Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The rains are beginning, so they say. It sure feels like the weather is turning. Everyone over the age of.........fill in the blank........has their arthritis kicking up. My niece is looking forward to all things cozy........I get that nesting feeling every fall, too. Time to hunker down and prepare for the time of winter-quiet and contemplation. Here is one shot of late harvesting of our cherry tomatoes. They have been exceptionally tasty this year........high acidity and soooo good. I thought I'd get some of the roses and zinnias that were blooming before the rain gets to them. It made a nice little autumn looking bouquet, huh?? Along with some of Norm's prize onions.
A few days ago he planted more beet seeds and they've broken ground and are on their way. They're a cool-weather crop and I hope I get them to pickle in spite of the cooler temperatures that are coming.
So......rain is coming now for the next number of days. I don't know if that means very heavy or just constant or mostly cloudy. It's Mother Nature's surprise for us. But remember that the roads will probably by slick so take your time and drive carefully. And have a wonderful Wednesday!

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