Sunday, October 31, 2010


I think everyone is out Halloween-ing tonight.........if not Trick-or-Treaters at the door then a Halloween-Hoot party. I do miss the children coming to the door. We live in an out-of-the-way country road and have never gotten any little Trickster's visit. Every year since we have lived here, Norm has bought a couple of bags of candy.....just in case........We would then have to dole out the neglected treats to ourselves. Like either one of us really need that!! So, for the last couple of years we have left temptation at the store. Now we're hooked on Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches. So good! And we had the best dinner last night thanks to Karen and Doug.......a wonderful and delicious carrot with ginger soup. Some crusty bread made the dinner complete.........I have the recipe, which is far simpler than I'd have thought and is even good for you. So....that balances out the Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches, right??

These are a couple of photos from last year that I've re-worked. Today was very gray and drizzly with a little rain. Hopefully tomorrow will be clearing up a bit cause we have another trip to Coos Bay to make. Just safer driving. Now that Norm is beginning to feel better than last week.......he cares a lot more how I drive. I've mentioned before that I AM a good driver. But when you're driving with someone who is spotting every little flaw, it can make you nervous, right??
But........I just figure that he's temporarily a bit grumpy and Hey! if he wants me to drive 40 mph, then 40 mph is what I'll drive. But if we turn up late for our appointment, I won't say a word.......just point my finger at him!
Isn't it wonderful that we can still bicker over silly things??

I hope everyone has a great Monday.........begin the week off expecting it to be happy and successful in all ways.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Both these photos were taken the other day after the big storm we had. And I just got a plug-in software program that I'm trying out. Much to learn there yet, but already I can tell it's going to be a lot of fun.............Thank you, Randy!!

More doctors appointments today and coming up next both Norm and I are really looking forward to a few days to just kick back, watch football or maybe some corny movie and just BE. I might even get an hour or so to go out to do some shooting. Every time I ride by the Sixes River I see at least one fisherman standing in those tall rubber boots, out in the middle of the river fishing. I'd love to get that shot......I'll keep my fingers crossed that he hasn't reached his limit yet and will be out there when I go take of look.
Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the cozy indoor weekend.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I saw a photo the other day on a photo site I subscribe to that I liked a lot......a closeup of brightly colored autumn leaves. This afternoon before the rains started in again, I went down to the yards to collect some various leaves of color from some shrubs and trees. Not quite as they had it, but ok, I think. I had to climb up on top of the dining room table with my tripod at all sorts of odd angles trying to get what I wanted. I used my "Nifty-Fifty" which is a stationary lens. So.........a little cheery color for this gray afternoon. Hope everyone is having a good week.........half-way mark again, so start planning that fun-filled weekend, all you Party-Animals!!! And in the meantime have a good Thursday! We have another doctor's's that for something different, huh?? (excuse the's really only just a little bit). And it's helping us to memorize Hwy 101 like the back of our hand. That might come in handy sometime......well, it's possible.........

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As many of you know, this past week and a half have been pretty horrible for Norm and myself. We went to see a surgeon today and on the way driving home I was thinking to myself the importance and exuberant feelings in certain words we hear........words like "Fixable" "comfortable" "pain-free" "cancer free"

"normal" "no serious signs of" and how about the one I happened to be feeling right not........."so very, very grateful!!" More tests to go and some little things that need healing, but very manageable. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you who sent prayers, encouragement, support and good thoughts.......
Love you all!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Quite a show Ma Nature put on for us this weekend, huh? Especially yesterday......water spouts, enormous waves and lots of the wet stuff falling......and today has been pretty wet, too. Every once in a while, a downpour!! I needed to go out for a couple of errands and grabbed my camera. I thought I'd see if the seas were as dramatic as reported yesterday. No, I missed the big show but today's waves weren't anything you wanted to get near or turn your back on. I went to Battle Rock and then to the dock. The clouds were approaching that spectacular level but in almost black and white I don't know how well it actually shows up. Same with the photo of the "Gate".......if you live around Port Orford, you know that it's not an everyday event that has the wave surges hitting so high on the rocks. I had one of the nicest surprises today! Norm and I have been pretty house-bound this past week and my friend, Nanci, knew that today wasn't my she came to the door after lunch with a TRIPLE (that's the big 3!!) chocolate chip mint waffle ice cream cone from Sirens!! It was the best ever!! I think it might have had something extra in a lot of heart!!
How lucky am I to have such a great and thoughtful friend and neighbor?
Wishing everyone a great start to your week and a terrific Tuesday!! Keep that smile going! You never know who might need it.

