Thursday, December 30, 2010


A couple of dog photos today. This one on top is just a quick shot of a dog that was running by when I was down at Battlerock yesterday. A young dog, not more than a year old, and feeling her vim and vigor. She didn't get too far before her owner was calling her back before she could get into any trouble. I like the one ear up and one ear down........sounds like the start of a nursery rhyme!
These other shots are of my neighbor's dog, Max. I've posted a few photos of him before and I don't think I've ever managed to get one of him that wasn't blurred. Max is always a very busy boy and I do believe that the last photo of him here is Max's natural state.......whirling in circles and constantly on the move. He's showing all of us that carrying the newspaper is HIS job!! And he's very good at it and only occasionally drops it into the mud.......or just gets bored with it.

Wasn't it good to see the sun out today?? I missed the mark in predicting any of the 'white stuff' last night, other than a bit of hail and that didn't last long. Well, we need to dry things out a little, huh?
Wow!! It just dawned on me that tomorrow is New Year's Eve! You can really tell by THAT remark that we're big party people, right?? But this year has gone by soooo fast! I used to think when I was younger that the rapid pace of time as you got older was just a perception of time running out in a person't life, and maybe it is.........but it sure feels like the real thing to me!
So......I try to remember to value and appreciate each little thing a bit more
than I used to. Opportunities might not come around again with the same offerings and I don't want to miss anything.
I hope all of you have a fantastic New Year's! Celebrate the passing of this past year and welcome the hopes and dreams for the new. And be safe!! See you in 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today was all about 'sky', wasn't it? Here on the south coast we had sun, hail, snow........sun, hail mixed with snow.........sun, etc. etc. And the clouds were spectacular. Late this afternoon, with the sun dipping lower by the minute, there were some fantastic sights with those big thunder-bumpers and the light rimming the edges. Just beautiful! Everytime I turned away and thought I had enough photos, I made the mistake of re-looking and it was even MORE back I went with camera again. This happened a number of times until I forced myself to stop and answer the phone which was ringing. It's going to be interesting to see what Mother Nature leaves us overnight. The snow level is supposed to get down to 1,000 feet and we sometimes get some that might stick........I know everyone doesn't feel the same, but I get sooo excited about snow. I've never lived in a place where there's been much more than maybe about 6" and it never lasts too long. Without the hardship that I know it can cause, it's just beautiful and a lot of fun to me. (Sorry, all those who have moved here from the colder states)
Again thoughts about the turning of the New Year........the continuity of life and death and the Great Mystery of it husband's sister, Lucy, passed over just after Christmas. She was his last sibling and since I still have my two sisters, I can't imagine how painful that loss might be. Lucy was a beautiful and wonderful lady.......she was in Billy Rose's Aquacades of 1939 at Treasure Island in San Francisco along with Johnny Weissmueller and a "new" Esther Williams, whom Lucy remained good friends with all those years. And she was as beautiful inside as out..... the world is a little lonelier for a good many of folks now. On the other side of this evolving life, one of Norm's favorite young nieces just became a grandma for the first time. A new great-nephew has joined the human race.......full of potential and hopes for the future of the world. And if this little one can contribute even half the grace and goodness as his great-aunt, whom he won't get to meet, well the world just might be OK after all. We can hope.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday........have you made your New Year's resolutions yet?? Times getting closer so think up some good ones!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone's Christmas celebrations were as nice as ours. Now... today is quiet and with the wind blowing, and sometimes howling, it's a good time to be still and reflect. This morning a high school classmate and I were exchanging a few comments via Facebook, on San Francisco history. And as I was sitting in the front room and looking over my Christmas tree, I was again noticing how much my history was contained there. There are far too many ornaments and little mementos for me to write on each one but I thought I'd share a few. This first one is so beautiful......I thought so when I bought it and that hasn't changed for me over the years. I found it up in Sitka while on an Alaskan cruise. Sitka was on the itinerary and this ornament was one of their acknowledgments of the Russian heritage in that town. It was a wonderful trip and I'd love to go back sometime. Beautiful country and it was on that trip that it clicked in my mind that Port Orford, although not quite as dramatic, was the same 'Pacific Northwest' and that the California that I'd left was a very different part of the country.
This acorn is for my niece, Lauren, who shares my love of acorns. This ornament is a newcomer this year and will be a happy reminder of those who are in my life presently, all of whom are very precious to me..........all family and friends. And so many friends are family of the heart.

