Friday, September 10, 2010


When Norm and I first contemplated moving to Oregon we seriously considered Charleston. We loved watching "Murder, She Wrote" and how Jessica would figure out the newest murder mystery in her little quaint little town of Cabot's Cove. It was on the eastern seaboard but looked an awful lot to us like Charleston. If it weren't for a completely disinterested realtor, we might have been living there instead of Port Orford. I'm glad now it didn't work out that way, but still it's an interesting and colorful little town. This first photo, I was playing with black and white and that contrast between sky, clouds and water. I like this photo a lot. Maybe some of you do, too. The more I study it, the more I see things I like in this image. This second one is quite a bit different in color and busy-ness. But, those clouds!! They really were something! I think this winter, I'll be playing around a lot with black and white and cloud formations. They can be so dramatic at times.
Well, my poor Willie kitty was attacked last night by something tougher than she is. Not hard to do these days; she's pretty old now. So, here she is plopped on my lap, grooming herself while I try to type. Naturally, she thinks what's she's doing takes priority! She feels a little poorly today.....doesn't want to go outside without me and is lapping up the extra attention I'm giving her. Even NORM, if you can believe it, is giving her a little consideration today. For those who don't know about this, Norm is not an admirer of Willie's. She just arrived as a stray and eventually worked her way into my heart. I don't know why because she was more trouble than she was worth in the beginning.......part feral. Norm
even tried to bribe me once into getting rid of if!!! Hopefully, she'll be back to her usual ornery self soon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.........Sleep in late and enjoy not having to get up early. Then go have fun!

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