Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wasn't it hot today??? And humid!! We traveled for our weekly trip to Coos Bay and we finally had to AC on in the car for the drive home. Into Bandon came the first of the, here at home, it's foggy and enough of a wind to make it chilly outside. We turned the heat on in the house to take the chill out! Crazy weather swings......course that's pretty typical for the coast.

This first photo was a Queen Anne's Lace flower going to seed. One of my favorite flowers.......the other day I dropped some of my greeting cards off at Tim's.......Jefferey's Salon in Langlois, and found the most beautiful scraf. It reminds me a lot of Queen Anne's Lace. Definitely not a scarf to keep the cold at bay. Sort of a mauve color, with velvet tassels and lace. To be worn when I feel Victorian. Thanks, Michelle, for pointing it out. In the second photo, it's one of the Cedar Terrace yellow-jackets....8-))
They grow them big up here, don't they?? Six feet tall! This particular yellow-jacket might be known by some as "My Norm". Going for his much-hated walk. Poor's only cause he knows it's good for him.

After our little bit of rain last week it was enough to send a few mushroom pushing through the soil here and there. This one has already been nibbled on although I think it's least to humans.

I got another new's a little point and shoot which will be handy for times when the heavier D90 is awkward. I've taken a few photos and they look pretty good on the camera's screen but I haven't put them on the computer yet. That's the proof of whether it was a good buy or not. Maybe tomorrow I'll have posted some photos from the new one.

Celebrate Friday and get ready for a fun weekend. Hopefully, our great fall weather will grace us with it's presence again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I survived my dentist's appointment just fine. They really run a first-rate dental office there. Everyone is super friendly, efficient and professional.
But........I'm always glad when it's behind me. A return visit on Monday....otherwise I got an A-1 report.

After the dentist we took a ride down by the south jetty of the Coquille River. The fog horns were blasting away, the tide was at minus and sun losing it's hold to the mists that were pouring up the mouth of the river. It was beautiful. This first photo was further up from the jetty. It's the location that I found thousands of pelicans last winter that had blown in with a bad storm. Today the water was shrouded and mysterious looking. No pelicans that I could see, just lots of gulls poking through the exposed rocks for their mid-day meal. Just realized that I got the photos reversed. So, this description is for the second shot. You can see the Bandon Lighthouse across the river.

The first shot is down closer to the jetty and the fog was thicker. The tide was beginning to come in and every once in a while one of the waves would splash fairly high. Not in this photo, though. The fog became even thicker while I was shooting........a couple of people walking their dogs blended into the gray background and there was the usual gull hang-out that is down there in the parking lot. There are always a large flock of about 50 gulls looking for people to come down with some food to share........they're always VERY alert and at the slightest sign, you'll find yourself immediately surrounded by more birds than most would want. There are some people, and I've seen them, that enjoy going down frequently with lots of bread or whatever for them. Brave people.......and a little dirty after the feeding. Not for the timid-hearted..........Not for me.
Have a wonderful Thursday..........Enjoy the adventure!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


These are two remaining shots from Sunday night on the way home after dinner. As I mentioned yesterday, the 'blaze of color' sort of fizzled, but I was able to make a little out of it anyway, I think. This first one was around that rib restaurant of the sick-but-now-better-Mom. I really do like the silhouette.

This second shot was out at Lake Garrison with this soft reflection on the water. The water was so calm and occasionally we'd see a duck dive under for dinner and then he's 'bob' up again. Then repeat the process......
This morning looked like it might be another warm day so I took my walk early (for me!) carrying my ever-present camera around my neck. I've ordered a little snap n' shoot that should be arriving any day now. It might be handy for places then my heavier camera is these daily walks. Course, I can see where there will be times that I could kick myself for not having my heavy-duty with me. While on my walk, there was one stretch where the air was just thick with flying ants or termites......I'm never sure what they are.......except that they hatch and fly out of their ground nests this time of year. Always seems to be rather warm weather, too. They fly blind and there's always some that fly into me.....I remember to keep my mouth closed at this time. I was wondering where the dragon flies were today.......In past years, they float and dart through the air grabbing up these thousands of flying beasties. Nature seems to be off-kilter this year in a number of ways.........this being one of them. I haven't seen too many butterflies, dragonflies, or Rufus-sided tohees. There have been some but not as many as pasts years.
Well, get ready for a great Wednesday everyone.........think of me tomorrow morning as I suffer in the dentist's chair.....8-((. No, actually, I'm lucky to have few dental problems compared to many. And if it gets too uncomfortable, I just go somewhere else in my thoughts. I did this once so well I fell asleep and my dentist had to wake me up because my teeth were wrapping around his fingers.......Ouch!!
Have a great day!!

