Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, the best laid plans........etc. etc. There was no time today for software learning.
(Gosh Darn!! I'm disappointed!) Instead, Norm picked up some live crabs down at
the dock. Out came the big pot and get the water to boiling. In goes the rock salt, and
then the crab. I took photos of the entire process but the photos of the crab going into
the pot would have me getting 'hate-mail', I'm sure. Far too graphic!! Heck! I'd send
myself hate-mail! So, the top photo is the crabs alive and in the bucket, and second
after they were cooked. After the crab is cooked, the dinner calls for fresh bread, so
out come the flour, yeast, etc., etc.....the dough is rising as I type. Since I had to....
HAD TO, absolutely! put away the cookies, candy, snacks, etc., etc. then maybe I'll
get back into a healthy eating cycle again. And tomorrow, I will attack the editing
system with gusto!! Yes, I will!
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We viewed an interesting sky tonight. In the top photo you can still see a
little patch of pink against the fading blue sky.....along with the thunder clouds
looking dark and ominous. My niece up north was seeing snow in
the Pearl district of Portland. It feels like winter to me......Went up to Coos Bay
today and it must be a super plus looked like the Coos River was going to
flood again. It was raining pretty good but how I wanted to stop and get some
shots of the moss or lichen on the trees. I think they were mostly alders and
looked like trees that were thickly in bloom instead of bare leafed. Their light green color stood out in contrast against the darker forest in the background
of the evergreens. Beautiful!
Tomorrow I stick close to home and re-attack my photo editing system....with
re-newed vigor and confidence!! Although, in the meantime, thank God for my
little Picasa!
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Monday, December 28, 2009


Too many things to try and learn.....argghhh! A new camera....that's OK....I can at least
take a decent photo like this one from Christmas. Beautiful doll, isn't it? I do love
the clarity of my new Nikon although I found out it isn't fool-proof. If I'm moving
it will still take a blurry picture. No, the frustrating part of my day is my new
editing software. And it's not that it's that hard, it's that I'm trying to save time by
thinking I can just figure it out as I go along rather than reading "The Book". That's
one of life's least favorite things.....reading instruction manuals.
Admit it find them pretty boring too, right? So monotonous they work better than Ambien.
In the package I received
there is a video that I can watch. I'll try that first before hitting the enormous book
that grows bigger and thicker everytime I look at it in frustration. In the meantime, I'm
happy to still have Picasa, my faithful little, SIMPLE!! system.
And, Hmmmmmmm?? I wonder if the post-Christmas sugar overload has anything to
do with today's 'angst'??
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Sunday, December 27, 2009


One of the things I noticed about developing an eye for photography is
how so many things I once over-looked as being mundane, have such
interest and beauty about them. I can't say I've ever had much of an eye
for colored glass and we have a great many wonderful glass blowers who
are true artists living and working in the south coast area. The above items are wonderful
to observe when the sun is low in the sky and shining through them.......
and even more so when I crop and enlarge them. Then the details and
nuances really stand out. So.....enjoy and admire with me.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had such a wonderful Christmas Day. We went to our friend's home for
an afternoon and evening of lights and a charming holiday atmosphere. The
dining room looked like an intimate Christmas cave.....with more lights,
garlands of various textures, finely detailed paper snowflakes, poinsettia, and
the beautiful little Christmas tree in photo #2.
The conversation was lively and filled with lots of laughs, some jokes of course,
some serious discussions, and just the warmth of spending time with good friends.
The dinner was absolutely fantastic, let me tell you!!! Every item on the menu was a
special treat in culinary tastes. Red peppers stuffed with what only God and Ed know!
The turkey, garlic mashed potatoes and turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy all made
with as much attention as if it was the central focus of the meal. And of course, the desserts....
a pecan pie made with REAL Texas pecans, and a yummy cheesecake with two sauces
rounded off the well as rounding off this happy guest....especially around the hips!
I appreciated this entire Christmas season which was filled with many of the things
that I truly value.....all involving the specialness of endearing relationships. I hope all of you
carry the same warm glow in your memories of Christmas of 2009.........the bitter-sweet as
well as the joy.
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Thursday, December 24, 2009


seen best in large............
Wishing all of you a very special Christmas, where ever you are and whatever you
are doing..........May it be warm and memorable, filled with the love and hope that
Christmas represents. God Bless you and yours!

With much love,
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This lovely Christmas tree was in a Coos Bay beauty salon. I love their
choice of green ball ornaments against the dark red wall. It makes a
pretty sight, doesn't it. It's enough to let me overlook the smell of hair
We're really getting close to it now, aren't we? Tomorrow is Christmas
Eve and it's a night that brings me closer to the real meaning of Christmas.
I don't have a tree up this year but in past Christmas', I'd sit by myself after Norm went to bed, and
in the dark living room with just the Christmas tree lights on along with
my Mexican Nativity scene glowing......and just contemplate. Times past with family
and friends, travels taken which were represented by various ornaments I'd
pick up in foreign lands, ornaments that were made by people now passed from
my life, or children who've grown up and are beyond those things or Christmas
cards that are from my Mom, who's been gone now many years.
But in looking at her hand-written greeting and still giggling a little at what
she wrote.........still corny and much missed..... and beloved.
So, tomorrow night will have no tree, but I just might sit by myself
by the fireplace which will have low flames or glowing embers and
simply contemplate................and give my Thanks.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


OK......the holidays can be stressful with shopping, mailings, baking, wrapping,
etc. etc. etc. and all the while everyone you see is happily wishing a Merry Christmas!
Good stuff, right? And it is good's just that at times there is SO much good stuff
all at once! And the smile starts feeling like it's made of plaster of paris. I was at my hairdressor's today, and everyone was really feeling the strain....the mood of the salon was kinetic and noisy.....then I start feeling stressed.......So I take a breath,try and set my prioties aright (yet again??) and try not
to take everything that needs to be done quite so seriously. And look at the goofy little
bird in the photo above. Happily celebrating his (has to be a male, right?) Christmas,
looking odd, not caring one bit and wearing a silly little grin. Things will work out....they always do.

