Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The only war is trying to decide which of these is the more beautiful. I needed to pick up some photos that had been on exhibit at the Bandon Hospital and these roses were among a number of flowering plants out in the parking lot. I think my favorite would be the yellow.
Today was really a beautiful day. A real south coast July kind of day. Light breezes and plenty of sunshine! And like yesterday, heavy traffic. We were doing our weekly Coos Bay trek and my doctor's appointment. And I got a very good report!! Yah! I had expected the opposite and I left the clinic grinning from ear to ear. And I understand my Wednesday group of friends were in my corner for me and I thank them all very much! It worked!! You guys are regular Miracle workers!
OK.....everyone have a great day and smile at someone who needs it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010



A few weeks ago I was driving out towards Paradise Point and noticed this unusual cloud formation. 'The difference between the lower and top layer of cloud color was very distinct. I thought that it might show up a little better in black and white.
But in looking at a color shot, I can't make up my mind so will include them both.

Made a trip to Bandon this morning. Have you noticed how heavy the traffic has become?? The sun came out and the tourists arrived, I think......well, and all of us locals decided to come out of hibernation. And speaking of hibernation......the bears seem to be causing a lot of problems this year. Garbage cans attacked, bird feeders and bird nests are being especially hard hit. A friend who had her garbage can actually thrown because it was bear-proof to opening, called the authorities. She was told that the bears are hungry because the berries aren't ready yet. I don't know if I buy that or not. The berries usually aren't ripe at this time of year anyway, and I don't remember hearing of so many different areas with bear trouble. Maybe it's the same bear but he or she would be having to spread itself over a fairly wide area. I don't know how much territory a single bear would take. Anyway......reach and make liberal use of the amonia. It might not hurt to take in those bird feeders at night either.
OK....enjoy your Wednesday!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


This first photo is a newcomer to our garden this year. I actually have it up on the deck in a barrel planter because it will receive better care. It's called the "Goodbye Polio Rose for the benefit of Polio Plus". Our wonderful and giving Port Orford Rotary was selling them last year. They are a beautiful cream with a blush of apricot, as the label says. There is a slight fragrance that I get a whiff of every so often. I'm really pleased with it and there are many, many more blooms to come. And the sale "helps Rotary vaccinate at least 18 children." Nothing but good stuff from this purchase.
This second is another deck flower. Years ago Norm gave me a lily at Easter. It wasn't the 'traditional Easter lily" but it was nice. I planted it in a long planter that Norm had built and since then it was multiplied so that now the whole box, about 3' long, is filled with these lilies growing all over each other. Their color isn't 'splashy' so the mass planting of these elegant flowers is always an eye-catcher.
How was everybody's Monday?? Mine was good. Lots of errands got accomplished and bumped into many friends for a various chat here and there. I noticed in my little side garden that some ginger that I thought had been killed last winter by the freeze in December, is making a come-back. I was very surprised since it seemed like there was nothing left but rotted roots. And the fact that it's waited until the end of June to show any life added to the pleasant surprise. Late in the summer it will bloom.....and I actually don't care much for the flower......but the fragrance..........ohhhhh! It's wonderful...if you like sweet. And anyone who knows me knows that "lover of sweets" is my middle name.
Well, hope you all are getting back into the swing of another work week. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


At least a good part of it! I spent a couple of hours with the weed whacker. I think I've mentioned before of how contented I am when that job is done. It neatens up the whole look so much. Not really too much more I can write about that........just glad it's done.

This first photo is just a simple little daisy. The 'stuff' in the center looks like some insect, but it isn't. Probably some sort of reproductive apparatus. I used my new lens here and it does take a nice clear image and great dof.

The second shot was also taken with the "Nifty-Fifty". Another good one, I think. Our future onions for the winter.

We watched a Netflick movie tonight........."Twilight: New Moon". The first Twilight was a film that I didn't particularly care much for. I think I was expecting something closer to TV's True Blood. This one I paid attention to and didn't expect it to be like anything but itself. It wasn't bad, really. A little juvenile, but good escapism. No fangs to be seen but there were a number of werewolves. What I did love was the gorgeous scenry where most of the film was shot. It was up in Forks, WA......part of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Then over to Italy, in what I thought looked a lot like Assisi. I loved that little town!! Maybe a lot of those medieval towns look alike, but it did let me remember with happy memories the town of St. Francis.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


These are a couple of shots that I took a few weeks ago. The clouds were beautiful as they rolled in to give us southern Oregon people yet another dose of rain. The first one here is looking south from Cape Blanco. In the distance you can see Humbug.

