Thursday, June 30, 2011


What beautiful afternoon it turned out to be. I needed a new photo of Cape Blanco and it was perfect today.......little wind, clouds but blue sky. There were so many different wild flowers on the thick profusion were yarrow, foxgloves, lupines, daisies and of course, the dandelions. I even saw a wild iris or two still blooming. The wild azalea is one of my favorites and along the way to Langlois there is a spot......Floras Lake Loop.......where they grow all over on both sides and all corners of the highway. I look for them every spring/summer. is one of the photos I took today of the lighthouse. Pretty, huh?

It's one of Norm's favorites and I'm going to have it printed and framed.

Below is looking south from the cape........the pinnacle rock and looking further you can see Humbug Mountain. In the foreground you can see the lupines all blooming. One of those days where I so appreciate where we live.

I hope you all have a super 4th of July safe and enjoy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Everyone had a good time! Lindsay and Katie, owners of Simply Delightful floral and gift shop in Langlois, hosted a wonderful evening. There was flowers both as florals for sale as well as in the surrounding garden. Once the wind died down it couldn't have been more perfect. There were 3 of us photographers who had been invited to display some of our work and Lindsay and Katie had set up not only a very functional but so attractive areas set up for each of us. Separate but in the circular garden, it was enhanced by a feeling of comfortable familarity. There were delicious snacks and sandwiches as well as all kinds of, lemonade, water........Everything was displayed so beautifully. A perfect evening for one and all.

The photo above is Lois Miller in front of her fantastic bird photos. You can see why her work is so popular.

And below is Shayla Richards with her display. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her before this night. What a sweet heart! and her work is just great. She's going to be photographing Lindsay and Sean's wedding this summer. I know her work will make many beautiful memories for the happy couple.

Norm is here helping me put up my display of photos. And our coastal breezes weren't making things any easier!

Here's Lois Miller standing next to the beautiful florals that were for sale.....made by Lindsay Dougherty and admired by all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It started off beautiful......sunny, warm with promises of even warmer and maybe humid weather. Then.....something happened that wasn't expected............mysterious pause inserted here..........fog and overcast came to ruin everything~~So, now Norm is out bar-b-quing with his jacket on and I'm running around closing up windows and turning on the heat. Time to put some shoes and socks, too. I had been planning on titleing this post 'The First Day of Summer'.......but 'Last Day of Spring' seems a little closer to the truth. Well, tomorrow's another day and we can only hope!

Had a great lunch today at Redfish. A new menu to study and I'm wanting to try everything. Wonderful cranberry-walnut bread with turkey and swiss cheese was great......and the roasted potato with a dizzle of truffle oil. So good! Lots of people there, too! Some local and some tourists.....Lots of bustling around and much chattering background sounds. And our table of 4 women did our share of contributing in that regard! Never a silent moment!

These posted photos are again from my shoot out by Garrison Lake. The first one is of some grass blowing in our famous breezes. I like the bit of yellow peeking through from the dandeloins. And the second is of a dead tree that was down a hill and meeting up with some reeds in the lake. If you can look at it on large, it's a nice contrast of textures and like one friend said, it almost looks like a pencil drawing.

Enjoy your first day of summer.........may the sun re-appear with

much anticipated warmth.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm not really sure which season it is.....but it feels good! This last week was good in my corner of the world. A very special visit with an old friend....meeting a new one. Sharing the day with them and catching up on news and reminiscing of old times. Some tears......but more laughs....and HOPE in spite of recent loses. I love that word! HOPE

And another get-together yesterday that was also very special where getting together, feeling comfortable with old friends........and, again, new ones, was filled with meanings of the heart. I met a lovely lady from California that I think we all hope to see again and that was a treat. It was so gratifying to hear of her first impressions of Port Orford. They echo my own feelings as a new-comer, once upon a time. Thanks, Char

You've seen my post of a few weeks ago about the new floral and gift shop in Langlois.......Simply Delightful. Well, they're starting a new tradition, I hope, where some of the consignment contributors will have a special evening to display their work and products. This Friday evening from

6-8, Lois Miller, Shayla Carpenter and myself, each of us photographers, will have our work out for all to see. Lindsay and Katie, proprietors of Simply Delightful, will have blown balloons where 3 will have coupons inside for various discounts towards items in the shop. All you have to do is show up and pop your balloon......I think. Hope to see as many of you as can make it. There will also be beverages and snacks. Should be fun!

The photos above were taken out by Garrison Lake.....The day was a little cool and breezy.....the lake colors really were that deep. I enjoy the sun-bleached dead wood against the lake blue. Nice contrast

The second was of a great little cluster of foxglove. I thought the yellow Scotch broom off to the side gave it that extra little pop.