I find meaning in the strangest places, huh? Whatever works!


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Monday, December 21, 2009


This little basket of pinecones from various
local trees match beautifully with the bright
red balls and ribbon. From a business here
in Port Orford it fit perfectly with the festive red jacket of one of the women who worked there.
And, never to be overlooked was Nancy's glorious smile and contagious laugh.
That's enough to brighten anyone's Holiday cheer.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is another one of the festive counter displays up at North Bend Medical
Center. A simple dried arrangements enhanced with some small pretty lights, and
"Poof!"....there you go...another way of someone saying "I wish you merry" to all who
stop and look. I find it particularly touching, when I stop and think about it, to
see this little bit of kind-greeting in a setting where most of us will have our minds
on a present ailment of some sort......some pain we want alleviated. Kindnesses shown
at this time of year might
offer a healing for a different kind of ailment and.........(sigh) if only I could remember
to recognize this throughout the rest of the year...
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Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm hearing from another room the news about the freezing weather and
all the snow due in the eastern states today and then some. This tree at the
Pony Village Mall comes the closest to looking like the real snow laden boughs
on a tree. Pretty, huh?
And!! I'm finished my shopping and wrapping and for the first year am ahead
of the game!! Yaaaa! Maybe I'll do a little baking tomorrow, then give it away
so I don't eat it! There's a certain lady who is one of my friend's on Facebook who
is presenting a serious temptation this year with all the wonderful recipes she's putting out
there. So....the question is "Is that naughty or nice?" OR "will I be naughty or nice
when I eat those wonderful cookies and candies?"
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Friday, December 18, 2009


I pretty much love the weather here on the south coast and the few places I've lived that would have winter (or spring!) snow wasn't much of a hardship before it melted. The time we had that pristine, white, clean
wonderland was pretty magical to my eyes. I've never, ever been able to capture with a camera the full impact of everything clothed in winter white....maybe because part of that scene was the hushed silence that was part of that special time. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have just enough snow so as to not inconvenience anyone but let a little of an old fashioned Currier and Ives or Norman Rockwell wistfulness into our little town? I think probably the closest I'll make it, this year anyway, will be the Brothers Snowmen in the above photo. One of the scenes at North Bend Medical Center clinic.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009


I had a doctor's appointment today and where I go, goes my camera. All the
different doctor's windows have their own season decorations up.....I'll be treating
you to some of them, hopefully, through Christmas Day. This particular office
front is always ahead of the rest with ANY holiday or special occasion. I think
their wreath is very warm looking with the lights and bright red ribbon...and the
gold ornaments add just the right touch.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is another borrowed Christmas scene. One of the loveliest poinsettia I've
seen this year. A new friend had received it as a gift.....I think.....from another of
her friends. Could have been a relative though. (I know....I'm babbling again.)
In a day or two if it stops raining, I'll have to go down into town and do some
shooting of more Christmas cheer. And all of you stay warm and dry.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I haven't put up a tree this year.....first time ever. I thought I'd feel very gloomy about
the lack of lights, old friends in the shape of ornaments, travels taken, and family
made ornaments when children were young. I still have a mis-shaped snowman
gingerman who only stays together after 30 years solely by love, I'm sure. But I'm OK with
least for this one year. I'm absolutely loving other people's trees this season. Their
wreaths, bright ornaments and bright lights......outdoor displays.....all beautiful. This
one posted here is from my friend Nanci and Ray's. I got a number of interesting
photos out of it which you undoubtedly will be seeing over the next week or so.
Every tree is so beautiful and lovely.......warm and inviting again, brushing away the
cold weather chill. A warmth of the heart rather than the sun.......A time to be thankful.
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Monday, December 14, 2009


I took this about a week ago when we had such incredible weather.....well, except for
the cold......but this view of Battlerock basking in the late sun was so beautiful I
wanted to share it. I debated whether to crop out of part of the boat in the lower
right, but would have had to also lose the tail-end of Battlerock. So I compromised....
and all of you just pretend it's not there.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was out walking and crossed paths with one of our nice neighbors, Charlie.
Charlie has the two above Boston Bulldogs. In the top photo, this gal doesn't have the best
eyesight but when I get close enough for her to recognize she just becomes sort of
unglued. Back goes her ears as well as her that typical doggie grin. It always
makes me laugh in return. Here, though, she's trying to figure out what that strange clicking noise is that's coming from the 'whatever' in front of my face.
The second photo is her offspring, I believe. Still a puppy, she REALLY gets excited and demands pets, nips out of your hand (always meant in the friendliest way, of course!) and any attention you can manage to give her.
Notice the wild-eyed look......she's saying "I MUST have another pet!! I MUST, MUST...MUST!!!
I think the two of them looked pretty decked out for the holiday season with their bright
red halters, don'cha think?
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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Two of our grandson's came down for a quick visit's always so
good to see them. The cold over in the valley was much colder (9 degrees!) than here on the
coast.......and freezing rain was a concern. But they made it over before it started raining
or sleeting and thankfully they didn't slip and slide too much when they got back to
Eugene. Miles, their brother couldn't make it down this time or the photo would have
been complete. But it's still a nice memory photo with all three grinning their big
Smith smiles.
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Friday, December 11, 2009


There are times when the heart speaks through silence.
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