The second one was taken from Cape Blanco also but looking down at the end......THAT is the most westerly point! It's gathered a number of compliments on our beautiful but rugged coastline. I love the way the sun is hitting the very end.

And a couple of nights ago I said that I ought to photograph an ant......well here he/she is. Sucking up the sweet syrup in the middle of one of my lilies!
Hope you all have a terrific weekend!!
Enjoy the sun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, not too much happening today. A trip to Coos Bay and shopping and running errands isn't the kind of stuff that holds too much interest in a blog.

I did want to try out some distance shots with my new lens. The day had patchy overcast and on the way home was just sort of gray. In Bandon along Beach Loop, the sun did try to make an appearance, weakly. This first scene is one I've taken before but it looks a lot different with all the spring/summer green on the cliffs. You can make out a couple down the beach doing some beach-combing,I guess.

This second shot was along the Coquille River in Old Town Bandon. It was fairly windy and the water was churned up.....not particularly what I like in a photo, but the boat with the lighthouse in the distance hold some appeal. All in all, I think this lens is going to be a winner as I use it more and remember my tripod instead of trying to balance in the wind.

One day closer to the weekend for all you that work. Saturday is predicted to be sunny all make your plans to get out there and do something fun!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The U. S. Postal Service and UPS were both pretty generous to me today. Not that I didn't pay for it!
My first treat was a new Nikon lens that I had ordered a couple of weeks ago. It's called a "Nifty-Fifty". This rose portrait was taken using that lens. It's a prime rather than zoom or telephoto, but I think I'm going to love it.......Thank you so much, Gerry!!

The second delivery came while I was new mat cutter. It's much bigger than I'd expected. I'm going to have to find a place to be able to set it up permanently. I hope it will fit on my studio desk. Everyone who has one has told me that once I practice a little I should have no problem at all, so my hopes are high.

In the second photo here, a little storm system was blowing in that day and this was taken out at Cape Blanco. You can see the lighthouse looking pretty small up on the bluff on the right side of the photograph. For some reason, in looking at this and comparing sizes, I found it sort of astounding that the lighthouse looked dwarfed by the huge expanse of the bluff, then the ocean and especially the sky. Suddenly that lighthouse that has always struck me as so substantial looked pretty insignificant. Now picture your wee little self standing

next to it. Then I carried that thought on to how much potential is in that little me standing there on the bluff. And that human-kind has worked with, if not conqured certain aspects of much of what is represented by the lighthouse, bluff, sea and sky. It's all rather amazing. I know that we all think these thoughts at various's nothing new. But it added an extra scope to this photo image once I really began seriously looking at it.

OK......maybe tomorrow I need to go photograph an ant......8-D)

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It was so pretty to look at......and know it wasn't mine to mow. This large expanse of grass with it's little white daisy-like flowers, along with that patch out further of yellow was just one of the places where you could have a picnic. There were lots of tables here and there. I can't remember whether this was around where the covered picnic area was located or somewhere else. Anyway, the trees behind make for a perfect background.

Here in the second photo was a glade of trees. myrtle I think, that stood out without all the undergrowth that make for a shaggy scene. I de-saturated it but left a little green tint newest thing to try.....And I thought it worked fairly well here, not great though.

I made up a batch of spiced almonds today for the July get-together (Thank you, Nancy F!!) They turned out well and I had to remind Norm that they were not for nibbling on now. You know how one leads to another. I hid them out in the garage refrigerator.......not only from too! Out of sight, out of mind. At least, that's the plan.

Up on Coast Guard Hill I caught a couple of bucks strolling down the street. Their antlers were covered in velvet and they looked so handsome and proud. They didn't pay much attention to me but I didn't know if I crept closer whether it would spook them or not, so I snapped the shutter while they ambled on down the street and then off into the woods. I'll see if I can't show them to you tomorrow.......

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This tree was early on in our hike. I like the stark contrast against that pretty blue sky........and one fluffy white cloud.

