Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NEVER ON A SUNDAY........travel without a camera

So, Sunday I went with a couple of friends up to the Bandon Dunes Golf course for brunch. It was very good.....more than I could eat, really. After our meal we found out that they had hiking trails around the woods and lakes...It was a great walk after a bit too much to eat. The trails are beautifully maintained and easy to walk. There were so many wonderful scenes to shoot that we were all busy looking for the right angle, the right image or clicking n' snapping. This first scene was actually the last photo I took there that day. The one below was taken from top a hill overlooking the sea to one side and the mountains to the other. I'll be sharing more of the snaps I took on Sunday in future days. For any 'Coasties', I highly recommend taking a day trip to explore some of these naturally but maintained (maybe 'tamed' is a better word) areas of the Dunes. We all plan on definitely returning.

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