Monday, February 4, 2013

The Tale of the Mary D. Hume

 Norm and I were in Gold Beach today and after looking unsuccessfully for open beading shops, we killed some time before lunch by driving around the town to take some photos.  I'm always attracted to water scenes and right down at the Gold Beach Port is what remains of the Mary D. Hume.  It makes for a pretty interesting story and I wished with her wonderful history that someone would have restored her.  Although, the shipwreck look is pretty intriguing.   There had been talk for a while of restoring her but as you can see from the above photo, I think it's behind hope at this point.  I took some pictures of her a number of years ago and even then she was a she's falling in on herself. 

The bridge in the background is part of Hwy. 101 crossing the Rogue River.  It's the Patterson Bridge.  Unfortunately, it was getting pretty cold out and we needed to go eat some lunch so I didn't take the time to read the description of the bridge's history.   So, if you're interested in that you'll just have to take a trip to south Oregon and take a look for yourself!

Hope you all had a great Monday and the rest of the week, also.