Monday, September 27, 2010


I've spent most of the day putting off and dreading calling for tech support to get online again. Some kind of computer glitch.......Do any of you have the same love-hate relationship with your computer? Well, as you can see I am back in business but I'm sure my blood pressure is elevated. And I commend the poor man that had to help me.......I panic when I can't hear what's said........rummage around looking for numbers on equipment I can't name. It's just a major nightmare in my description of things!! (OK, Donna.......calm down. It's over now.....sigh.

Today we're having a little 'Indian Summer' weather.....pretty warm and sort of humid. Maybe a pretty sunset tonight, huh?? Last night's promised to be colorful but instead just sort of 'grayed out'. The first photo here was taken on our way to dinner along Bandon's Beach Loop. It was my birthday yesterday and Norm took me to brunch at Redfish.......very good, by the way. I had their European quiche and Norm had Eggs Benedict. Then for dinner we went to Inn At Face Rock in Bandon and enjoyed that meal and our cutest little waitress ever. Very sweet and of course, she laughed at Norm's jokes.
This second photo here was in a trailer park in Charleston and someone's own little garden design. It's pretty clever, don't you think?? Not many flowers but clearly a fishing town theme.
Picked the last of the basil for this year. I love it's pungent aroma. Since I think I have enough pesto made up and frozen for the next year, I'm drying what I picked today. Especially in this warm weather, the scent is filling the kitchen area. Makes me think of my nephew Nick. He loves pesto..........actually he loves food, period. I'll have a pesto dinner for him when he visits next month.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and I expect it to be better than least as long as my computer remains working. Fingers and toes crossed..............
All of you enjoy and have a great day!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


This sign is at a south coast restaurant between Port Orford and Bandon. It's a rib house and they have enormous bar-b-ques out in front that they fire up every weekend. A few weeks ago they closed with a hand written sign announcing to all who passed by on Hwy 101, that Mom was sick and they were closed. Then about a week ago you can see in this photo that they're telling everyone that "Mom is better". Still closed, but for all who passed by and were concerned for Mom, rest assured that she's OK!! 8-)) Just thought you ought to know...........This second photo is one that I cherish every year........the return of the geese!! It absolutely thrills me every autumn and I always consider it Mother Nature's birthday gift to me. I know what they sound like when they fly overhead and if in the house, all that I might be doing comes to a dead-stop as I rush out to wish them on to whatever adventures they're off to. I welcome them back every year, same as their annual return. And in late spring I feel a real sadness as I see many flocks in their 'V' formation as they honk their way to the north, carrying my "God-Speed!" with them........And then I await until the next autumn for my annual gift. Hoping everyone has a gorgeous and healthy weekend!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today my camera caught some fun and unusual sights between Port Orford and Coos Bay. Everything was catching my eye today. It was one of those mornings that if we had stopped to take a shot of everything I saw that was worthy of an photo image, we'd just now be arriving in town to do our shopping. I just happen to love everything I saw this morning.

This first one is of a spider web. (Duh!) I've been wanting to photograph it for about a week or so. It's much larger and thicker than the usual spider webs we see around our area. I'm thinking that it might be a mite web that the state brought in to combat the gorse that is taking over the south Oregon coast and into the valleys. That was pretty much a dismal failure, but every once in a while I see the thick webs enclosing about a foot of branch. Anyway, this is pretty interesting when viewed on large. And it has it's own beauty......... The traffic was pretty light today, which was a treat for us. And the amount of shoppers was fairly light also......double treat!! We had a bite to eat at The High Tide in Charleston overlooking the bay. The boat traffic was heavy.........the bridge had to be raised at least three times that I saw. And crossing the rivers....the small boats were lining up and down all fishing for salmon, I guess. The first rains are supposed to bring them up river to spawn........and it spawns fishmen, ever hopeful and nets ready.
This second shot is a goofy one, huh? I had stopped in Bandon on a high bluff to take shots of the Islands. There were pieces of crab lying all over the place and it occured to me that this gull wasn't going to fly off until he ate all his dinner. You see the look he was giving me.....haha! 8-))
He got the last laugh, though. On one shot I knelt down on the grass........and something did not smell right. 8~( Enough said.
Huh......I just got a phone call from a carpet cleaner who said I won a contest and he's coming to clean 2 rooms tomorrow for free. Norm thinks it's a scam........and truthfully, I don't remember entering a contest to have carpets cleaned. So......I'm preparing my "NO!" word in case they think they can "offer" more. Stay tuned tomorrow........
Everyone have a great Friday and prepare for an even better weekend.
Laugh and smile...............

