Thursday, March 18, 2010


We were coming home from our weekly up in Coos Bay this afternoon and I was trying to think of an easy to get to place that I haven't photographed yet......Ah Ha!! Said she!! Bullard's Beach! Driving in, I remembered what a neatly kept, nice State Park it was. It looked liked they had yurts for rental visits, too. We drove on out to the lighthouse and I took a couple of shots of the backside of it. It was pretty windy.....looks like our north wind is getting in practice for the summer. So.....I didn't really feel like crawling around to the west side. I will next time. This other photo might not appeal to too many others, but I like rocks and I like grasses. They both have interesting textures, especially in contrasts to one another.
Today it was so wonderful to see and feel the sun! I think it might last for another couple of days so my garden will be getting so well needed attention. Lots of sore muscles coming up!!

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