Today is the first day of summer. I think it was safe for me to make the great bi-yearly exchange of seasonal clothes. This takes me a number of hours so I always want to make sure that the new season is very serious about visiting us! Today the sun was shinning and it was beautiful even if that breeze was a bit chilly. Hopefully we might even have some warm days before we return to fall and winter.

The second photo here was taken from the bridge you cross into the park from the main parking lot. I do think these slow shutter pics call for a regular 3 legged tri-pod but managed to get a more silky look to the flowing water. It'll be fun to practice this and experiment.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get at least a couple of hours into some gardening. How are all of your gardens? I bet they're all weed-free, full of gorgeous blooms, and have a trim, neat and tended look. If you need to look at something different for a change....come see mine. And bring your own trowel, in case you see anything that might look out of place to you........just a suggestion.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


These are a couple of photos I got while on the path along Brush Creek in Humbug State Park. In the first shot, I saw this kind of effect on Flickr and I thought I'd try it myself. I like it for this particular scene. The back was pretty washed out but it looks kind of ethereal to me with this editing I think.
And the second image is a stand of trees that looked pretty neat to me, all covered with moss. It was SO green in there! I'm looking forward to going back. The next time I'm bringing my regular tri-pod. An awful lot of my photos were blurred. I could feel myself not standing steady and there was a time or two when I could feel myself slowly leaning towards the drop down to the creek. I'd hold onto the mono-pod in spite of the gravitation pull that was occurring and continue clicking the shutter. The result of some of those I thought I might try and work into an abstract of some kind. *-))

Saturday, June 19, 2010


What a great day!! The morning started out overcast and the weatherman hinted at possible showers.....which didn't happen. But today was the day I was going to work on getting better photos of running water. I went with a friend over to Humbug State Park.......and what a lovely place that is!! It's been a couple of years, I'm sorry to say, since I'd been there and I'd forgotten how special it is. Viewing it now through the eyes of a photographer, it held even more mystery. The trail was scattered with various wildflowers...buttercups, foxglove, wild bleeding heart and coral bells, valarian, and tons more that I couldn't identify. Gorgeous ancient-looking myrtle trees, maples plus our other usual evergreens plus ferns galore, up hills and down inclines towards Brush creek. Wonderful and varied moss hung everywhere. There were a few waterfalls flowing down into the creek which bubbled along over rocks and logs, river gravel and under a few bridges. It was like the Land-of-the-Ewok meets the Irish Little People. I loved it (just in case you weren't sure). I got quite a number of photographs although don't know how many are keepers until I have a chance to go through them tomorrow. All in all, I'm hoping that some of our friends and us can make future plans to have some kind of a pot-luck picnic. They still have a large area that is under cover and complete with bar-b-que and restrooms close by. A large lawn and that beautiful little creek that will remain running, but not necessarily as rapid as today, through the summer months. The trail we climbed was easily traveled and beautiful little scenes around almost every turn. I recommend it highly to all.....if you have a chance to visit this park.....or like me just haven't re-visited in a while......try to include it this summer and/or fall. You won't be disappointed. Add a good friend, a peanut butter sandwich and non-stop conversation and your day in complete!

Friday, June 18, 2010


This is for Nanci.......and some others who live up in Cedar Terrace......and have a garden with flowers.........and flowers that sometimes mysteriously disappear.........or you wonder who did such a poor pruning're SURE it's deer! But just look here.....she's distinctly saying "No! Not me! I didn't eat your flowers.....!!" I'd believe her. Look how honest those big innocent eyes are. Just DON'T notice how very well-fed and contented she looks, also.
Just a coincidence, I'm sure........


This is Pasha, for those of you who haven't met him. Beautiful eyes, huh? Or maybe, singular eye.

This other photo here is one of my David Austin's taken from underneath and into the light. Interesting effect in how it lights up the perimeter.

Today we had a good day of shopping up in the thriving metropolis of Coos Bay and North Bend. Hit all kinds of great sales. Have you noticed how the traffic is starting to really pick up and lots of out-of-state license plates are being seen. Most of it seems to be coming from the south....and lots of motorcyclists. Hopefully, it will be a good tourist season for all the shops and businesses that rely on that trade.
So.....just sort of a laid back day but happy. I'm looking forward to doing some different type of shooting tomorrow of moving water. Some waterfalls and streams. And I think the weather is going to cooperate! And I hope you all have a great weekend and do something fun in the sun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I thought I'd play around with some photos I took the other day. They turned out a little different from the usual, and it's a good thing to experiment, right??
A couple of these have sort of a painterly effect to least certain aspects of the image do. The first one was a fairly clear shot of the grass.....which was surprising because it was so windy. Not without some blur, but I liked the really blurred background so much and the way the two contrast each other, that I thought to post it even though it's not perfect.