Ahhhh........One of my favorite memories is this little cookie. A wonderful group of women and I held weekly 'A Course In Miracles' study group. One of the women had Ray's Market make up these sugar cookies for everyone. Being the packrat and collector of 'everything -in the -world -with meaning -for -me, I couldn't stand to not save at least one. So, I dried it, sprayed it, and handle it ever so gently every year. It has to be at least 10 years or more. But "Expect A Miracle" has been my mantra through many a time. And in celebrating yet another miracle for 2010, we drop down to my final photo of the day.......Norm decked out like a Christmas tree in his own right! My very special and precious gift and feeling healthier by the day! And so 2010 is winding down and right now, this very second, I can't think of a single reason to not rejoice!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

REINDEER, OREGON STYLE's a bit of a stretch, but it IS that time of year so I can be forgiven for being a bit whimsical, huh? This elk herd was in the Sixes pasture this morning as we headed up to Coos Bay. I was surprised they were still there when we headed back home. There's no way I can convince my 'driver' to stop on the way TO our destination, but homeward-bound, we stop. I don't understand it myself........I think it's one of those marriage contract things.......(read the very small print!) So, the first photo is of almost the entire herd......stretched out and enjoying their rest in the rain. This second shot, I love! The "Holy One" that is all aglow is actually one of the cows shaking off some of our Oregon liquid sunshine. She does look special, though, doesn't she??

This third photo, I was just fooling around seeing how one of these would look in black and white. Not too bad, I think. Although I like the lines of that tree in the background more than the elk

So........finished up all of the shopping before Christmas! I picked up a special order gift for 'my own favorite Santa' while he busied himself looking around for something for me. I amazed myself in how I was able to weave and maneuver around the people, the aisles and any surprises that lurked behind stacks of Christmas gifts that were set out to tempt the hesitant or undecided shoppers..........sort of like "my own favorite Santa". I did actually see him once looking over something that I'm SOOO glad he didn't get!
The kids are obviously out of school this week and especially the teenage girls looked so cute. There was one I saw that had bright pink leggings (with crazy design), a little fru-fru short skiry, a big pink bow in her hair and goofy shoes. I wish I'd had my camera!!
Well, the rest of the week will be busy with last minute holiday things to do........I'm looking forward to it. And with this crazy weather we've been having it's just the right mood to have a warm fire going and me baking and wrapping gifts.......I'm still not quite finished. There's always a couple more that seem to pop up for me to give every year.
Hope your week is off to a great start........the weather is pretty wild and the hail thundering down can cause a concern to drivers so if you have to get out in it, be careful!!
Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I hope everyone is getting in the spirit of Christmas. With all the commercialism that constantly surrounds us, it's hard sometimes to remember some of the more valuable elements of this season. No matter what your religious or spiritual leanings are, this time of year can become the time to remember and practice our appreciation of one another. And there are some days that it's harder to do that than others. At least for me. was a good day and it always seems so easy and natural when I have one of those lovely days. The sun was out....sort of.......not a sparkling example but good enough that I was able to (finally!) get out in the yard and get that weed-whacking done that was supposed to have been done...... oh, back in October.
And once that's done, the rest of the gardening looks a great deal neater and encourages me to tackle the rest of what begs to be done.

Norm is feeling so good that he's been out doing some yard work. In fact he was out there most of the day, I think. He's sensible so he knows not to over-do things. And if he needs help, he asks now. He needs a new chain saw which we'll get on Monday, I think. He's 'only' had this one for about 18-20 years!! And it's not as if it hasn't gotten used. Now, how is it that he uses a chain saw, which is used for pretty rugged work, for that long and after only 2 years I need another new computer?? I'm thinking of a lap top........and wait for the January sales.

Well, as you can see by my photos today, I'm all into celebrating Christmas.....and maybe a little on the giddy side. 8-))) This first shot is a little decorative touch that I have on a table........come to think of it, so is the second photo!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the colors of today's in contrast with the black and whites of yesterday.

