and we wish you all kinds of good wishes!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Aren't the warm colors of autumn beautiful? My favorites........the reds, oranges and browns with an occasional dash of yellow...........mmmmm. The photo above can't help you not think of apple pie or apple sauce. Add a bit of cinnamon and "oh, so good". Warms the soul.

This second shot is of our trumpet vine. It is the main attraction for our one remaining hummingbird. I hope it gets the hint that it's time to move to warmer weather, though. I can't help but remember one spring in finding one little frozen hummingbird in a branch of pyracantha who was done in by an exceptionally cold storm. That was back in California though. Such an awful thing couldn't possibly happen here on the south coast, right??

Today the sun was out and the weather a little nippy but lovely, I think. I got my walk in and Norm seems to want to bar-b-que for one of the last times for a while. So, the chicken is ready for the grille and we still have plenty of veggies from the garden that haven't made it into the freezer or been turned over in the garden yet.

Add an older "who-done-it" movie for tonight and you know about our day. Nothing earth shaking but filled with contentment. Hope your's is as well.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I didn't realize that I haven't blogged in a little while........soooo, I'm back.....
Birthdays, doctor appointments, canning and freezing.......all the trappings of getting ready for cooler and wet weather. We've burned a few fires (pant-pant)
made soups and comfort foods. Next will be breads but the days are tight and time is short. That will change before too long......and it's not too soon to start initial planning for the holidays. Thanksgiving will again be my favorite. A year ago at this time, Norm was feeling very bad and would soon be feeling worse. A couple of serious surgeries done Miracle-Quick would fix that. It took a lot out of him but he's made remarkable steps back into good health. Still, lots of doctor's appointments coming up from all his doctors to make sure he stays that way. He's doing well enough to complain loudly about it, which I see as a positive.

So, these two photos were taken on a little jaunt up the Sixes River Road last week. I'm in the mood for some black and white, although with the autumn colors turning more beautiful by the day, I expect I'll be shifting my attention to the technicolor world of the south coast before long. In fact, there's a certain friend who is graciously allowing me to go and take some photos of her beautiful home overlooking the Sixes River. Bubbling stream and wonderful big boulders have me looking forward to a couple of nice least not raining.

This Wednesday those who wish to exhibit their photos at South Coast Hospital in Bandon will deliver their works. I'm really looking forward to seeing the different creations that will be shown. So......those of you who live or will be traveling around the Bandon area, try to stop by and take a look. The exhibit will hang October thru December.

Hope you're all having a great week~