Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have a few things I've managed to pick up here and there, but still a long way from where I usually am by this time of year. I was going to go up to Coos Bay today, but the weather promised to be nasty so I thought I'd go another day. I should have gone anyway since today has been one of those that I accomplished pretty much N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! I made up a pot of stew and that's about it. Pathetic for productivity.

I have started some of my Christmas cards though. I thought this year I'd make my own using my photos. Takes a bit more time but I think it will be fun and a little different. I wish I had taken this first photo earlier and had prints made for cards........it does look like Christmas, don't you think?? This was taken last week when we got that unusual artic blast for a day or so.

The second shot was also taken a while ago. I tried using my new software plug-in and I sort of like the intensity of it. I also used it on the snowy trees but you need to see the photo enlarged to notice the difference.

Well, I'm off to write up a few more Christmas cards........stay warm and dry and have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


A little of this and a little of that........rain and sun. This first photo was taken last evening as the sun was setting. I have a new 'plug-in' software in addition to my Adobe Photoshop and I'm still trying to get it right. So, bear with me. The second photo was taken a few weeks ago. It's a white mountain ash or in Ireland and Scotland, it's known as the Rowan tree........full of faerie tales and myths of the magical powers of so much of nature including the Rowan tree. They grow wild over there and those trees that I saw along road sides were generally skimpy and not too remarkable in appearance. I saw one at the home of Robert Burns, though, that was magnificant!! Tall and thick with beautiful golden and red leaves. It must have been about 20 feet tall and then and there I found I wanted a rowan tree in my own yard. I looked but no one around here had ever heard of this particular tree and I figured that it only grew in Europe. Then one day at Bi-Mart.......there it was!! In fact two of them, only called white mountain ash. But it was my long lost tree!! I snatched up the two of them and they've done beautifully in our yard. White blossoms in the spring, red berries in the fall and the beautiful colors of autumn in October! And almost 20 feet and widening more all the time. Haven't found the faerie-folk yet though.

Have a wonderful Monday to start the new week off right! Time to get into the holiday season and feel the joy!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi Everyone.......Norm and I are both back home now after a grueling month of some serious health issues for Norm.......a couple of surgeries.......and now the happy road to recovery and good health. I was staying in Coos Bay while Norm was in the hospital and completely centered and concentrated on everything to do with him. No photography or blogging. He's just remarkable in his recovering process. He was so debilitated and weak not that long ago and is now moving around, lifting firewood when I'm not looking and starting to gain some of those 20 lbs. he's lost. While going through all the ups and downs of this personal crisis, we realized how very lucky we were to have each other. There are many, many people who don't have anyone. We just can't imagine how extremely hard that must be. And we squeeze each other's hand just a little tighter.

And there have been so many angels in our corner to help and encourage, to love and pray for us that it's been truly humbling. Love to you all.......and you know who you are. One of those angels, Nancy and her daughter Sherry, brought us over a delicious platter of turkey and all the trimmings for our Thanksgiving dinner. As they were coming in the house, Sherry, who I hadn't met before, told me she had something to show me that would surprise me very much. Well, THAT was putting it mildly!! See this hummingbird tattoo below?? Sherry had her boyfriend follow one of my posted photos to have her foot inked!!! Pretty cool, huh? I felt very complimented. AND the dinner was delicious! These following shots were of our snow day of earlier in the week. We don't get snow here often, which is fine with some people, but if I can stay home and not worry about driving in it, I love it. For the short time it falls and hopefully sticks, the world is transformed into a quiet, pristine wonderland. Think Norman Rockwell........
Now I'm looking forward to getting the house looking ready for Christmas. I haven't done any shopping yet but I'll get there. I really couldn't face all the Black Friday sales. Many started in the middle of the night, for Pete's Sake!!! That's just crazy. Guess I just love my flannel sheets too much.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a safe and meaningful holiday season. And I will, too.