Saturday, February 26, 2011


And what, I may ask, is normal?? This winter has been just crazy with the wild swings between balmy spring in the middle of winter to frigid temperatures now that we have a lot of spring blooms showing. But the sky has cleared....sort of........and most of the snow has melted although it's been cold enough to keep ice in protected areas. And someone asked..........."just where IS this global warming we keep hearing about?"
It's ok since I spent the day painting, nursing a cold and staying warm. And thinking how my garden needs to be fertilized. Nurseries and such are starting to get in different garden supplies and the catalogs are sending more than me dreaming of their spring and summer garden. This year is my year to win over all the Oregon Green that insists on growing where it's uninvited. In other words, 'weeds'. I've included a small miniature rose portrait that has inspired me in it's own little small way.
The other two photos are some from our recent 'snow-day'.

Well, hope everyone's having a good weekend. Mine is fairly quiet. Guess we need those every once in a while, huh? The next busy week will be here before we know it so enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, February 25, 2011


It finally got here!! The weatherman has been redeemed in my sight now that his promise has arrived in the form of beautiful white flakes raining down from the skies. This photo below is from last night when it actually started. It looks more like outer space than outside my back door.
The above photo shows what we woke up to this morning.........this view is from our deck to Gold Creek canyon. Pretty spectacular, I think! A friend of mine was writing to friends and family about the Port Orford snow and she said that "yes, she knew that they were all a lot more experienced with having a lot of snow, but that this was OUR snow". And that makes all the difference, doesn't it?? I haven't heard of anyone being too inconvenienced by the white stuff and from all the photos and writings on Facebook, there are an awful lot of "inner children" coming out to play!! 8-)) Have fun, Kids!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I know they're getting it up north in Sequim, WA. and Beaverton, OR. Although Beaverton seems to get some pockets of blue sky too. I guess tonight and tomorrow will tell if the weathermen are on target or not. There wasn't any storms to be seen when I took these two photos out at Lake Garrison the other day. The reflections were just calm.
Pretty, huh? If you look carefully at the second photo you can see, in the lower right, some of the vegetation under the water. Looks clean.....Course, I'm not going to get into that debate.
In spite of the question of winter snow, there are so many signs of the impending spring........the manzanita blossoms have popped out all over; the Japanese maples have little nubs on the ends of their branches; some spring bulbs are beginning to break ground and some even blooming like crocos and daffodils. Course the gorse is blooming like it thinks it's actually welcome here! Not least not around our place! Bet that was one they used in the Inquistion!
OK...........everyone enjoy the novelty of tomorrow. And if you can't enjoy it remember that warmer weather is just around the corner. Either way, you can't lose!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A couple of spots I took some photos of recently. This day the weather was so wind, plus tides and somewhat overcast. Which is what I generally prefer. The colors and light tones are soft and muted. So the first photo above is of Lake Garrison, where I still have my love of grasses addiction fix............8-) I happen to prefer this is black and white so the color doesn't take away the focus on the perfect reflection on the water. This is one I will be continuing my experiment with painting on photos on. If it turns out as I hope, I might post in later in the week. No promises, though.
This is another photo of the Coquille River. I was able to park off on the south side of the bridge and walk back up towards the bridge itself. Trouble was when I walked to the end of the bike lane, and before the little sidewalk of the bridge, I was really walking against the on-coming traffic coming over the bridge. I thought to myself...."this is not a good position to be in." And I was a little embaressed for doing such a dumb counter this, I refused to look at any of the on-coming drivers. Something like an ostrich hiding it's head in the sand.
I shortened my shoot and decided to not walk to the middle of the bridge like I'd wanted. Common sense reminded me if I lost my balance on that narrow sidewalk, the results would not be good......and I was getting nervous. I did like the somewhat wider view of the river than I've usually gotten........and better than trying to snap a clear shot while driving at, 55 MPH. Still, I wish I could have gone further up........maybe another time.
Hope you have a great tomorrow and don't get caught in the snow that's been promised. Build a snowman!! Than take a picture of it. Send it to me and I'll post it on my blog!

