Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My visit this morning with my friend was really nice.....as it always is when we get together......we 'solve' the problems of the world by recognizing that probably the best we can do is recognize that there are problems of the world. But we explore our thoughts and feelings and trust each other to know that even when what we say might be a little un-understandable to others, that's OK. A very accepting and unconditional respect we have for each other.
When I arrived though, I was hoping to get that shot of the dock through the trees that I mentioned in yesterday's posting. The view off her deck was fine, since it was up close. And here are those wonderful peeling trunks of the madrona trees again. Pretty against the green, huh? Then you see what happens when I zoom out towards the dock.......I'm showing this in black and white so you can fully see how socked in downtown Port Orford was today with fog. Viewed on large you can better see some of the filtered trees and I think, Coast Guard Hill in the upper left corner. I happen to really appreciate the 'mists'. Not in this particular photo, but many times it creates interesting moods and lets us see the world in another way that allows us to maybe dream and see through the eyes of imagination. Think British Isles and the Little People......Sometimes in walking in the winter when there might be heavy fog and in looking into the woods, it's very easy to see how there might be an entirely different world somewhere out, or down there. Lots of possibilities!!
In this last one, the deer moved and so did I.......Perfect for playing with my editing software again. This way I can say that "no, I didn't take a poor photograph........I did that intentionally in order to create through my artistic sensibilities". HA!

Tomorrow..........I've been away from a group that I meet with on a fairly regular basis and looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow. Isn't it easy to have one thing, then another, then another, interfere with what's REALLY important? And before you know it way too much time has come about. One of the top items on my self-improvement list.
Everyone have another good Wednesday. Think what is REALLY important to you. I bet it involves other people. A pain and a joy, huh?

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