Friday, September 10, 2010


I was listening to the TV today and of course all news stations were telling of the plans for and the history of 9-11-01. I guess I'm still not over that terrible shock and grief that overcame our country......and a lot of the world, too. But I do remember that along with the horror of that day, I was so concerned for my twin grandsons whose birthday is Sept. 11th. What a legacy and rememberance to have every year. So, I decided to remember and honor the victims and heros of that day, but also to celebrate life.........those twins are so precious to me. Jorma passed on a couple of years ago, but Jory blessed the world by giving a beautiful daughter, Kylie, born on September 11th also!! I guess 9-11 will always contain mixed blessings for me......death and life. Thankfully, the death is remembered for a shorter duration and the life is there growing into new experiences, loves and lessons. And that deserves honor also.

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