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


No, I didn't see the flush of autumn color that I'd expected, but as you can see, I made due with the few bursts that I did see. Makes it all the more 'worthy' of enlarging and admiring these few leaves, huh? More to follow......... I was up in Langlois this morning getting my hair done and it's always a treat. This morning, Tim gave me a piece of his delicious quiche........soooo good!! He's another one around the area that is getting an abundance-plus of Valley Flora vegetables. So, he sometimes worries that they might be spoiling there are so many, and he gets up at midnight to bake a quiche or two. Now that particular kind of thinking is as foreign to me as anything I've ever heard!! I don't know whether to call him an early riser or a late night-owl. How about crazy?? But it must work for Tim because it was one of the best quiche's I've had!! It definitely worked in my favor. He has more new items in his salon........scarves from Arabia are among the newest and most beautiful. Some gorgeous and reasonably priced knits from a lady who uses her own wool and brings it to it's product forms as socks.......beautifully colored! Also makes placemats, table runners and aprons. I bought myself an apron, as a matter of fact. (Just in case I ever lose my mind enough to get up at midnight to bake up a quiche, don'cha know!) 8-))
Tim will be carrying some of my greeting cards. I brought in a couple dozen today and Tim and Maria bought enough so that I already need to supply more. And I'm not complaining!!

This second photo is again of the stream that feeds into the Elk River. Isn't it a perfect representation of what the Pacific Northwest is all about? The green, the moss, water and more water, those rocks.........I love it! The untamed land.

Well, enjoy this beautiful autumn least it's beautiful right now on a late Wednesday afternoon. Tomorrow might be another story.......but whatever it is, enjoy it anyway!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This hardly look like the same river as yesterday's postings. The water seems like a gentle flow, barely moving. If you look a little further upstream, or in the background of this shot, you can see a little rush of white water as it runs over rocks. The water here is fairly shallow......right now. I'm sure it will be a torrent after we get some healthy, hardy rains. Isn't the reflection of the golden trees nice on the water??
We watched the last episode of Pillars of the Earth tonight. Yep!! Those bad guys got their come-up-ins. All others lived happily ever after..........or as happy as life could be back in the early 1100's. Pretty grim, all in all. It seemed that life was cheap......and the lifespan certainly wasn't all that long for your everyday person. But the love of family, pride in God, self and country has been there throughout the centuries. Course, those were, and are, the basis for many wars and personal battles. And still we all have hope for a more peaceful world.....Maybe we should look to ourselves first. Can't give away what we don't possess. When I re-look at these photos and remember the peacefulness of being there, it seems so easy. The trick is to carry that memory around with me when I drive back down to Hwy. 101 and someone cuts in front of me in their car!! That's the test!! 8-))
In looking at the second photo, you can see I'm still enamored with trees. These two stately alders were growing up on a steep hill across the road from where we were parked. Love that white bark.............Almost as much as the new lemon risotto I made tonight.......Oh, it was SO good! Even Norm liked it, and Norm never likes rice of any kind much. I have some left over and thought I'd try risotto patties tomorrow night. Yum!
Tomorrow.......Wednesday, and I have an appointment with the "Hair Wizard" as Norm calls Tim, of Jefferies Salon. My morning of treating myself to enjoy the company and conversation with one of my favorites. And all of you have a great Wednesday......the half-way point of the week and if I'm not mistaken, the first (official) day of autumn. Time to find brightly colored leaves.......and acorns. One can never have too many fallen acorns!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Up the Elk River this afternoon.......I thought there would be more color but I guess I'm going to have to remain patient a while longer. There were some leaves turning color, but I really got side-tracked when I discovered a little path down a short hill to where a stream fed into the Elk.
But first........look at this beautiful old tree. That wonderful moss with some maple leves, still fairly green, surrounding it. I also took a wide angle shot, but I though this image showed off the lines of the tree more. I wonder how old it is.

As you can see, I'm still working on getting that slow shutter, silky look on moving water. I thought this one was fairly good. Of course, I didn't have a tri-pod so instead I plopped myself down on rock or ground to try and remain motionless. There was quite a bit of water flowing......more than I'd have thought from the little rain we had.
When we were driving back towards Hwy 101, I saw where the man who is looking for gold was still at it. I don't know if I mentioned him or not when I was up there about a month or so ago. He was in a diving suit with goggles. There's some kind of machine that's in the water, too, and I'm just guessing about what he's doing but that's the only thing that makes sense to me. Be interesting to find out how much, if anything, he's finding.
My poor old kitty Willie is just getting so old. I'm not sure, and I hope that whatever the problem is passes, but I think she's acting like she's in pain. This is the hardest thing about having a least if you have it in your mind that the pet is part of the family. I've had to put other pets down and it always evokes feelings in me where I again realize how precious is life. Our own or those who wander onto our paths. Then again, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Willie's appetite, so maybe she'll get to acting a little less pained. I really hope so.
How was everyone's Monday?? Mine was pretty good. I even got out and did a little bit of pruning in the 'Backyard Jungle: The Movie'. Speaking of........we've finished the wonderful 'Doc Martin' and are now watching 'Pillars of the Earth'. It sure isn't a comedy. Life was cheap back in the 1st century.....I think that's about the time period. The church and everyone else was corrupt and so far it appears the bad guys are winning. There are a number more episodes to watch and hope that those evil villains get theirs!!
Tuesday should be a good day for one and all........Have fun!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was quiet and generally low-key. It made a nice match with the rain we've had the last couple of days. Not anything too significant in the amount of rain, but it was one more definite annoucement that summer is now over. I baked bread to go with some good rainy day comfort food.......spaghetti. Tonight, lamb stew.