Can't believe it's already Monday tomorrow! The beginning of another beautiful week..........I hope for all of us.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The garden many blooms wanting to be seen and heard......iris, rhoddy, columbine, lillies, trees, shrubs, and more flowers, small, medium and large. It just woke up and delighted all the senses.

And today it's been foggy and not just overcast, even a little drizzle here and there. I'm glad I went calling with my camera yesterday.

Today was a good day to have the spagetti pot simmering most of the day, catching up on reading and writing and my Sunday phone calls. Just a "hang-out" kind of day.

The other night we saw the movie, The Tourist. It wasn't the best I'd ever seen but lightly enjoyable. I did like the ending a lot and that almost made up for the lack-luster script and un-chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

For any of you who read my blog and would like to see more of my photos from Emily's garden, you can check out my photo album on Facebook. I couldn't put them all here because of space, although I might post others here from time to time.

OK........everyone go out and have a great Monday! Whatever it is you're going to do, do it with a happy heart!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Lots going on today...........this morning I spent an hour or so wandering around Emily's beautiful garden. To my way of thinking, it's the kind of garden that's picture perfect.......that you might see in a garden magazine. Many little areas of plants and flowers that compliment each other not only in color but texture. The right amount of various garden decorative touches like pots, urns, birdbaths, bird feeding stations, etc.
So, within the next week, I'll be posting some of those scenes. Oh, also of Nicki the kitty, who was NOT about to be overlooked!

For tonight, though, I wanted to show off a couple of my favorite blooms from my own garden. The first above photo is the "Goodbye, Polio" rose. It normally has a light pink blush that blends into the white. Maybe because it's the first bloom off the bush, the pink is strongly streaked along the rim of the petals. And why this would happen, I don't just sounds like a reason to me.....8-))
And I liked the reflection in the glass table the vase sits on.

This second photo has not had it's color "tweeked". This iris is really black. When I did try to lighten it up on Photoshop, it shows a deep blue, but to the naked eye, this is it. Pretty remarkable, don't you think??

Norm and I attended the 'official' grand opening of the new Tri-Angle Square gallery. I liked the former one also, but this has enough differences to make it's own mark. And for fans of Joyce and Doug's great art, we can still enjoy that at Denny and Dorothy Dana's new Trading Post, the former Coast Candle Shop next to the Hawthorne Gallery. Lots of new stuff happening in our little town! Many, many talented artists.
And it's the weekend and the sun is out so you can enjoy taking a little walk around the south end of town and looking at some of these new sights...........and I know you wouldn't hurt their feelings if you decided there was something that would look wonderful in your own home and you couldn't live without!! Go for it!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


What a great side show we enjoyed yesterday with our coffee and visit at The Compass Rose
B & B with friends, Doug and Karen. There was a steady stream of entertainment from their bunnies, birds and deer. With the sun shining and temperatures warm it was the perfect time for the tame little bunny couple to go for their playful exercise in the fenced vegetable garden. They have their favorite little "hidie-holes", tunnels and shaded shelters that Doug has made up for them.

This first photo is of them (I don't know their names, I'm sorry to say) taking a rest together after spending about 30 minutes or so of racing around on their own. I love the 4 points of rabbit ears reaching for the sky!!

Isn't this second one cute?? There was quite an interaction between these two. The bunny would leap up in the air and charge at the deer, or at other times, just hop on over to check it out. The deer was even more curious about the rabbit and would look and come over to the fence when ever this little guy would make moves. The deer knew we humans were there, knew it had nothing to worry about and just continued to graze as if we were all just part of the surrounding forest.
The birds were busy with the squirrel-bear-raccoon-etc.-proof feeder that Doug made up. The gold finches looked beautiful against the blue sky and they'd fly across the garden and land in a hawthorne tree, where they just blended in.

This last photo was of the male bunny.........He really was the main attraction of the show. The Mrs. likes to hide out in the herb garden and dig and tunnel. But the Mr. here...... aren't his little white tail and ears so darn cute?!!

It was a very special visit to be a part of this. The whole package.......good friends, wonderful atmosphere, friendly furry critters, good timing for a coffee-cookie break and we loved it!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I really like the way these experiments on florals have turned out. It's fun to try new things when they turn out well............vs............not-so-well. These two are among my latest favorites and hopefully, my wall sometime soon.

Had a great visit today with a dear friend who lives half the year in another state. So good to re-connect with those you're just on the same wave-length with. One of those friends where we just pick right up where we left off. A good day. I had a catch-up phone call with one of my grandsons. That's ALWAYS good.