Friday, October 22, 2010


A good day for indoor photos. The day was beautiful this morning.....and as long as I needed to drive up to Bandon, that worked nicely. Now, about 4:30, it the wind is starting to whip up a little and in reading the weather forecast it sounds like we'll have some high winds and rain. And everyone knows the weather forecasting is always right on, right?? 8-))

These two photos were taken at WildSpring in the guest hall. A beautiful little bowl holding the fruit, and a Chinese Checkers game that I fooled around with a little on Photoshop. I was out in the garden a while ago and was surprised to see what a large batch of chard and beet greens I was able to harvest. Enough for dinner tonight and into soup on Saturday. Tomorrow will be a good day to make up soup and bake up bread. Comfort food along with that fireplace burning nicely. Hope you all stay warm and dry over the weekend........get a good book to read and a warm cup-a-whatever and you're set! I think the Port Orford library is holding on of their book sales tomorrow........perfect timing, huh? Whatever you do, have a great weekend with safe traveling, if you must....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When my nephew was a little guy and I had found him a deer antler out in back of our house and he brought it to school on "Show and Tell" Day......he announced that this deer antler had come from "the wilds of Oregon". Said in an ominous voice like Port Orford was like the darkest of Africa. And probably to him at that time and coming from a larger city in California, it did seem that way. Well, here below we have a view of Battlerock looking from the dock. It always surprises me how much smaller it looks from this angle than from up by Redfish. And there really was a battle up there when Oregon was a wild place. I guess we really don't have to travel all that far to find some of those same conditions......minus the least the same kind with guns, bows and arrows. Now the battles and wars are launched with words. But there continues to sit Battlerock.....oblivious to it all. How did you all like our misty morning? Quite a change from yesterday, huh?
I guess our sun will remain shy for a few days but in both these two shots, it was out in full glory. This second photo here is one of my favorite scenes every fall. Probably because we have few maple trees around in Cedar Terrace that I can see so I treasure this little display like it's my own treasure. I took this with my little Kodak......resolution isn't all that great but as long as no one looks TOO closely, the colors can be enjoyed.
Hope everyone's week is going well........It's getting to be time to start up that fireplace again. We lit a fire this morning and actually did NOT drive outselves out of the house into the cool. But, you know we have to do at least one 'swelter-first-of-the-year-fire' to kick off the season right. Now we get down to the serious business of feeling warm and cozy.
Have a wonderful Thursday and remember to give hugs freely! They feel warm and cozy, too.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Wasn't today pretty? Just a perfect autumn day..........that wonderful nip to the air and the leaves of the maples are getting prettier by the day. I needed to go to the post office this morning and Norm was feeling better so I had him drive me down to the dock for the photos. Most people don't get too excited about pampas grass. I love to see the sunlight backlighting those gracefully swaying fronds. This one that I've posted here was down by the Fishermen's Memorial.

As a matter of fact, so is the second grassy photo. I liked the different look of Humbug being blurred in the background. Just another perspective for a change of pace.
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Ours was pretty good. We went for a short walk after lunch, then a trip up to Bandon for another blood test for Norm. We were noticing how the traffic still seems busy........almost like it was still summer. Usually all the tourists head for home by now........and maybe that's a lot of what we're running into. Or locals wanting to get seasonal chores done before the bad weather comes. I have one pile of that autumn pruning in the garden that is just begging me to continue. Ah well........all in good time.