This first photograph was at the north end in Old Town Bandon. I've always found the rotting pilings to be picturesque. There are generally large numbers of gulls and maybe geese hanging around there. The water is fairly shallow and the tide brings all kinds of gull-goodies for them to feast on. In this shot, the sky was filled with the birds as they fly and soar through the air, for what or why, I don't know. It always facinates me though. We didn't make our Gold Beach trip as we had hoped. We'll just postpone it which is just as well since Saturday was raining pretty good. Maybe I can get Norm to drive a little ways up the Rogue River. A friend of mine traveled recently along the Umpqua and the maples are turning the most beautiful colors now. It was a fantastic photo she took and now I want to do that too!! 8-))

This was shot from the car again, looking at the south side of the Coquille River from Hwy 101. All this grass was doing a slow waltz in the faint breeze we had that day. Mesmerizing! The color was a little flat the day both of these were taken and I thought the sepia was a fairly good way to bring a little definition to the sky and thin clouds.
Here's hoping that your new week is full of new energy and enthusiasm for life!!
Go get'em!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Did not the weatherman predict rain!! Does he not know where of he speaks?? So, with that in mind, I decided to make my own 'lack of color' day by posting these photos. This first one you probably recognize as Charleston Marina again. I noticed all the triangular reflections and shapes in the foreground. They seemed to get lost with color because of the busy lines of masts and lines of the boats. I see they stand out more in black and white. This is one of those scenes I seldom get bored with.......mainly because of the Marine Biology cabins in the background. They look like they belong on the eastern seaboard. Where's the lobster??? We had to bring Norm's truck in for servicing and some recall problem with the gas and brake pedals. It gave me a good chance to just sit, sip coffee and read a print out I had on photography tips. Nice way to spend a morning.
Have many of you eaten at the Blue Heron in Coos Bay? We've only been in a few times, but we do like it. Good food........although maybe a bit too much. It's mainly a German menu with Norman Rockwell posters all over the walls. German with a large dash of Americana. Our waitress was very cute........and she laughed at all the right times in listening to Norm's jokes. An extra tip for that gal!! I took this shot, from the moving car, just on the north side of the Coquille River. The clouds are starting to get interesting and in this one I particularly like the contrast of the silhouette of the trees. No chance to use a tri-pod here.

Tomorrow we head down to see one of Norm's Navy buddies who is staying in Gold Beach. I'll visit with his wife and if there is no rain, the two guys will go out to do some Rogue River fishing. I noticed that the rivers were filling up with hopefuls for that "big one" that might have gotten away last year. Although, now that I think about it, don't the salmon that are going upstream die once they get there?? Well, whatever Norm and his bud bring home I hope they remember to clean it.........I eat it fish. I don't do fish cleaning.

Friday tomorrow!! Happy plans for the weekend?? So have a great time of it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The rains are beginning, so they say. It sure feels like the weather is turning. Everyone over the age of.........fill in the blank........has their arthritis kicking up. My niece is looking forward to all things cozy........I get that nesting feeling every fall, too. Time to hunker down and prepare for the time of winter-quiet and contemplation. Here is one shot of late harvesting of our cherry tomatoes. They have been exceptionally tasty this year........high acidity and soooo good. I thought I'd get some of the roses and zinnias that were blooming before the rain gets to them. It made a nice little autumn looking bouquet, huh?? Along with some of Norm's prize onions.
A few days ago he planted more beet seeds and they've broken ground and are on their way. They're a cool-weather crop and I hope I get them to pickle in spite of the cooler temperatures that are coming.
So......rain is coming now for the next number of days. I don't know if that means very heavy or just constant or mostly cloudy. It's Mother Nature's surprise for us. But remember that the roads will probably by slick so take your time and drive carefully. And have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My visit this morning with my friend was really it always is when we get together......we 'solve' the problems of the world by recognizing that probably the best we can do is recognize that there are problems of the world. But we explore our thoughts and feelings and trust each other to know that even when what we say might be a little un-understandable to others, that's OK. A very accepting and unconditional respect we have for each other.
When I arrived though, I was hoping to get that shot of the dock through the trees that I mentioned in yesterday's posting. The view off her deck was fine, since it was up close. And here are those wonderful peeling trunks of the madrona trees again. Pretty against the green, huh? Then you see what happens when I zoom out towards the dock.......I'm showing this in black and white so you can fully see how socked in downtown Port Orford was today with fog. Viewed on large you can better see some of the filtered trees and I think, Coast Guard Hill in the upper left corner. I happen to really appreciate the 'mists'. Not in this particular photo, but many times it creates interesting moods and lets us see the world in another way that allows us to maybe dream and see through the eyes of imagination. Think British Isles and the Little People......Sometimes in walking in the winter when there might be heavy fog and in looking into the woods, it's very easy to see how there might be an entirely different world somewhere out, or down there. Lots of possibilities!!
In this last one, the deer moved and so did I.......Perfect for playing with my editing software again. This way I can say that "no, I didn't take a poor photograph........I did that intentionally in order to create through my artistic sensibilities". HA!