This second one has blurs all over the map! And I think I must be breaking every rule there is as far as composition and distracting elements away from the main subject.......but that yellow in the water lily is just jumping out to be noticed regardless of anything around it! In fact, you can't miss it! I wish the lily had been just a wee bit more sharply defined, but again, it's an experiment.

The final photo had interesting textures to it. I love the floating leaves on the water and some hazy reflections of the clouds showing through it all. So.....any comments, one way or the other are always welcome.

Busy days lately........This morning after having a blood test, followed by breakfast out, I visited the so-called Evil Twins. Our friends are away and I went over to scratch a few ears, rub a couple of tummies, chatter away, take photos and they weren't evil at all. Sweet little guys. Even if Pasha gave me a guilt-inducing look just before I left. Peering at me through the glass and saying his "Meow's". Gosh darn!!! I hope I got some cute and postable photos of them. They are always I get a LOT of blurs. Forget trying to use a tripod! Even a monopod. I think there are some good ones, though of Pasha just loving my shoe........tomorrow, guys!

Hope you all have a great Friday and have fun plans for the weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Had a few things to pick up at the store and since I seldom leave home without my handy little D90, off I went exploring. Actually, it was so windy today that I didn't think I'd get much but was surprised when I got home and downloaded onto the computer. I thought this first photo here of Cape Blanco in the distance would be so hazy and distant that it was a waste of a click. I was happy with the result though. And the wind was battering me around so it was hard to find a place to lean where the camera could remain fairly steady. Of course, my mono-pod was safely at home! The wind up there was pretty cold too. There was a man in a truck who waved, and then got out with a folding chair, set it up next to his truck and something to read and he was good to go. I had to fight a little to get our truck door open so I can't see how his reading time could be very pleasant. But who knows.....maybe he traveled out from the Mid-west and had never seen an ocean and this was his experience your hair being pulled out by the roots by our crisp Oregon breezes.

So.....this second shot was from a mill pond over by Buffington Park. I liked the colors and the sense of serenity in this one. While I was there I kept hearing what sounded like a duck in distress. Well, I don't really know what a duck in distress actually sounds like, except that it was persistent. So I started up a path that eventually would lead to the park, to take a look. About half way up a couple of crows or ravens came into view, just cawing like mad, and the 'duck' was silent. I guessed that the duck was actually a young offspring who hasn't gotten the adult voice yet. I remember my chickens before they were ever pullets making very odd noises that sounded nothing like any chicken I'd ever heard. I figured that there was no duck needing any rescue so left.

I got a number of other shots today and will post them in the coming days. Everyone have a Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the sun, and even the wind, since I see hints in the weather reports that we might have some more of that stuff we think we've had more than enough of.

Monday, June 14, 2010


The other day while I was 'mucking about' in the garden I came across this poppy plant that had mutated far and wide from the original state of the typical California poppy. Very pretty. A soft cream color...
Today I was really dashing around! Maybe it's the exercising in the morning or the walks in the afternoon......or it could be that I'm somehow trying to keep up with the wind that keeps blowing in gusts.....enough to blow my hat off more than once. Whatever.... I got more done in preparation for Norm's up and coming birthday party next month. Yesterday I got a hold of a very good local singer and guitar player who will entertain at the party. We've hired Steve in the past at some of our 4th of July parties and we like him a lot, both professionally and as a very neat person. I'm definitely committed to do this! And I will NOT think about all that still needs to be done! I will NOT!! Into my blanket of denial I now climb.........
I ordered a lot of new photos.........larger than I usual. Again, I misjudged the size for the mats that I already have that I could use. So.....I found a good buy on Amazon and ordered a mat cutter! I understand that one sheet of mat paper costs about the same as 1 pre-cut mat!! That's a very big savings! I think it will be a good investment. I LOVE Amazon. Whenever I need either information or a product, I generally have excellent luck with Amazon.
Today is my niece, Lauren's birthday. Since I can't get catch her at home via phone, I'm going to wish her a Happy 2nd day of your New Birth Year, Lauren! And it is going to be terrific.... I can just feel it in my bones!! (or is that just residual aching from the gardening??) Naah! It's going to be a great year for her!! 8-D))