Have a great Tuesday.........and remember to BREATH!!! We have the world's best air here on the south coast.......take advantage of it. 8-))

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Oh, What a day! I should have realized when I woke up and felt a dread before I even put my foot on the floor. We received a call from Norm's new doctor that we needed to come in that morning. Not a good sign when this was not a scheduled for the next number of hours before we saw Dr. Scott, we imagined the very worst. The news was that Norm was so anemic that Dr. Scott was surprised he was able to remain upright. So, off we went to the South Coos Hospital for an all-day and night adventure in the art of accepting transfusions. They really have wonderful people working in that hospital......really quality and very professional staff. We finally arrived home after midnight, somewhat traumatized. I think I wrote a while ago about how 'someone' who will remain unnamed, snores and wakes me up and I feel like placing my pillow over the face of said 'someone'. Well, early this morning I awoke to The-Snore. A knee-jerk reaction had me saying.....well...."Ommmmmm". Then I just lay there and realized what a wonderful sound 'someone's' snoring was to hear.

So, there will be a lot of medical stuff and tests coming up until we find and fix what needs fixing. Obviously, I'm not going to visit my niece this next week as planned, but my blog postings might be a little here and there, hit and miss.
There were a couple of funny incidents yesterday, in spite of the anxiety.....or maybe because of it. Laughter can be such a great stress reducer. Well, we were waiting in the lobby for Norm to be called in to begin the transfusion and a nurse came out and called his we approached her she said that she would have found him. She was "looking for the pale one". It was just the little chuckle we needed at that time. And another little old lady, an inpatient, was taking a stroll with her son and using her walker. The receptionist commenting on how she could be running a race with that walker.....In a little ole' lady voice and had a slight country twang and quiver to it, she said "Honey.......You should have seen me run when I was in school!! Well, I could just run faster than ANYONE else......No one could catch me!! Course, look at me now." But she really was traveling a pretty good pace. Cute as a button!!!
The first photo........way back up there at the top is the very last of the Goodbye Polio rose. No more buds are showing and the weather is definitely turning so until next spring, that's it. It has become my favorite rose and if you see where you can purchase one from Port Orford Rotary, do so. You won't be sorry. It's done beautifully in a half-barrel on our deck.
The second photo was from WildSpring. The focus is on the grasses but you can see that lovely sculpture softly in the background.
OK....hope you're all enjoying a great weekend........laugh heartily, cook up a pot of soup and stay warm........Be happy!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Or, "Here's Lookin At You, Kid" and the eyes definitely have it in this shot, huh?
This pretty girl was in a fish tank at a restaurant in Charleston. I thought she was particularly friendly since she seemed to pose for the camera, would follow my hand, and did all but grin at me. I found out that what she and her more-timid mate do is to.........beg!! Good place for it at the entrance into the restaurant. The waitress told me that there used to be a dish of fish food and people would go a little overboard in feeding the fish but it did teach them to beg whenever anyone stops to notice them. And here I thought it was my sparkling personality!! 8-))
As long as we're talking fish (we are, aren't we?) Here's one of a dolphin hidden in the grasses at WildSpring. Didn't I tell you that I took a lot of photos?? And this image below is of one of the items in the Guest Hall and is for sale. I think it's my favorite of all the other items shown. And I love the fact that the egg has no face. Usually, if it's Humpty-Dumpty, there is a face drawn on...........I like the minimal, unadorned look. Leaves your imagination room to create.....or not.

Quiet day around our place. Next week I'm off visiting my niece and her beautiful family so I'm sorting through what I might bring. Always!! Always, too much! And then when I get where I'm going, I wish I had packed something additional. It's as regular a happening as that 'first-fire-of-the-season' I wrote about......and the promises to not repeat the overpacking. I'm beginning to think I might be a little on the predictable side. 8-) Anyway, my blog might be posted a little on the hit & miss side but undoubtedly I'll want to report my adventures of the day along with some photos.

Wow!! Friday coming up already!! Still one day to make great plans for the weekend. The weather is still cooperating but it won't be long before the rains return so get yourselves outside and enjoy!!