Tomorrow..........I've been away from a group that I meet with on a fairly regular basis and looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow. Isn't it easy to have one thing, then another, then another, interfere with what's REALLY important? And before you know it way too much time has come about. One of the top items on my self-improvement list.
Everyone have another good Wednesday. Think what is REALLY important to you. I bet it involves other people. A pain and a joy, huh?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Boy! Today has been one of those 'I feel like a slug' kind of days..........Slow, slow and slower.
OK, I guess.......nothing all that pressing to accomplish this Monday. Baked some bread and made up a new batch of dough for future loaves. Other this n' that around the house. This first photo has to be viewed in large to appreciate the light......And I have noticed how much I like, lately, looking at the world of flowers from upside down. Don't know what that means and maybe that's for the best, huh? 8-))
Tonight we get to see the final episode of the season for "True Blood". All those fangs and that there are shape shifters, werewolves and faieries. A great escape and tonight we'll find out if Eric is destroyed by seeking the sun or will he return for another bite?? Funny thing about fantasies and how far they stray from reality. Last night I was telling of our first (and last) attempt at slaughtering (Norm's job) a pullet hen, cleaning (my job) and cooking up chicken (my job) for dinner. I think I've told the story here before.......needless to say, a disaster from A to Z. So, thinking about it today I realize that I would never, never make a good vampire. The smell of dirt and blood remained with me for a good week. Now that's a little bit in information about me that I'm sure you'll find useful.
OK....the last photo is a macro look down at a bloom on one of the trumpet flowers, a late blooming vine perenniel. It took years before it finally began blooming and now is just loaded with heavy flowers every late summer into fall. The hummingbirds love it! Me, too.
So, what's going on with your Tuesday?? Tomorrow morning I meet with a good friend for coffee and chat. She's only here for the summer months and we haven't gotten together nearly enough this year.......I'll bring my camera and see if I can't get some new interesting shots to share. She has a beautiful view throught the trees of the Port Orford dock. Come back tomorrow and take a look. And enjoy your day!! You can make it the best!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This first shot was taken from one of the bluffs overlooking the Pacific, the jetty in Bandon and even the Bandon lighthouse, if you look closely. Those clouds were so beautiful and I actually like it more in the sepia since the vivid blue of the sea that day, distracted from the my opinion. Black and white just didn't do it justice this time. And....I am having a lot of fun experimenting lately with my editing software.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.........Ours was great! Wonderful food and wonderful friends. It all blended together to give a great, happy shot in the arm. And our weather has been great, huh? Sorry for those who live elsewhere who might not be able to experience southern Oregon autumn weather. For any who are planning a trip and haven't made up your mind yet.........think of Port Orford or thereabouts, for the perfect fall get-away. And sunsets to die for!! This second shot I was trying to be clever........not that this is an original idea. The reason it didn't land in the 'delete file' was how the blue sky in the background contrasts with the almost black and white look of the mirror reflection. This was taken at the Charleston Marina boardwalk. It was very busy that day......lots of cars, tourists and fishing boats coming and going. Hard to imagine how quiet it will seem in just another couple of months. By the end of October, in most years, the tourist traffic seems to stop abruptly.........almost like they closed off Highway 101 at the borders.
This lovely weather is making it almost impossible to find reasons to not get out at least an hour or so, into the garden and tackle the ever-annoying fall pruning. I managed to cut back one enormous lavendar bush. Hopefully, it won't die this winter from shock since I cut so much off. If it does, I'll just plant another.......or maybe something that requires no pruning.......or watering.
My list in narrowing.
Willie the kitty is back in fine form.........maybe too fine a form. How easily she adapted to the extra attention and is taking advantage. This morning I had stripped the bed to change sheets. Norm walked into the bedroom just in time to see my sweet Willie turning circles on some blankets....making a nest for herself in OUR blankets. Willie might be old but I saw where she can still move mighty fast when survival in the name of the game.
OK.....everyone have a great Monday..........tell a couple of jokes.........laugh at anothers. It helps you wake up. After that cup of coffee!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I was listening to the TV today and of course all news stations were telling of the plans for and the history of 9-11-01. I guess I'm still not over that terrible shock and grief that overcame our country......and a lot of the world, too. But I do remember that along with the horror of that day, I was so concerned for my twin grandsons whose birthday is Sept. 11th. What a legacy and rememberance to have every year. So, I decided to remember and honor the victims and heros of that day, but also to celebrate life.........those twins are so precious to me. Jorma passed on a couple of years ago, but Jory blessed the world by giving a beautiful daughter, Kylie, born on September 11th also!! I guess 9-11 will always contain mixed blessings for me......death and life. Thankfully, the death is remembered for a shorter duration and the life is there growing into new experiences, loves and lessons. And that deserves honor also.


