Friday, March 19, 2010


If the 'pot of gold' might be described as 'great treasure' then those of us who live on the south coast know that we have many pots of gold......just about where ever we look, as a matter of fact. Yes, sometimes we have to stretch our imagination a wee bit, but it is there if we really set our sights to SEE. This was taken a couple of weeks ago but I thought I'd better post it before summer comes and it really looks out of sync!
This afternoon at our place the temperature reached up to 70 degrees! Out in the back doing some gardening and it felt more like 90! The ground was still damp, though, which made most weeding fairly easy. But those blackberry vines!!! They've had a very healthy winter!!..Tomorrow afternoon I'll get out there and do the weed whacking! Everything always looks so cleaned up after I do that chore. Then instead of complaining, I feel pretty smug. 8-))

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