It's hard not to admire Mother Nature's handiwork these days......everywhere you look there's another fabulous display. Even this 'ghost tree' below could never be known as just a 'dead tree', at least not by me. Not when I look at the symmetry of it's branches and the way the light hits just right on one side, illuminating against the blue sky. Many of you already know I love the differences in trees......each one being celebrated with it's own unique individuality. These two images are from WildSpring. And as much as I love trees, I love grasses equally......maybe more. The grace and sway in our coastal breezes I could watch for hours. More to be seen of the Duartes sense of style in allowing nature to draw the eye to another particular sculpture or would it be visa-versa? This scene of the maiden in the grasses is leading down to the hot tub and that gorgeous vista of the Pacific. It sets the mood and is meditative rather than exhilerating.
Yesterday was another fabulous autumn day but one that held a lot of running around for us. New doctor for Norm that I think will work very well in Norm's favor. Whatever physical problems we might be having to deal with, it's always such a relief to finally know exactly WHAT you're needing to deal with. I think we regain some sense of control over a portion of our destinies once we can attach a name to the mystery. Then we can go forward with, or developing the best plan for us. So, that's a bit of what went on yesterday.
Then after dinner I met with a new study group that follows the same spiritual path as my own. In fact the one I usually go to once a week and the new one will be merging. That holds such a positive move from my point of view and I'm very much looking forward to it. Lots of very good energy!! This last image is of a few catalpa leaves on a tree in our garden. Instead of just one color turning, it shows the many variations of it's progress into fall.
Variety is the spice of life, some say. And I do love variety. There are some that view and think everything the same way throughout their lives. I really don't get's so completely alien to my way. There are times I wish I could live like that. It would certainly simplify a lot of things but I'm sure I'd expire from boredom in the meantime. Even mistakes are OK since they lead to new lessons and choices..........And do you notice how this kind of thinking can also supply you with many excuses, too?? 8-)) Course, only if you try to learn the lesson.........
The looks of the day seem to hold a repeat of that wonderful autumn weather of enjoy, enjoy!! Make the very best out of what the day offers!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In my blog last night the name I gave for WildSpring was erroneous......The correct name is "WildSpring Guest Habitat" case any of you would like to look it up online and find out more of the details of this special place. No exploration of WildSpring would be complete without at least one view of their hot tub......I think it would look inviting even if there was a full-fledged storm going on. Very neat, don't you think? Looking out over the Pacific which reflects that same gorgeous blue. The grounds are full of these wonderful tall, tall trees. For quite a while I've wanted to take a shot of looking straight up at trees like this photo. I didn't come across the right composition and although I didn't really go out of my way to find it, I've been keeping an eye-alert going. Well, I found close to what I've wanted here at WildSpring. I happen to like this a lot and hope some of you do also. It really shows off the loooong way up, huh? Reach high for Heaven!!
And very close by was what I believe Michelle referred to as "The Mary Grove". Those of you familiar with The Johnson Gallery here in Port Orford will probably recognize this sculpture by the owner of the gallery. This is one of the many icons that I mentioned yesterday that lend to the spiritual energy that is WildSpring. Another on this page is the first image above with a Buddha statue meditating over that delicious hot tub.

Wasn't today's weather great?? I love Indian Summers!! Warm and soft days with crisper air coming in at night. No need these days to even consider building the '2nd fire of the season'. And if I got chilly today, I went out to begin some of that garden that always seems to be in need of help!.......that warmed me right up fast!
Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday! I plan on giving it my all.......8-))