When Norm and I first contemplated moving to Oregon we seriously considered Charleston. We loved watching "Murder, She Wrote" and how Jessica would figure out the newest murder mystery in her little quaint little town of Cabot's Cove. It was on the eastern seaboard but looked an awful lot to us like Charleston. If it weren't for a completely disinterested realtor, we might have been living there instead of Port Orford. I'm glad now it didn't work out that way, but still it's an interesting and colorful little town. This first photo, I was playing with black and white and that contrast between sky, clouds and water. I like this photo a lot. Maybe some of you do, too. The more I study it, the more I see things I like in this image. This second one is quite a bit different in color and busy-ness. But, those clouds!! They really were something! I think this winter, I'll be playing around a lot with black and white and cloud formations. They can be so dramatic at times.
Well, my poor Willie kitty was attacked last night by something tougher than she is. Not hard to do these days; she's pretty old now. So, here she is plopped on my lap, grooming herself while I try to type. Naturally, she thinks what's she's doing takes priority! She feels a little poorly today.....doesn't want to go outside without me and is lapping up the extra attention I'm giving her. Even NORM, if you can believe it, is giving her a little consideration today. For those who don't know about this, Norm is not an admirer of Willie's. She just arrived as a stray and eventually worked her way into my heart. I don't know why because she was more trouble than she was worth in the beginning.......part feral. Norm
even tried to bribe me once into getting rid of if!!! Hopefully, she'll be back to her usual ornery self soon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.........Sleep in late and enjoy not having to get up early. Then go have fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today was actually warmer then it looked, regardless of the threatening skies. This first photo was taken in Charleston down at the marina. I've taken this before but am always attracted to the moss-covered pilings and their reflections......especially when the sun isn't so bright as to wash out the colors.
And this second shot was taken from one of the bluffs along Beach Loop in Bandon. My Photoshop is acting up tonight and I don't care too much for the way they both look a little washed out to me. I figure it out tomorrow.
We had that wonderful golden eye snapper tonight for dinner........It was SO good!! And we have enough for another meal!! Thank you, Doug!!
And I bought all the ingredients I need to make up some posole this weekend or early next week. I'm looking forward to it! Pesto making tomorrow and I might still get another couple of pickings from our basil in the greenhouse. Enjoyed lemon cukes tonight on our salad......they should have been producing a good couple of months ago, but I guess the summer has been cooler than I realized. Makes them doublely good now!
This is a short one tonight........much still to do and one of those things is to get my editing software back where it's supposed to be!
You're coming up Friday and then another great late summer weekend. Make it a good one!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The clouds parted, the rain stopped and we saw sun again. But I love those big thunder-bumpers that were seen all around our area this afternoon.
I thought we'd take one more look at some sights along Vista. There are many certain areas that I love to look at during my walk but for something that's hopefully interesting via the camera, I chose a couple of forest roads that aren't really used by much traffic (unless you count deer and such). I guess I'd better mention my opening rose here first. It was so beautiful that I thought I'd just throw it in for you flower-lovers........wonderful fragrance too. OK.....the forest paths........I enjoy the mystery of where these paths might lead. This first one, I've never explored too far up. It's private land with signs to stay out. It's for sale and has been forever. I'd love to walk a little ways up and see where it might lead. There are a number of bear dens around up here and I suppose I've been leaning towards being cautious. Maybe one of these days I can convince Norm to come with me.
This second one I have been up. There is a reservoir up there for the many homes that were supposed to be built that haven't. So instead of being well cleared and with a beautiful view of the town and beyond, it's now completely overgrown in a tangle of shrubs, bushes and young trees. But the look up from Vista still holds that mystery of ????

