Monday, March 15, 2010


Part of spring cleaning has to be applied to the garden. This is last year's lamb's ear stalks. Lamb's ear, AKA Stachys Byzantina is one of my favorites. It's drought resistant, unusual texture and I find it attractive to fill in some of the bare spots in the garden.

There are many times when I crop my photos and get these incredibly interesting closeups that contain more detail than I'd ever been aware of. Makes you marvel at times.
That brings to mind a photo I just saw from one of my Flickr extreme closeup of a fly in a flower. The detail on the fly was amazing.....all those little hairs and all. Course, all I could think of was a squeeky little voice crying " me, help me!"
Thankfully, the fly had one of the standard fly's head and not one from some B-actor from Hollywood. Anyone who has seen the movie will know exactly what I'm talking about.

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