We saw the newest Harry Potter movie last night. I've tried but just can't seem to have been able to get into the Harry Potter movies. They're dark, as in light and dark to see what's going on. Good eyesight isn't one of my strong suits, anyway. Dark screens don't help. The sound goes up and down and just when you've adjusted to one level, softer, then Norm can't hear so up the volume goes. That's about the time when they BLAST you out of your chair with some traumatic scene. You miss the point they're trying to make because you're so caught up with trying to return your heart to normal...........Next scheduled from Netflix is "The Tourist" with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. I don't think it's supposed to be boring though........listed as a 'thriller'. Anyone seen it??

The rest of the week seems to be filling up fast...........lots of odds and ends. I hope to get in some more photo shoots but if not, I have plenty to post instead.

Have a great Tuesday!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Took a side trip to Battle Rock the other day...........the sky was fantastic. Big fluffy clouds.......otherwise known as 'chance of rain'. I edited one in black and white. It makes Humbug look like it's an erupting volcano, doesn't it??

This second one is just a different effect......closer and in color. In case you hadn't noticed. 8-)

Norm and I received the nicest surprise the other day in the mail. A friend of mine from high school was taking a guided tour over the Memorial Day weekend to the 'mothball fleet' down in Suisun Bay in California. He made a great CD of his day and tour and sent it to us. This area in Contra Costa County, was one of our old 'stomping grounds' when we had a nifty little cabin cruiser. We'd go around that area about every weekend for years. Listen to the creaks and groans of these beautiful old ships while fishing for sturgeon and catching lots of mudfish instead. The mothball fleet is now home for the USS Iowa, aka The Big Stick.
I say home, but it's awaiting donation as a not-for-profit museum. It has a long and illustrious history, from WW II through the Korean War and beyond until 2006...... that you can look up on Wikipedia, if interested. It was such a nice thing to do, David......and we thank you. I can only imagine how special that tour was visiting over Memorial Day weekend.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to GO for the new week, full of steam and gusto!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I saw this little marsh the other day but wasn't able to stop and study it for photo ops. It's a beautiful little pond of water..........the one above reminds me of a Monet painting. The wild rhoddy was blooming and so was the water lily. I see some scotch broom blooming to the back up there. Pretty, huh?

Below were some unfurling ferns. When I edited it a little those beautiful colors popped up. I liked.

I hope everyone's week was good............our's was. A little more quiet than last week: the week after Memorial Day and all the many activities that went with it. I have an idea that a good many bar-b-ques were altered by our unseasonal weather. My sister went to spend a nice warm week in Tahoe........only to have to deal with snow instead of sun! Hail up in Portland, rain and wind in many places throughout the west. I'd much rather be dealing with our weather than the heat that is already hitting places in the east........and the terrible tornadoes. What a lot of tragedy.

Norm's challenges with Maxillian continue..........So far, Norm is still ahead but Maximillian is a very persistent guy. Many have asked for some photos of Max trying to balance on the greased PVC pipe. I never know when he might try it, though. Once each day he gives it a try. If he gets too close to success, out goes Norm to grease up the pipe some more. And now the blue jay's are playing with him. Personally, I think the jay waits until Norm sits down to eat then has the fun of watching Norm jump up......wave his arms around......go for his the door......then Jay flies away before Norm even rounds the corner. Norm sits back down to eat......Jay returns.....and so it continues for 4 or 5 rounds. Norm gets his daily exercise.

We have one little bird house in the corner of our deck that Norm built more for decorative effect than to use. But a couple of chickadees have taken up residence. Norm saw that the racoons got into the birdhouse and ripped apart a nest. I thought that would discourage them. Not so. And they're so secretive that I didn't know they'd set up another nest until it was a done-deal. Well, last night I could hear some creaking on the deck which meant that some critter was around out there. Probably the racoons. It was close to midnight, Norm was fast asleep. Careful not to wake him up, I went out to the dining room and turned on the deck light and checked over at the birdhouse........Sure enough, there was a racoon leaning over the back of the house and trying to reach inside the opening. I went out and clapped my hands. He ran off a little down the top of a fence but kept looking back at the birdhouse. Probably knowing by now that there was something good to eat in there. I kept clapping my hands, telling him to go away. He just stared and stared at him, alternatively looking back at his source of late night dinner. So........I did finally get him to take off and up over the roof by getting the water hose and putting it on 'jet'. That did it. Norm and I were trying to figure out how to permanently protect the chickadees until they hatch and raise their youngin's. Can't do anything too drastic or we'll have Ma Chickadee deserting her nest. As it was, I peeked in last night and saw a little head and beak staring back at me. Anyway, Norm got out his good old can of grease and slathered it all over the top of the birdhouse. I hope that will discourage the racoon..........which will probably be back tonight. Maybe the nest is far enough towards the back of the house so it can't be reached. Oh, the trials we go through for these birds~! We know that all the animals have to eat, too, but we don't want to be the ones that set the birds on a platter, so to speak. I'll let you all know how it goes.
Hope everyone has a happy Friday and an even better weekend!