Sunday, February 28, 2010


They're coming fast and from all directions!! Our pear trees have you can see here so does the flowering quince and some blue bulb, whose name I don't know. The evergreen clematis is still blooming and when it's not raining and windy, the aroma is wonderful!! What I need to do now, until it's completed, is to turn in my camera for a trowel and my clippers until all of last years dead is cut away, making room for the new. Plenty of weeds to pull and all the grass to mow down. Ever wish you had a that would know a weed from a keeper? I used to have one. I wanted her to eat down the poison oak. Nope....she left that alone and went after anything else she could find that was green. One day I decided I just had to get rid of it and with poloski (not sure about the spelling of that tool) I set out to chop out each and every one. After a little while I needed to take a short break. Looking behind me....there she was just gobbling down all the poison oak I had gotten up. I figured she liked to be served her the little Queen she thought she was. I had a hard time liking that goat and we (excuse the pun here) locked horns more than once.

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