Friday, January 27, 2012


What a beautiful day~~Looks like we've returned to our previously warm December weather before we were so rudely interrupted by Mother's Nature's fury. The rivers and fields can return to their normal containment, critter's can gorge, and we can warm our spirits and bones in the warm winter sun............ In that order.......

My mind is so focused these days with this summer's Alaskan cruise, that if I keep this up, it's going to be a veeeerrry loooonng summer! I ordered a new ultra wide angle lens yesterday and am excited about that, too. Then the lens called for a new polorized filter........the list keeps growing! Time to rein in for awhile.........darn it!

These two photos were taken a few days ago out at Cape Blanco on a day between rains. The waves were showing off their 'bridal veils" but surprisingly it wasn't all that windy up on the bluff. Usually I can barely stand upright and I understand from others that a few days before that you couldn't even open the car door. Winds 110 MPH does that kind of thing! That along with 11.50 inches of rain within on 24 hour stretch definitely does flood a lot of places! We're up high enough to not worry about flooding, but the thought that our house could slide down the canyon has entered my mind every so often when I want to worry about something. Can't actually do anything about that so there's no point in even thinking on it.

This Sunday is Norm's and my 39th wedding anniversity. Wow! That is a long time! Seems like only yesterday in one regard and a lifetime in another. And he's been my hero for all 39 of those years~~bar none.

So, wishing you all a happy weekend.........maybe get out and garden a little, huh?? Don't fall for the mid-season sucker-hole, though. The warm sun makes us think we can plant some pretty little flowers or start some spring/summer seeds. We did that a number of times back when.....only to have the freezing weather return; sometimes even snow.

Whatever you end up doing be safe and enjoy the beautiful respite.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Wild return to winter we're having here on the South Coast, huh? The rain has been heavy today and a few times the wind has really roared. I hope everyone has stayed safe through all this. I guess we still have more coming, but it didn't sound quite as intense. Then there was the snow of about a week ago......just a dusting really........but then it froze. I drove very carefully but still managed to hit some black ice when I tried to stop for a stop sign. Thankfully, there were no cars coming because I just sort of 'cruised' across the intersection. I try very hard to not go out in snow or ice. I don't know how to handle the car well in increment conditions like that. I've heard all what you're supposed to do but I'm pretty sure I'd probably just react impulsively and the results would be poor.

And that's what watching this 49'er and Giants play off game is.....overtime and intense and it doesn't look too good for the Niner's...........Darn!! It again makes me wonder why I get involved in rooting for ANY team in ANY sport..........Such angst!!

I have some future plans that I'm soooo looking forward to. Next August I'm going to return to beautiful Alaska with my friend, Karen. I have been there before and a few of the same ports of call but this time it's with my Nikon D-90! Can hardly wait! And I really did love the cruise part too........On any travel tours via bus, you see and do a lot, but they're a grueling way to go. If I travel all the way over to Europe or beyond, I don't want it to be for just a week and all castles start looking alike. But this trip will be just right. A bit more traveling to get to our boarding port, but we're going the day before so that will cut down on any jet lag and also give us time to take a look around the city of Seward. I heard it has a lot of charm. You'll all probably be hearing about it up to and after the trip.

Oh........I almost forgot to mention that the photo above is from an old file. It's always been one of my favorites..... I just haven't been out braving the storms and wind this year. But there are some beautiful photos being taken and shown by Randy Sholten..........great really.

Oh, Booo! The Niner's lost......Well, that settles who I will NOT be rooting for during the Superbowl!

Tomorrow the rains will still be with us so all that need to get out, please stay safe......and dry.

Have a great Monday!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Over at Humbug State Park last Saturday for the White wedding, the sun was out........ a few clouds and no rain drops to spoil the day. These were a couple of scenes where the ceremony took place.......Humbug State Park is really a beautiful spot on Planet Earth! Waterfalls, bubbling creeks, tall evergreens, groomed but not too perfect. We do have to allow our Oregon moles the right to move about and up and down, right?? The top photo was the little bridge over the creek leading to the green......What is it about the bubbles in a creek that always have me wishing to take off my shoes and matter what time of year or how cold.....Like wanting to break the ice on a mud puddle. Go figure.......

One last photo of the happy couple that I'll share, besides with them. I was so pleased that the camera caught the special connection you see in their eyes during this moment. Beautiful, huh? I hope everyone had a happy Monday and good beginning to the new week. The day was a little cool and dreary. A good day to make up a pot of lentil and sausage soup. A new recipe and it was perfect......thick and hearty. Add some home-made bread and a salad and this equals A+. long as I'm on the subject of cooking. Does anyone else notice how pale and tasteless the strawberries are this time of year? I stopped buying them for our breakfast. But I received a new cookbook and in it a recipe for using just this kind of strawberries. It's for risotto....It was delicious!! Chicken broth, white wine, shallots & garlic, of course parmesean cheese, add strawberries and a dash of good! If anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I'll share it with you.

One more item to mention and that is about the moon the last few nights.......pretty impressive, don't you think?? There have been some fabulous photos shot by various photographers.....the moon through the trees, shining on a lake, setting into the ocean, etc. Right now I'm looking at it through some bare tree branches and it has a halo of mist around it.....looking ghostly and mysterious. That means it's going to rain, doesn't it?? So.......ok, there's your weather forecast for Tuesday......possible rain. And now you know.
Have a great rest of your week.........

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Really??? Roses in January?? That's what the beautiful Rotary's "Good-bye to polio" rose is up to these odd un-winterlike days. This afternoon the rain returned but yesterday I did manage to get a partically opened cluster of blooms. The second photo below, I played around with some texturing.
This time of year, these flowers are a genuine treat to the senses~

Is everyone recovered from the holiday madness?? I sent the last of my Christmas cookies on to be eaten by some friends who can afford to eat them......I obviously can't.

I've had the best experience with Amazon~I was having trouble with my first Kindle not downloading a book I'd ordered. Today I got a new, free replacement Kindle along with the sticker to mail it back via UPS.....also free. With so many large corporations cutting services and increasing problems and greed, it's really refreshing and encouraging to have a postive, friendly experience. Come to think of it, I've never had a bad experience with them that hasn't been worked out to my satisfaction. I'm definitely an Amazon fan!

This last photo is of two ornamental acorns that my niece, Lauren, has given me for Christmas. The one of the left was from last Christmas and the one on the right, this year's. I like them so well, they don't get wrapped up and put away until next Christmas..........out they stay all year.

Thanks again, Lauren!

Have you tried out the new Chinese restaurant in Bandon? Asian Garden with the owner and chef coming from Thai's Dynasty in North Bend. If you like Thai's, you'll like Asian Garden. Same delicious dishes. Norm's Peking chicken was fantastic!

I have a movie to recommend...........Snow Rose and the Secret Fan. It's a woman's movie, I think.......Norm thought so, anyway. The story is of 2 young Chinese girls who were born on the same day, had their feet bound on the same day, lots of sames....... they have a ceremony that calls them sister's in soul for eternity. There's a Chinese name for this but I can't remember it.........The film is brutal in some respects but the sensitivity of the love these girls, and growing into young women, have for each other, shows the devotion, flaws and unselfishness of growth, creating a bond and love that continues to grow ever more perfect. It is an excellent remedy if you need to wash out your tearducts and sinus'!

Enjoy your up-and-coming weekend!