Monday, February 21, 2011


A few more photos that I took last week. There was one evening after some rain when the late afternoon sky was just incredible. That's what this first photo is all about. Looks like Heaven is speaking, huh?
Speaking of weather (sort of.....) have you read where we are supposed to have quite an artic blast coming down from the north mid-week. Snow is forcast for here in Port Orford.... probably, it won't amount to much or stick around very long, but I do remember the snow and ice storm when we first moved to Port Orford..........Everything shut down, except everyone's water pipes that broke. This one is supposed to have record lows so you might want to be prepared.
I'll be cooking up a big pot of split pea soup. That's nice comfort food for a cold day......

This photo was taken on a very calm day up on a portion of Davis Slough, outside of Coos Bay. I'm going to print it on pastel paper and try out some paint or pastel on it. I"m still in my "experimenting" mode.
So, tomorrow we have mail delivered again and the work week starts anew. Have a good one everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


One of my favorite historical figures has always been Abraham Lincoln and all that he has come to stand for. My father and his twin sister, Dorothy, shared that birthdate with Honest Abe. I still have a very old doll from an aunt's collection that is of Lincoln......made of cloth and plaster. One of my family treasures. And of course, George Washington, being our first president and born in February also, shares in the celebration. I have to admit that most President's Day, I think little if anything about what the holiday stands for, other than it's one of our national mail and a day off from working (back when). It's an added bonus of writing my little blog that it gave me reason to think about it.........So many things that I and maybe others, take for granted with hardly a passing thought. A friend mentioned to me recently about striving to "embracing the moment". I loved those words! Another much loved family member talks about how joyful it is when she's able to live in "the Now". And maybe that would include being a little more thoughtful of what President's Day stands for. Both of these photos are more explorations of mine. The first is of a dried and bedraggled by winter, thistle. I purposely tried blurring it.........I had no problem there! 8-) Then lighting it against the faded background. The second is of another dried grass stem..........I like the flow of it as well as the depth of focus. Like I said........just experimenting.......seeing what might work and hope that I don't cringe when looking back at these in another few weeks!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's COLD out!! I can't imagine what the folks back east have to endure!! The outside thermometer lowered to 38 degrees and that's usually when it starts snowing........not sticking just yet, but definitely some of the white stuff coming down.
I thought I'd show you what I've been experimenting with the last couple of days.......painting on some of my photographs. There are a number of various mediums that can be used and so far I've only used oils and acrylics. I have a couple of new ideas rumbling around and will see how those experiments work out. I've been wanting to try this for almost a year and had some black and whites specifically for this purpose. I'm starting out with florals since I think I might really get some interesting images incorporating both the photograph and the paint. Seems like lately I've had an urge to pick up a brush again and this is the perfect way to merge two artistic art forms into one. Things need to be perfected still, but I'd like to hear what you think........

And in the meantime, it's a good way to forget all about how cold it is and how antsy I'm getting by becoming completely engaged in right brain fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's in some unique way. Some of you might have had dinner out, received a beautiful card or even a spectacular kiss!! Our Valentine's Day can also become special by thinking with love towards someone special who might not be able to be with us right now.......however you spend it, may yours be filled with affection, friendship and love!
These two photos were taken from up on Coast Guard Hill here in Port Orford. I was happy to see that they were blurred because that wind was whipping up into a wild frenzy, letting me rockn'roll!! The first photo is viewing Humbug Mountain with "her head in the clouds"......that always means rain.
The second is from the lovely coastal garden of Karen and Jim Auborn. Love the contrast in color and texture of the rosemary and grass, don't you?
So, hope your Monday is off to a good rest of the week...........stay dry and hopefully earth-bound...........It sure is windy and wet!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


These two photos were fun to take and play around with, editing. I'd seen similiar abstracts by other photographers and have been wanting to try this for a while. I liked the way the forest above turned out. I have others that I'll post every so often as fill ins. The forest photo I simply moved my camera up and down while snapping. I don't know if this was moving the camera up or it was a down-shot. Doesn't matter, really. The one below of the grass, I twisted the camera.

