Monday, September 6, 2010


In the off chance you haven't met Carrie or seen her advertising in the local papers, here she is. Carrie is such a natural, real person and as sweet as they come. Her new venture into her own photography business is off to a roaring success by the looks of it. Her own style of photography is vintage old west, complete with beautiful dress up gowns and jackets, hats, etc. for the authentic look and then the photographs, which she prints herself, are toned in sepia. I've seen via Facebook that she also does a wonderful job in more contemporary shoots.....graduation and weddings for sure. At the Curry County Fair, Carrie set up a tent, lights, camera and action for the wandering public.......and she up to the many late summer and fall festivals around the southern coast. I might be leaving some of the up and coming events out but I think it's safe to say that whenever you see a fair or festival, Carrie is probably there and ready to shoot. In her Port Orford studio, which is the old Campbell Realty building, there are bales of hay and other old timey props, as well as the stand in hero of all westerns, John Wayne. Johnny Depp is there too, dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Think I'll go with John, myself.
The dresses are beautiful!! Many colors and all richly vintage looking as well. These are a few for you to get an idea of some of the choices offered.
This last dress is Carrie's latest and really has to be seen by the naked eye to be appreciated. It's a dainty old rose color and this photo doesn't capture the true quality of it. I loved the old lace of the bodice.

If any of you are into thinking early about Christmas gifts to give, think of one of Carrie's portraits.......something different and very special........just like Carrie! When she's not in her studio or off on some photo shoot, you just might find her at Siren's Coffee. A very busy lady!
And I think her new business is destined to be a very popular success! Way to go, Carrie!!

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