Monday, October 11, 2010


What a beautiful place to spend some quality time away from home!! I've tried to include a few photos that represent just a small amount of what WildSpring has to offer. Of course, what most tourists are usually interested in when visiting the coast is the view. The view is actually much more encompassing but I happen to like the features in this particular shot of the jetty and some of the dock. The color today was fantastic and the air clean after our rain over the weekend. I love those hills rising up out of the waters.....the lines, niches and grooves and all those wonderful shadows that might hold who-knows-what mysteries. The atmosphere is what I think I noticed first upon arriving. I did know the couple who owned this property and house a number of years ago, but the new owners, the Duartes, have done many additions and improvements. Dean Duarte led me around on a tour of the grounds, the Guest's Hall and the cabins. Michelle greeted me in her office and both Dean and Michelle are both very gracious and were very welcoming to me and my camera. Back to the atmosphere..........It seems to me to be an artist's smorgasbord. There are art forms around each and every turn.....quaint, spiritual, folk art, woodworking, metalwork..........and just the placement of these various items is it's own brand of art. There are a few places to meditate if one wishes.........but there is a meditative feel to all the grounds as a whole..........benches are common as you leisurely stroll along well tended pathways laid with wood chips. The trees are tall and everywhere so you also are delighted to nature's finest.....mosses, mushrooms, shrubs, wildflowers, etc. ahhh.........and those remarkable trees!! This art form below is one they are particularly proud of, I think. It's a shaman......and only one of the spiritual icons that are everywhere. Somehow, they aren't seen as separate in their holy influences but blend into an overall feeling of representative of where ever we are in that realm of personal intimacy with our Creator.
Following that meditative mood is this photo of a labyrinth. Beautiful and laid out to reflect it's natural setting.
I took many more photos which I will be showing off in the next few days. I think the way the grounds of this resort enclose it and the outside world is not seen, except for the view of the Pacific, that even those of us who live here on the south coast, would enjoy the specialness of WildSpring just as much as any tourist from away. Might consider that this winter............why travel to Mexico when you can just step inside the gate?? You'll love it!! I promise!!
So..........hope everyone's Monday was off to a good start and Tuesday's even better!! Think Happy thoughts!! You'll feel younger!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I think I wrote on Friday that it was a little damp and drizzley. That turned into a real rain. Still not one of our vivacious storms but a fairly constant, windy little storm. The house felt a tad on the damp side on Saturday even with the heat pump going. OK.....time for our first fire of the season. (Do some of you remember this from last year?) is a photo of the heart warming view that warms hearth and home. And then some!! We do this every single year. Within about 4 hours we're drenched from too much warming of hearth and home. First a couple of sweaters come off.....usually followed by a window here and there opened . Finally the over-head fan is turned off and the front or back door opened. No more wood is placed in the fireplace. Let's see now....we've been married going of 37 years.......that adds up to about 36 years of SWEARING this would be the last time we do this 'first fire of the season' business too early. You have my permission to laugh openly next year when we will probably do this yet again. Traditions are hard to break. 8-)) With the house so over-heated, I needed to go somewhere it was cooler. Out on the deck I have some blooms still going on. This one is celebrating the autumn of our years.......the chrysanthemum we have in one of the tubs. Love the russet color. A few have just started opening with many more to come. There were a couple of other flowers still blooming and beautiful leaves here and there. That is one thing I do miss of our time in California. We lived in the 'Gold Country' of Grass Valley. Many easterners would say that our autumn colors of so many trees reminded them of some of that beauty that the eastern states are known for every fall. I always thought that was a terrific compliment. On the line of how the Greenpeacer's thought our seas were one of the most beautiful in all the world! Both statements true.
And hopefully tomorrow will be just a little sunny........I don't think it's suppose to rain. I'll be going over to WildSpring Resort to take a tour and take some photos. I fully expect to be 'wowed'. So stay tuned!!