We had to make a trip up to Coos Bay today. I'd forgotten how traffic was pretty heavy on Saturday's. We stayed away from driving through Charleston since they were having an annual crab feed and we know how packed that little town can get!! And then there were the couple of drivers moseying along on 101 at a whopping 30 MPH!! Makes you understand how road-rage can take over some drivers.
But I did accomplish returning the first Kindle and getting another that will, hopefully, give me no problems. I should have a book downloaded before the night has passed. In fact, I need to do that now........
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone, and if you do go out in this blustery weather be careful to not become airbourne! It is windy!
And a P.S. to friends Karen & Doug.........the bagels were wonderful!! Thanks for thinking of us. Yum!! I'm now a 'bagel-believer'!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hasn't this weather been just wonderful??! Such spring-like, balmy and warm days....Norm's lettuce seeds are beginning to sprout in the greenhouse. I saw a magnolia tree in full and glorious bloom up in Coos Bay yesterday and many early blooming fruit trees are showing color, too. In addition to that bain-of-all-allergy-sufferer's: the acacia trees. Too soon!!............looks like a return to winter weather with increasing cold, wet and windy conditions, day by day. So, don't pull out those shorts and tank tops just yet.

I allowed impulse buying to bite me yesterday..........while getting a new mobile mouse for my laptop (I think I hear 'someone' yelling Halleuja!) I saw a Kindle reader. I've been wanting one for a while but hadn't researched it yet. But the price was pretty good and I bought one, all excited in registering it with Amazon and ordering my first book. It was supposed to come through in about a minute..........nothing.........I waited 10 minutes.......nothing. Seems I need to have a Wi-Fi to receive it. Do any of you share in my resistence and confusion about all things electronic?? So, as I understand it, I'd now need a special router to make this Kindle work. Which I don't want to do. So, this weekend I'll be heading back up to return it, go over to Fred Meyer's to buy the correct Kindle.........It costs a little more but I think will eventually pay for itself over and over considering the money I spend now on ordering books plus postage and handling, of course. And I don't want to even know what I'd need a Wi-Fi for!

So..........the photos: This first one is of our own Battlerock standing like a monolith in the Pacific and under pretty ominous looking clouds. If it wasn't for that green grass in the foreground, you'd almost think this was a black and white, huh?

This second photo was of our Port Orford working dock. See the fishing boats off to the right of the dock involved in some activity. And the dock itself looks like it's fairly busy to, boats.....and I know that Griff's was handling their usual lunch crowd although you can't see it here........the parking lot up at that end was filled with cars. Locals and tourists, alike.

Tomorrow's Friday already!! I hope you all have great plans for the weekend. You might be able to get in some outdoor chores and fun (that's better!) before the rains return. Enjoy! With an emphasis on "Joy"!

Monday, February 7, 2011


We went to pay the electric bill today and I just so happened to have my camera with me! What are the odds?? We drove on over the our beautiful mosaic kiosk, compliments of Port Orford fantastic artist, Cheryl Morse and those clouds were too fantastic to pass up. Before I even aimed seaward, this pretty little seagull decided to pose for me. Those who don't live in Port Orford might not know how many really talented, prolific and fantastic bird photographers there are here. I photography seagulls......pretty much ONLY seagulls. There are a lot of them.....they aren't afraid of me and like this one, will even land close by. They're the perfect birds for me to shoot. And someone needs to elevate the status of one of our most common feathered friends.

This second shot was looking down towards the dock with one fishing boat coming in for the day. I liked this one a lot and it cleans up very nicely when viewed on Large.
Then our friend, Rick came over for another afternoon of trying to straighten out my new computer.......not 'try'.........that would be me. He actually DID it. Norm and I call him Mr. Wizard. And it's wonderful the have all this working as it supposed it........Thank you, yet again, Mr. Francona.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A few photos from a walk on Vista...........


I have a new laptop computer and am trying to get used to it....especially for my photos. I'm very surprised to see a tremendous difference in the color, clarity and depth of how they look when they're posted and away from my editing software. Lots more experimenting and work to do! It's been a long time since I've been able to post my blog and thought, what the heck......I'll just go for it.
I wanted a laptop so I could sit with Norm in the evening and work on my photography and not leave him all by his 'lonesome' while I was in the other room. We're watching the Superbowl right now......what an exciting game!! Right down to the wire with the Packers packing it in! And the commercials were great.....almost all of them...and there were a lot. Even the new car commercials.

Both of these photos were taken down on Arizona over Garrison Lake. BTW, is it Lake Garrison or Garrison Lake? It was another one of those beautiful afternoons we've seen a lot of lately. My evergreen clematis is beginning to burst open in bloom....some have already. Tomorrow I'll put some shots of them up and share a little bit of our Oregon coast early spring.

And now I need to get back to my photo editing and see how I can improve these. Hope everyone has a great Monday ........ another start to a new week of opportunities, huh?