We had a wonderful dinner with friends tonight and tasted something new for us.....Posole which is an (American) Indian stew......with the most delicious cornbread I've had.......Norm even came home with a big beautiful golden-eye red snapper.......which we'll eat tomorrow night. HE took care of the filleting! HA! I cook and I don't clean fish. And do not want to learn.
Made up some new greeting cards for Siren's which Diane liked......Yaaa! It's always so nice when someone appreciates your work. So, if you're in Siren's any time soon, take a look at a few new additions.
Tomorrow is Wednesday (not Friday??) and the week has again hit the half-way mark. Make it count by laughing a lot and enjoy the day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Anyone else feel like today should be either Sunday or Wednesday?? And I think Norm has asked me about three times today if it was Tuesday? I don't know if I'm the one he should be asking........

And we have had our 30% chance of rain today..........over and over and over. Let's see; that makes it about 90% doesn't it? Sound right to me! A nice steady on-going soft rain. was again a good day for a big pot of ham and beans and I baked a nice loaf of crusty bread. And tonight we watch the final episode of Doc Martin on Netflix. Funny coincidence......I mentioned the Doc Martin series in my blog a few days back. One of my friends read what I wrote and she looked it up on Netflix, then realized that the town the series takes place in is a little village in Cornwall just a village away from where her husband's grandfather came from. They're now watching the series and loving it. Fun, huh? Since it's raining that 30% today I thought it might be nice to show a flower from our place. This zinnia is really pretty large and I love the way the petals grow off in all kinds of crazy directions.
I also posted this shot on Flickr. I titled it 'Zinnia From Down Under'. I just now got a comment from one of my Flickr contacts that she listed this as one of her favorites........she's from Australia. 8-)) Love it!

This other photo is of the one and only Willie.........Princess of her domain in our household. Her wish is nag....nag.....nag, until one of us finally gives in. Here she is enjoying her due with a royal rub under her royal chin. You can really tell she actually hates it, huh? Eyes clenched tight in pain and disgust. Poor mistreated little beastie.......

We had a delightful visit this morning with some friends that we hadn't gotten to know very well previously. They now live in Arizona but come back to Port Orford every year to enjoy their old stomping grounds and get together with old friends. Norm and I very much enjoyed getting to know them a little more.......Class I people that make you want to stay in touch.

So ends another day in Port Orford..............I hope everyone has a nice evening and a happy Friday........Oh!.....I mean Wednesday.

Monday, September 6, 2010


In the off chance you haven't met Carrie or seen her advertising in the local papers, here she is. Carrie is such a natural, real person and as sweet as they come. Her new venture into her own photography business is off to a roaring success by the looks of it. Her own style of photography is vintage old west, complete with beautiful dress up gowns and jackets, hats, etc. for the authentic look and then the photographs, which she prints herself, are toned in sepia. I've seen via Facebook that she also does a wonderful job in more contemporary shoots.....graduation and weddings for sure. At the Curry County Fair, Carrie set up a tent, lights, camera and action for the wandering public.......and she up to the many late summer and fall festivals around the southern coast. I might be leaving some of the up and coming events out but I think it's safe to say that whenever you see a fair or festival, Carrie is probably there and ready to shoot. In her Port Orford studio, which is the old Campbell Realty building, there are bales of hay and other old timey props, as well as the stand in hero of all westerns, John Wayne. Johnny Depp is there too, dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Think I'll go with John, myself.
The dresses are beautiful!! Many colors and all richly vintage looking as well. These are a few for you to get an idea of some of the choices offered.
This last dress is Carrie's latest and really has to be seen by the naked eye to be appreciated. It's a dainty old rose color and this photo doesn't capture the true quality of it. I loved the old lace of the bodice.

If any of you are into thinking early about Christmas gifts to give, think of one of Carrie's portraits.......something different and very special........just like Carrie! When she's not in her studio or off on some photo shoot, you just might find her at Siren's Coffee. A very busy lady!
And I think her new business is destined to be a very popular success! Way to go, Carrie!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


One of my neighbors thought I should include a photo of our new dumpster for my blog. ya' go. Here on Gold Run Road, this is how we're handling our problem with the bear.
I guess there might have been a trap set but after hearing of the horrible experience with trap and bear up on Hensley Hill a year or so ago, I don't think any of us wanted this problem handled that way. So.....a dumpster!! I think it looks a lot better than the row of garbage cans, each with it's own plastic bottle of amonia and maybe some other determents.........all of which seemed to have not worked the last time. I think the bear now knows that if he throws the cans out onto the street, the yummy pickin's will spill out and the amonia + won't be as much of a problem. Well, he can't get into this!! We're hoping that we can keep this dumpster all year long........although I think CTR only wants to let us use this until the bear goes into hibernation.
But for now, this is the most humane way to handle this and (knock on wood) it seems to be working very well.