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's been a nice quiet weekend with the sun shining for most of the day. We had a little patch of fog for a while, but that's nothing compared to the ongoing winter we had, ad naseum.
I got some of my yard work done.....not all, mind you, but a good start. Some of the blooms I'm showing here actually came out fairly sharp in spite of the wind. This first one is of a watsonia. Their tall stalks get blown over by the wind and those I cut and bring in the house. I think the flowers are so pretty and soft looking.

The second here is one the first of the David Austin's I bought many years ago. It's planted over the septic tank and it grown almost like a tree!! It's VERY happy there!! With all the rains this year most of my roses are loaded with black spot and some scale. But the blooms are still there and it's nice to have different vases in the house with various flowers from the garden. everyone ready to have a great week? I'm still so "up" after that afternoon shooting the kids at play. neighbor, Nanci, corrected me on my post yesterday in saying that it was the end of the year party for the 'after-school group' kids. Apparently, it was for ALL of Driftwood School. I think the main title should just be titled "FUN 101".

Friday, June 11, 2010


Here are a couple of photos I found that give the spirit of yesterday's day of fun and games. This first one is of the slip 'n slide. The so called rules speak for themselves. Before they came out for this temperature-testing torture test (My description) they got to 'paint' their hair however they'd like. One boy had white circles stenciled over his very dark hair. There were lots of pink and garish orange, too. This photo is fun, though, because it shows so many different positions and angles of body language-----which all spoke of FREEZING!! The screaming was loud, and again today in looking over all the shots I took, it was just amazing to see how many different positions, outside the mouth, that the tongue can twist and turn into.
This second was of a few of the girls in The Great Potato Sack Race. Don't you just love that hair flying all over. They were jumping just as hard and fast as they could~but I imagine our famous Port Orford 'breezes' might have helped with their various hair styles. Wow! How I wish I had that energy!
OK.....the sun was out and about today and it does look like it means to stay with us awhile. This weekend calls for me to do some kind of yard work. And I hope all of you have a terrific weekend!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, at least for a while!
This first shot was of a little boy who was visiting the beach and gentle surf with his mother (I assume) and his dog. I would have liked to have gotten some shots of boy and dog, but they seemed to want to go in different In this first image, the boy is obviously being splashed a little by an incoming wave....if it can be referred to as a wave. It was pretty small.....It must be the swiftness of the incoming water that causes the splash. This is another one that looks much better enlarged. And his head wasn't very sharply defined so I just cropped it off. That takes care of that!! (hands are now dusting off).
This second photo is just another long range view of wave action and the background surrounding Dog beach. It sure was a beautiful day......and I'm hearing that the nice sunny weather will be re-visiting us next week. In fact, I also heard that there were no more new storms or disturbances on the horizon. Let's all cheer!!
Today it did shower and the skies were gray. There was a sort of wind-up party held at the Driftwood Elementary for the kids that were involved in the After School Program....although I think ALL kids attended. They divided the big kids from the little ones to engage in their various games. I shot mostly the little ones. I know most from other activities and they are so cute and unself-conscious. The first of the games was tying a balloon on their ankles and running. The object was to stamp and pop as many balloons as you can, then run back to the fence. It was bedlam. The wind was blowing and the hair on many of the girls was just flying all over the place.
The second was a potato sack race. It was funny to watch (as I think ALL of these are). Nanci, the facilitator, is yelling "Jump! JUMP! JUMP!" All these kids, probably 40 or more, are jumping and bouncing and falling over. Then you see some of the girls, climbing OUT of their sacks and jumping, which looked pretty funny. Nanci is still yelling at the top of her lungs "Jump!!" So they jumped! There were more and more climbing out of the sacks and jumping, running and eventually walking back to the fence, getting tired. One boy (wouldn't you know it would be a boy?) decided he wanted to wear the sack OVER his head. Naturally, he fell down after a few hops.
The third game was the most fun. A large blue tarmac made of plastic was laid down and sprayed with water (plus some soap for the older kids). The children changed into swimming suits or shorts, or something that could get wet. Then then run down the tarmac and slide, if not just fall on any part of their bodies that happened to hit first. There was a LOT of screaming, many shots showed tongues hanging out, or up or just out, and laughing and hilarity. Some of the mothers or aides were on the sidelines and were wearing warm coats. These kids were gleefully running in their bare skin, soaking wet and as kids do, not feeling the cold at all. Fun is a good conductor of heat, I think. I wish I could show some of the photos. I used to but I'm just not comfortable anymore putting the children's pictures on the web. Maybe I can find some later that would be OK. I'll try.
This kind of an afternoon can sure give you a charge of energy! I took over 500 photos, and that was only a little over an hour! Snap..snap...snap...etc. etc. etc...........

