Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The clouds parted, the rain stopped and we saw sun again. But I love those big thunder-bumpers that were seen all around our area this afternoon.
I thought we'd take one more look at some sights along Vista. There are many certain areas that I love to look at during my walk but for something that's hopefully interesting via the camera, I chose a couple of forest roads that aren't really used by much traffic (unless you count deer and such). I guess I'd better mention my opening rose here first. It was so beautiful that I thought I'd just throw it in for you flower-lovers........wonderful fragrance too. OK.....the forest paths........I enjoy the mystery of where these paths might lead. This first one, I've never explored too far up. It's private land with signs to stay out. It's for sale and has been forever. I'd love to walk a little ways up and see where it might lead. There are a number of bear dens around up here and I suppose I've been leaning towards being cautious. Maybe one of these days I can convince Norm to come with me.
This second one I have been up. There is a reservoir up there for the many homes that were supposed to be built that haven't. So instead of being well cleared and with a beautiful view of the town and beyond, it's now completely overgrown in a tangle of shrubs, bushes and young trees. But the look up from Vista still holds that mystery of ????

We had a wonderful dinner with friends tonight and tasted something new for us.....Posole which is an (American) Indian stew......with the most delicious cornbread I've had.......Norm even came home with a big beautiful golden-eye red snapper.......which we'll eat tomorrow night. HE took care of the filleting! HA! I cook and I don't clean fish. And do not want to learn.
Made up some new greeting cards for Siren's which Diane liked......Yaaa! It's always so nice when someone appreciates your work. So, if you're in Siren's any time soon, take a look at a few new additions.
Tomorrow is Wednesday (not Friday??) and the week has again hit the half-way mark. Make it count by laughing a lot and enjoy the day.

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