Monday, March 8, 2010


This last Saturday was the Kid's Art Program down at the library again. The study this class was on Thiebaud and the art of painting beautiful desserts. (Always close to MY heart!)
And I think the kids painted these so well because they love the subject material too! This first photo was one boy's cupcake. I think it is wonderful! Nice and big, all the layers properly lined up, and the colors are great. Can you see his own personal touch? He put a cherry on top, which the subject on the table was lacking. I think most all the kids first question upon arriving was not about what to paint, how to paint, or when to was whether they got to eat what they painted. Smart kids!!
This second was one of the plates of paint they used which was so colorful with primary colors.
It was a well-attended class and the students all did a very good job, I thought. I do think they loved their work!!

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