Sunday, September 12, 2010


This first shot was taken from one of the bluffs overlooking the Pacific, the jetty in Bandon and even the Bandon lighthouse, if you look closely. Those clouds were so beautiful and I actually like it more in the sepia since the vivid blue of the sea that day, distracted from the my opinion. Black and white just didn't do it justice this time. And....I am having a lot of fun experimenting lately with my editing software.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.........Ours was great! Wonderful food and wonderful friends. It all blended together to give a great, happy shot in the arm. And our weather has been great, huh? Sorry for those who live elsewhere who might not be able to experience southern Oregon autumn weather. For any who are planning a trip and haven't made up your mind yet.........think of Port Orford or thereabouts, for the perfect fall get-away. And sunsets to die for!! This second shot I was trying to be clever........not that this is an original idea. The reason it didn't land in the 'delete file' was how the blue sky in the background contrasts with the almost black and white look of the mirror reflection. This was taken at the Charleston Marina boardwalk. It was very busy that day......lots of cars, tourists and fishing boats coming and going. Hard to imagine how quiet it will seem in just another couple of months. By the end of October, in most years, the tourist traffic seems to stop abruptly.........almost like they closed off Highway 101 at the borders.
This lovely weather is making it almost impossible to find reasons to not get out at least an hour or so, into the garden and tackle the ever-annoying fall pruning. I managed to cut back one enormous lavendar bush. Hopefully, it won't die this winter from shock since I cut so much off. If it does, I'll just plant another.......or maybe something that requires no pruning.......or watering.
My list in narrowing.
Willie the kitty is back in fine form.........maybe too fine a form. How easily she adapted to the extra attention and is taking advantage. This morning I had stripped the bed to change sheets. Norm walked into the bedroom just in time to see my sweet Willie turning circles on some blankets....making a nest for herself in OUR blankets. Willie might be old but I saw where she can still move mighty fast when survival in the name of the game.
OK.....everyone have a great Monday..........tell a couple of jokes.........laugh at anothers. It helps you wake up. After that cup of coffee!

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