The time has finally come.........the weekend is actually here and you're all set to do some really neat stuff, aren't you?? Well, go and enjoy!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Seems that some days just call out for softer and more muted color.......if any color at all. Our day here in Port Orford was fantastically sunny and beautiful. These photos, though, were taken when the sun was a bit bashful and wanted to remain hidden behind overcast skies.
The first shot was taken in Bandon, same spot as yesterday's. There are times when my photos are so dull on overcast days. Those are the photos I enjoy trying to enhance the black and white effects even further. I enjoy contrast a lot anyway and it makes a nice change of pace.
This photo was taken from our own Battle Rock overlook. Obviously, this cloud decided to just sit on top of the sea, surrounding the rocks and cliffs with a soft blanket of moisture. Beautiful!!
Today I happen to drive across the highway from Battle Rock and saw that Redfish was open for lunch. I guess I was mistaken that they were closed for lunch for the winter. Yaaaa!--- I was wrong!!
So, guess where we'll be having lunch next week?? I'm looking forward to it and will be there with camera and appetite both ready to click!! I might even be lucky enough to have another day, weather-wise, like today. Fingers crossed! 8-))
Have a great weekend.........make time to enjoy the different holiday decorations and cheerfulness! Ho-Ho-Ho!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is one of my favorite spots in Bandon to photograph. First off, there's that wonderful bright red bench! I'm a 'sucker' for benches. Don't know why but they've always appealed to me. They look inviting and friendly..........sort of home-spun welcome. So, there were a few different views using the red bench as the grounding foreground. Looking north in the first shot is that always (well, usually anyway) exciting sky. Especially in the winter when there is Mother Nature's sky-art continuing in expression, minute to minute.
And this second photo is looking more toward the south-west. The waves were fairly large yesterday although you can't tell in this one, but watching the waves crash over and up the rocks always is exciting to me. In contrast, in the third shot here, this man is relaxing a little after his bike-riding workout. He got up a few minutes after I shot this, saying that he might as well finish his exhausting ride. But, from MY point of view, he looked contented as he drank his water and looked out to the sea.

Hope everyone's week is going well and you have a pleasant Thursday...........I was going to the dentist but decided lunch with some friends sounded like a much better deal!! So, maybe I'll see some of you at Siren's, huh??

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wow!! These are busy, busy days, aren't they?? Cookies to bake, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, packages to mail, etc. etc. The weather hasn't really allowed much photo shooting either but today that changed!! Yaaaa!~..........there were a lot of various sights along Hwy 101 on the way home from Coos Bay today. We stopped off at a couple of places in Bandon, then here and there along the highway. This pretty horse I spotted in Denmark. He pastures with another roan horse but 'Oats', as I've named him, was the more curious one. His coloring was like an albino so his eyes were a little weird to figure out. I'm sure there's a special name for an albino horse but I don't know what it would be.............probably something like "albino horse"!!
The skies were spectacular this afternoon. Big thunder-bumpers were developing towards the east and this second photo was taken almost to the corner of Seabird and Hwy 101 in Bandon. We had been told a number of years ago that there was a Bi-Mart scheduled to be built there, but nothing ever happened. That one large flat stretch seems like an ideal location for some kind of business...........How about a TJ Maxx???? Or a Trader Joe's??

Well, Norm continues to amaze the doctor's with his rapid healing. All doctor's have given him an A-OK and none want to see him for another couple of months. He's back on a normal diet, he asked and got the ok to take walks, lift weights, and (his all-time-favorite!) DRIVE!! We weren't even out the door before he was after the car keys! "Gee, Norm..........I might get the mistaken idea that you don't care much for my driving"!! 8-)) Anyway, it's good to see him getting more and more back to good health. He still needs to re-gain weight.......I think it's because his internal healing is still going on and that takes a lot of energy so the weight gain might be a little slower than he'd like. I'm just happy that he's home and feeling good again! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and it'll be a great Merry Christmas!!
Hope you're all enjoying the season. Have a great's that happy half-way mark again and the weekend will be here before you know it!! 8-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WHAT A WINDY..........

That how Mr. Tuccori would refer to a windy day. He'd leave off the 'day' part.......coming over from Italy his little English flaws were a never-ending source of good-humored giggles between myself and his daughter, one of my best friends in high school. Even now, Norm and I will use the same term......."What a windy...." describing some of Port Orford's more robust days.

This first photo was another from last weeks shoot over on Arizona Street. I love the reeds in many of these photos. Love their texture and contrast.

This second photo is of our Nativity scene. My sister, Beverly, brought it back for me many years ago when she vacationed in Mexico. Norm build a creche for it and it's one of my favorite 'treasures' each Christmas. There was one Christmas, many years ago when we lived in Grass Valley. A sweet little girl down the road from us was dying of leukemia. I wanted her to have a Nativity scene, ordered one and had Norm make a creche for it also. Christmas got closer and closer and still no Nativity scene, which was to be delivered UPS.
I was afraid that my one 'great wish' wasn't going to happen in time. Then!! Christmas Eve in late afternoon, up pulled the UPS truck with the Nativity! Talk about dramatic timing!! I wrapped it all up and ran it down to my neighbors house. So.......that memory is also wrapped up in my own Nativity that comes out every year. Sweet memories.......
......everyone have a wonderful Wednesday and try not to fly away with our latest coastal wind-storm!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


OK........the tree is up!! It still needs a few 'tweaks' but the majority of work is done. All the ornaments and home dressings were up in the attic. Norm is still healing from his surgeries so our good friend, Nanci, came over to help me get all the boxes down. Next year I'll have them in a big plastic container and put them in the shed. The attic is a pretty precarious climb up that rickety ladder on narrow little steps and grasping for handles and beams to hold onto to......can't forget to look for wee beasties in webs and such, either. I was wondering, as I climbed and risked life and limb, why it was so much easier to go skydiving than to climb into that attic. Maybe in skydiving the question of whether you'll fall is pretty much taken care of when you take that first leap in faith. Still need to finish up the outside and some other decorating around the house but the tree is always the most time-consuming but the more joyful.