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A shame it's lacking Marlon Brando.....Ah well.
This first shot of a seagull is one that reminds me of skydiving. If you can view it on large and focus on the bird, you really get a sense of how the bird appears so free and soaring up close to the clouds.
And of course it's another beautiful view of our coastal foothills.

The second shot seems to be a little artsy, doesn't it? It looks much better being unsaturated than the actual color. As I said yesterday, the sea was very gentle and flat.....the wave action, very gentle. There was a little boy and his dog.....maybe tomorrow you'll see them, playing in the surf. Hopefully, this is a sign of weather to come??!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OK.....we did have one incredible day yesterday where the sun shown, the ocean water was lying down flat and "Life Was Good". I haven't taken any shots from this vantage point looking from the dock out onto 'dog' beach. There are a few other snaps I took that I like pretty well and I'll be showing them in the next few days.
One of my Flickr friends looked and commented on one of my photos of a beautiful sunny day, taken from Battle Rock SP and looking south. Now he's thinking of retiring here!! It'd be interesting to see exactly how many travel to Port Orford, or at least the south coast, after seeing some of the beauty here that's reflected by my postings on Flickr.....or here. I do hear a lot about how various photographers would like to take a trip here and snap away.
BTW......saw a couple of excellent movies during the last week. #1 was "The Hurt Locker". #2 was "The Blind Side". Norm thought The Blind Side was a 'chick-flick'.......but he enjoyed it a lot. Lots of football to keep the guy interest alive and kicking.
Everyone have a great day in spite of our gray skies. Someone told me that next week should be more summer like. Fingers crossed!! XXXXXX

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This photo is for those living in or around Port Orford.......This is what a sunny day looks like. This is what the sun on the beach looks like.......this is blue sky and calm blue water. There is even a couple of people out on the ledge of the grass looking at the vista.
And this kind of view is what someone must have been looking at when they wrote the song "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever."
Now, today, here in reality-ville, you see a lot of rain, mist, fog and it all swirls around in the wind. So, I never even bothered getting out of the car to take a photo.
At least it wasn't raining yesterday and I managed to get a small patch of thickly grown together weeds turned over. The soil was like clay (possibily because it IS! 8-))
And it really would have been a messy and miserable job to try and separate the weed roots from the clay. For that I'll let things dry out a little. Come to think of that possibility and I might never get out into the garden again!
It's very neat to see how much of life goes on around us, same as nature's clockwork. Birds are still nest building, the are flowers continuing to burst into bloom and the weeds and grass continue to grow. We have a new buck deer in the neighborhood this season. Last year some man illegally shot and killed a buck that had about 5 points......such a waste and more than a couple of people were upset about this. The newest Lothario to move in is just a single spiker (I'm not sure I'm using the correct terms here, so excuse please). He's been busy rounding up all the does he can find. Unfortunately for my neighbor, they seem to very much enjoy all her hard work and beautiful blooms to nibble on. I was hoping to get a couple of photos of them a couple of days agao, but after Nanci found them in her garden, yet again, the only snap I would have had was of their backsides high-tailing it up the road. I bet they'll be back.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today was a very fun-filled day for me. Getting together, running into, or just connecting with a number of friends here and there.......mostly at Siren's Coffee Cafe.
And speaking of Siren's, just look at these wonderful and tempting ice creams. There are more flavors than I photographed here and you just have to come in and check them out yourself.......better yet, try the taste test...........Yum!!
I had a mocha coffee there this morning that had me wired and ready to tackle the day......It's my favorite. Had a visit with one good friend and then returned to have lunch with a couple of other good friends........(still heavily charged with this morning's coffee!)
So, we had more rain this morning......not bad after that loud thunder and lighting show of last night. But this afternoon it was only down to a weak drizzle. I went for a badly needed walk which felt so good. The air smelled fresh and there were beautiful little raindrops on every leaf and new flower......which made me regret that I didn't have my camera with me. When I returned home I saw that my favorite rhoddendrum at my neighbor's house was in full bloom. This is the blossom you see below. (For someone who might confuse which is the flower and which is the ice cream, please note that the flower is BELOW! You know who you are.)
This flower is another shot that is even more beautiful when viewed large. You can see the water droplets in greater detail.
So ends a neat day with lots of good friends warming me up inspite of the continuing rain.
Hope you all have a safe and fun-filled weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Everyday we hear the comings and goings of our local Coast Guard. They travel from their station in North Bend down to Brookings and then back. I assume they travel along the coast looking for any kind of potential trouble......but we don't live right on the coast line, so why they take a short cut over us, I don't know. Not that I mind.......I like things that fly over us. Ravens, buzzards are beautiful and graceful in flight. Geese just thrill me to no end; the dipping flight of juncos, and our local heros of the air, the Coast Guard. In this shot, it was actually a series of shots that I took as it flew over, it shows enough movement of the blades to show motion. And I like the blue sky showing through the clouds. At the 4th of July parade, when they show up and fly low, waving to everyone, I think it's one of the highlights of the parade. So, send them a big wave when you see them next time!! One year they flew practically at ground level right along IN the parade. Wow!! That was one of the best!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I took two separate shots of Lake on the south side, shown on top here and one on the north side, below. I always find it interesting how the light can make such a dramatic difference in how a photograph will present itself. This top of of a boat house surrounded by fairly dark forest is lit up some, the further out towards the deeper water of the lake. And the entire picture might be a little gloomy except for that what-ever-it-is that's floating on the top of the water in front of the reeds. That lighter color is carried through by the boat house's dock and railing. For me, anyway, it makes this snap more interesting.