And have a great Monday.......another new opportunity to have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been threatening all day to drop a little moisture and it finally did happen. Not really a rain, but that heavy drizzle/shower that manages to soak through clothing rather rapidly. My neighbor said they might be having their first fire of the season tonight.......sounded good! The rose in both the first and second photos is the last of this years blooms for "Goodbye Polio Rose". I misnamed it last week as just Polio Rose. That was a pretty unfortunate misname!! Anyway, I wanted to see if it looked 'old world' by de-saturating it. Wha'cha think?? Norm thought it looked like "nothing", but admitted he doesn't see things the same way I do artistically. No right or wrong, just preference.
Our little tomato plants are still giving us plenty of fruit. A lot of them are split when they're brought it.........the perfect ones to pop into your mouth immediately.........Yum!
Friday, again tomorrow!! Does time travel as quickly for you reading this as it seems to for us? It's down right eerie sometimes.........
So, make the most of tomorrow and the weekend.......stay dry!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is a continuation of shots I took with my new little shoot and snap. This first one was just a tangled mess of branches, trunks, leaves, light and shadow. Talk about not being able to tell the forest for the trees.........
Every time I see one of those gorgeous photos of birch tree trunks, I keep trying for something even close and using our abundance of alder trees. Well, this certainly isn't even close, but I do like the way that it became more interesting by converting it to black and white and 'upping' the contrast quite a bit. It will be something that I think I'll experiment with in the future with other possible promising scenes. About a week or so ago my high school down in California had their 50th reunion!!! I can't believe it!! I was unable to go but friends sent me lots of photos.....and there's a ton of them on Flickr. What a reality check this was in looking at all those people that most I would never have recognized!! There were some familar faces, others reminded me of the movie "Benjamin Button". The more I thought about it, and the more I slapped my own hands at being critical, and the more I saw how life progresses.......the faces that I remembered were around 18-25 years old. So were their bodies. You remember the personalities and so-called status or pecking order and who-was-who back then. Age has been quite a leveling agent. Some that thought they were high and lofty have fallen low and others who were too quiet and meek have grown into a beautiful grace and kindness that matters now. The similarity is that Life has happened. Everyone has had successes, failures, tears and laughs. Life changes everyone in one way or another and those that have struggled and been fortunate to have reached inside for that certain 'extra' are the ones that seem the happiest. Maybe they accept the ups and downs more easily. By the look of the photos, they all (or most) seemed to be having a wonderful time.....remembering, reconnecting and reliving good times of being carefree and so hopeful in youth, with eyes to individual futures. Life never stops with it's lessons.
OK.....this photo of a single madrona tree looks like a pair of tango dancers to me. Close and intertwined. There's that lovely peeling bark again, too.
Tonight we're watching a Netflix movie I've wanted to see for a little while. "Ondine" starring Colin Farrell. About an Inish island dweller who saves some woman from the sea and doesn't know whether she's a human or a silky. Good Irish mythology........And hopefully there's that beautiful Irish scenery. I'll report tomorrow.
In the meantime, get ready for a fantastic Thursday. Appreciate Life.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tonight I thought I'd post a few photos that I took today with my new point and shoot Kodak camera. I looked for a wide variety to see how it does under many different circumstances. It does seem to blur just a little, but that might be me more than the camera. I got such a great deal on it and was afraid that it might have been a waste of money. You know the saying "you get what you pay for". This was on sale as a kit through WalMart for only $49!! The only thing extra I needed was a camera card.
This first shot was off Vista on a little deer trail. I took the same scene about a month ago when there were a few more leaves on the alders. Everyday, less and less. This photo was taken from my deck towards a bit of a limp sunset. I haven't seen any this year, so far, that have been spectacular. Course, that's just from my house and I don't have a real good view west without the interference of a hill or two. This scene is looking south.
And we can't have any photos this time of year that don't include a few beautiful this case from one of our small Japanese maples.