Tomorrow will be a good day to start the Christmas cookie baking, too. They need to go into the freezer immediately since I tend to sample and test whether they're good enough. Funny, how they always seem too.........8-))
But first thing tomorrow morning I go to visit my favorite hair dresser extraordinaire, Tim in Langlois. He's recently made another trip to New York and I'm looking forward to seeing what new items he has for sale in his salon. It's always has such a wonderful, friendly and warm feel to his place. It's just a treat to be there. And I bet it's especially so for Christmas. I'll let you know.....'s Sunday night as I sit here at my computer and almost the beginning of a new week. Hoping that yours will be happy and sunny even if the weather isn't.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I did most of my Christmas shopping yesterday up in Coos Bay!! That is a VERY big accomplishment considering how many we give gifts to. And now the grandkids are "begotting" like crazy and there are 3 great-grandchildren with more not far behind, I'm sure. The stores were busy but not as bad as I was afraid they might be..........but I'm sure it'll only get busier as time moves closer to Christmas. Lots of great deals this year if that holds any interest for you.

I'll be putting up a Christmas tree probably this weekend. I'm one of those with an artificial tree. A number of years ago the 'fresh' tree almost burnt the house down AND I found a bird nest in it. Of course, that nest was left over from the previous summer but still I hate to cut down a tree.....any tree. you suppose that might be why the weeds have free reign in my yard?? Think.......little trees! 8-))
Anyway, last year I didn't put up a tree and missed it. I've collected Christmas ornaments from every country I've visited plus so many memories are attached to the others. It'll be worth the extra work when it's up and 'dressed'. Like greeting family and old friends..........and times past. This first photo is what I'm calling 'Hansen's pond'. It's on Paradise Point Road and this marsh is down the hill from Doug and Karen Hansen's beautiful Compass Rose B & B. As you can tell, I'm still fooling around with the HDR. Love the different textures in this image though.
And this second gorgeous sight was looking out over our canyon towards the west last night. I was on my way home from my Christmas shopping and the sky was so incredible with different light, clouds, backgrounds and foregrounds. It's a good thing I didn't have my camera with me or else I'd never have gotten home. Each view seemed more beautiful than the last. Thankfully, this sight was still there for me to shoot from our deck. Pretty great, huh??
Hoping you all have a great weekend........there sure is a lot going on around our Port Orford area tomorrow...........sales, bazaars, theater, art, goodies to eat and drink, etc. Enjoy the season!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, it is December so what else can we expect?? We all know it rains in Oregon so we need to make the most of it. Personally, I enjoy the effects of my photography more in the winter months. The soft look that the mist and gray overhead gives everything is appealing. Course, here I am enjoying the soft look but at the same time still experimenting with HDR! Go figure!! This first shot was taken today on Paradise Point Road looking from the low point towards Lake Garrison. There were a couple of pretty little wood ducks down there but they quickly paddled away when I got closer. I know there are a number of wood duck nests that some of the local residents have built, and I think they were occupied this summer. I'll have to double check on that.....
This second photo was taken from the bluff at Paradise Point SP. The sea was pretty churned up although maybe it doesn't show that much in this shot.
I received an email from a friend today that told me she just returned from a trip over to India and Nepal. She usually goes to Mexico every winter but it doesn't seem the safest place to visit these days. She is someone who reminds me of the infamous "Auntie Mame". Flamboyant, outrageous and willing to try just about everything. She's a fascinating woman to listen to, believe me. I'm anxious to hear all about her newest adventures on this latest journey to dark and far-a-way places. Last year she went to Uganda to see the low-land gorillas. Another year it was somewhere in South America climbing up a mud hill while the local government helicoptors were not too pleased with whatever they were doing. I probably shouldn't supply too many details here......just needless to say, she lives a very stimulating life!! And good for's fun to listen to but I'm very happy here with Norm enjoying in the quaint and quirky little fishing town of Port Orford. If we want excitement here we might go out to Cape Blanco in January and open our jackets to our arms to see how far we might fly.......Or climb the Headlands trail and see if we can spot any whales. One of my favorites is the 4th of July parade when the U.S. Coast Guard flies overhead and me!!! I'm sure of it!!
Have a great Thursday!!