Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I haven't quite left the Elk River behind just yet. We were up in Coos Bay most of the day and I haven't downloaded new photos I have yet. I felt like playing around and this first one is the result of today's play. I've done a little bit of 'artistic' editing with this particular tree. Looked at as the camera took it, I felt, was as dull as dust. When I start to play around with all the 'toys' in Photoshop things start taking on a little interest. Branches that were nothing but tangled masses of limbs and leaves, start to look a little mysterious and my eye, anyway. Some of the strange colors gave depth and softness instead of chaos. Fun. I saw a neat thing today on the highway on the way north. There was an older car in front of us and one in back. After driving a little while, I noticed a car off on the side of the road, broken down I assume since the driver's seat held some young man. As we approached closer the car off on the side of the road blinked his left rear blinker. Immediately the car in front of us, as well as the car following, pulled off the road to give help to the stalled car. Obviously all three young men knew each other and I assume the broken one had put in a SOS to his buddies.........and there they were. I just thought to myself how this isn't something you might see in a larger metropolitan area, although I'm sure this isn't just delegated to rural southern Oregon. I don't suppose it's really any big thing, but for some reason it warmed my heart........people helping people.......and most not expecting any real reward for their kindness. It's more of an appreciation of self and others........a respect for each other as well as empathy. And as for the rest of the day in Coos Bay........ Norm's doctor's visit was fine........he's always comes out grinning when he gets a good "report card". The shopping was a nightmare though. It was humid and WalMart was so crowded. So.....if you don't like crowds......stay away from the 1st of the month to the 5th......I was told that by an exhausted checker. A few other stores weren't quite that bad........but maybe that's way WalMart's stock went up today!'s my last bit of play for the day. I did this a few days ago. I think this is one I was showing a friend how I like to tinker around with the editing. Maybe you might recognize the scene from one I posted a few days ago.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday........that time of the week again to start making weekend plans. This is Labor Day weekend coming up and I'm sure many of you have plans already made......days spent with family and friends and enjoying a few more of the last days of summer. Have fun and stay safe!!

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