Enjoying the sunshine these days............can you feel that autumn nip to the air?? I could was almost chilly and pretty close to sweater and sock weather. We have one granddaughter who moved from Arizona recently and is cold almost all the time. She might have a bit more of an adjustment in the coming months.
OK........get ready for a fantastic Wednesday!! Time to start planning a productive weekend......Time to get out and do some garden pruning .....again!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


These two photos were taken on my birthday a week or so back. We had just had a fabulous brunch at Redfish, Port Orford's new "Shining Gem on the Water". The light is always different, and that morning I liked the almost silhouette look of the rocks offshore, but especially that mist rising throughout the hills and towards Humbug Mt. Even the sun's glare on the water had an appeal to me, adding that contrast that I love. This was one of those times that turning them into black and whites just didn't work like I'd want. The mists didn't stand out as anything much. Just lots of grays. I received many nice comments on Flickr and thought maybe you'd enjoy seeing it also. Today was Donna to the Dentist Monday. I said before that I rarely have any problem with the visit, in fact, sort of look forward to it. My dentist is too darn good!! They are so efficient in that office and he is so good at what he does, that I barely got to close my eyes before he was finished. The preparation took longer than he worked on my re-filling and a couple of polishes. In and out!! Snap-Snap!!
The rest of the day was spent waiting for a doctor's office to return a call........which meant ALL day!! And they never did call! Makes me want to scream sometimes!! Ommmmmm...........

OK........everyone have a great Tuesday. Remember to laugh.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The 'potluck' here is just a couple of odds and ends from my photo files. This first one is an example of Mother Nature's open food pantry........huckleberries. Our house is surrounded by them and I've picked some but not too many yet.......and I'm afraid that now that the robins have returned and found them, there probably aren't going to be that many left, either. They still made for an appetizing image, though. I hope everyone's weekend lived up to the expectations. Mine did. Today, I met with a group of like-minded people in learning and wanting to explore the healing modalities of energy work. It's been quite a few years since I've done much of this but lately it's re-occurance in my life is a welcome return. Norm says he's benefiting from daily sessons and that the ole' heat from my hands is revving up again. It's something you never really forget how to riding a bike or typing. Just practice a little more regularly and sensitize your feeling abilities once more. It feels right to be engaged in this particular way again. And, I'm very happy to have others to share it with. A very giving and caring group of people.
This photo is another from that foggy day on the Coquille River. I like the contrasts that having this in black and white, bring out. If you look closely you can see the Bandon Lighthouse across the river, fading into the fog. Course, your eye is immediately drawn to that very white splash in the foreground as it hits the rocks.
Hope everyone's coming week is a great one.........BTW, for those interested in new exercise and workout programs, I understand that there's to be a new "Zumba" dance group forming, to be held in Langlois at one of the school gyms. I think if you're interested in learning more particulars, that you might call either Maria Belmont-Forty or Tim Belmont at Jeffrey's Salon in Langlois. There are so many people that are really jazzed about this and I'm sure it's going to be fantastic fun for all.
Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Looks like our little heat wave of yesterday definitely came to an's been cool and foggy all day here in Port Orford. So....I thought we'd return to the in-coming fog of Bandon from a few days ago.
This first shot was of a small craft coming back over the Bandon bar, escaping the fog, I'm sure. If you can view this photo in it's larger form, you'll see that the fishman at the back isn't about to quit just yet. "Just one more" I think of him saying. When Norm and I had our boat, I didn't really care whether I caught anything or not. I enjoyed just sitting there, waiting and taking in the sights and sounds of Suisun Bay in California. I usually managed to catch something........much to the annoyance of Norm, who didn't. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my theory on that is that Norm had this disgusting "good luck charm" of spitting on his bait. Ugh! I used hand lotion.........I caught the fish! 8-)) Neat thing happened this morning while Norm and I were having our morning coffee. We heard a loud 'thunk'.....sort of like when a lid pops off a container after too much pressure has built up. I checked and THAT didn't happen........then we both thought that it might have been a bird hitting the window. I went out front to check and sure enough......a fairly large dove. And there was another dove, either a mate or off-spring, that swooped down to it's fallen companion. I figured it was dead since there was absolutely no movement and it was lying on it's back, feet up.
I went back inside and planned on finishing up a few things inside, I'd dispose of the bird's body. I felt really badly about the other bird coming down, knowing something was wrong. Well, when I went out again in about 15 minutes the 'dead' bird was gone. I've rescued various birds over the years that had stunned themselves by hitting glass, but I really thought this one was a goner. I was so happy I was wrong!!

This second photo of the Bandon lighthouse as the fog creeps in.......actually 'pouring in' is more accurate.........I liked it in black and white. Sort of in keeping with the atmosphere of fog and mist.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend.......Have fun!