I went to the Art Walk with Nancy last's become so well attended! I don't know what the count is but I really think the tourist traffic this year is above normal........Good for the town. And some of the new art in town is always fun to check out, along with various friends that stop and chat. Lois Miller has some new work in Point B Gallery.....Wow! She is so good!! Great photos!! The Candle Shop had various artists work for sale..........I picked up some super reasonably priced beaded bracelets for some of my younger female relatives...(can't give too much away here). I've been wanting to stop in Carrie Grant's increasingly popular photography studio, which I did. More on that tomorrow or Tuesday but let me say her studio is full of great creativity! .........Then there was Redfish, which is always super wonderful! That's my 'Look and dream" gallery!

This photo I call "Light". Especially when viewed large, the light coming through the soft yellowing leaves was beautiful. And the dark tree trunks just give dimension and contrast. Very simple but it works for me.
Now, it's Sunday and I think we're off to Rotary's Show and Shine. I've never attended one before.....I know, I must be alone in that........but it's a good day to see something different and get there before the wind gets blowing much stronger.
I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend.............

Friday, September 3, 2010


Thankfully it's more humanely cooler today than yesterday. I'm not used to that kind of heat anymore.......And as sometimes the best-laid plans do go astray.....I had spaghetti bubbling away and the oven baking bread, adding more uncomfortable toastiness to the hot house............Finally, around 4 o'clock I asked Norm.........."Hey! We do have air conditioning, don't we?" That's how often we have to use it, when I don't even remember that we have it!

A couple of days ago I went walking and brought my camera.......these are a couple of sights that caught my eye. My niece, Lauren, had taken some photos recently of peeling madrone trees and I thought they were very good. I saw a couple of the smaller manzanita trunks that looking interesting and that's what this first shot is all about. I might try cropping in even closer and see what effect that gives. As for now, I like to look at the play of light and shadow in the background woods. BTW.....on Wednesday I received my flu shot up in Coos Bay at the North Bend Medical Clinic. I don't know if other doctors or clinics have them yet, but if this is something you do then it might not hurt to ask and see if you can't get one now. A friend recently came down with the flu. It might or might not be the same strain that might be visiting us this winter, but just be aware.
This photo was showing how the ferns are turning color and the grass going to seed. Another sign of the approaching fall. How did you like our little moisture Wednesday? Not as much as last week but enough to really make you scratch your head when Thursday brought heat of 85 degrees, at least at our place. Course there was that cooking I had going on.......
Another side note.....if you have 'instant play' with Netflix you might enjoy the English series, Doc Martin. Norm is really enjoying it on nights that we don't have our Netflix movies that have been mailed to us. I think we have only 1 more series until the end.....and after that, I'd like to re-watch All Creatures Great and Small. I used to enjoy that series so much and there are many similiarities to Doc Martin. I might have mentioned previously about how the scenry in Doc Martin looks like our area. Tonight we watch The Bounty Hunter...........chic-flick, as Norm calls it.
Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend........lots going on!!
Stay safe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I haven't quite left the Elk River behind just yet. We were up in Coos Bay most of the day and I haven't downloaded new photos I have yet. I felt like playing around and this first one is the result of today's play. I've done a little bit of 'artistic' editing with this particular tree. Looked at as the camera took it, I felt, was as dull as dust. When I start to play around with all the 'toys' in Photoshop things start taking on a little interest. Branches that were nothing but tangled masses of limbs and leaves, start to look a little mysterious and my eye, anyway. Some of the strange colors gave depth and softness instead of chaos. Fun. I saw a neat thing today on the highway on the way north. There was an older car in front of us and one in back. After driving a little while, I noticed a car off on the side of the road, broken down I assume since the driver's seat held some young man. As we approached closer the car off on the side of the road blinked his left rear blinker. Immediately the car in front of us, as well as the car following, pulled off the road to give help to the stalled car. Obviously all three young men knew each other and I assume the broken one had put in a SOS to his buddies.........and there they were. I just thought to myself how this isn't something you might see in a larger metropolitan area, although I'm sure this isn't just delegated to rural southern Oregon. I don't suppose it's really any big thing, but for some reason it warmed my heart........people helping people.......and most not expecting any real reward for their kindness. It's more of an appreciation of self and others........a respect for each other as well as empathy. And as for the rest of the day in Coos Bay........ Norm's doctor's visit was fine........he's always comes out grinning when he gets a good "report card". The shopping was a nightmare though. It was humid and WalMart was so crowded. So.....if you don't like crowds......stay away from the 1st of the month to the 5th......I was told that by an exhausted checker. A few other stores weren't quite that bad........but maybe that's way WalMart's stock went up today!'s my last bit of play for the day. I did this a few days ago. I think this is one I was showing a friend how I like to tinker around with the editing. Maybe you might recognize the scene from one I posted a few days ago.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday........that time of the week again to start making weekend plans. This is Labor Day weekend coming up and I'm sure many of you have plans already made......days spent with family and friends and enjoying a few more of the last days of summer. Have fun and stay safe!!