This lower photo is just lightness of spring! It feels sort of "bouncy". 8-)) The light is such a beautiful blue as is the sky and even the clouds appear friendly.
On another subject.....a funny thing happen today while shopping up at a major chain store in Coos Bay. I was looking for something in the cosmetic department. There was a man and older woman looking around also. Then the man turns to me and asks "Do you know any man who wear make-up?" I answered, "No, I don't". Then a few seconds later he turns again and asks me "Do you think I need make-up? I know I have bags under my eyes, but don't know if make-up will help?" I asked him if he was serious. The reply was "Yes." As gently as I could, I told him, "No, I think it would look terrible." Anyway, he thanked me and we all went our separate ways. Later, in another part of the store, a little while later, I could hear a masculine voice, yelling at the top of his lungs...."Cathy!! Cathy!!" This kept up for a few minutes with a short break in between bellows. "Cathy!!". Finally, I was over in the part where I could see who was doing the yelling.......You can guess......Yep! It was Make-up Man!
It was good to get home.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



I'd like to take credit for having these two beautiful flowers in my garden......but, Alas! They are in a friends garden instead. This first rhodedendrom is so fragile in white with that bit of yellow....actually I upped the saturation so in reality it's more muted and delicate than appears here. It's a fairly large and very full shrub.....quite the show-stopper.

The iceplant flower below is wonderful to view since there is a large patch overlooking the blue of the Pacific. What you see is a field of vivid pink flowers....then the ocean blue and beyond. There are rugged hillsides and craggy rock thrown in for good measure. In fact, I'll go back and include that photo also. It's pretty spectacular.
Had lunch today with a friend up at Bandon Dunes today. It was fairly crowded but we spotted one table and grabbed it. Found out that today was the first day opening of their newest golf course, Old MacDonald's. Our waitress quoted how many hundred golfers had descended upon the place, and they must have been serious golfers, seeings as how a number were decked out in their plaid knickers and other stylish (???!!!) apparel. Hope they all get their fill of golfing in today because tonight and for the rest of the week it' can guess........rain again.heavy at times. That might not discourage some of the die-heart golfers though. I've been there (safe and dry in the dining room) and watched some out there swinging their clubs while the wind whips up their coats, pulls down their hoods as they wade through what must be soggy grass, chasing after the little white ball. Sound like fun, huh?? NOT!