Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This hardly look like the same river as yesterday's postings. The water seems like a gentle flow, barely moving. If you look a little further upstream, or in the background of this shot, you can see a little rush of white water as it runs over rocks. The water here is fairly shallow......right now. I'm sure it will be a torrent after we get some healthy, hardy rains. Isn't the reflection of the golden trees nice on the water??
We watched the last episode of Pillars of the Earth tonight. Yep!! Those bad guys got their come-up-ins. All others lived happily ever after..........or as happy as life could be back in the early 1100's. Pretty grim, all in all. It seemed that life was cheap......and the lifespan certainly wasn't all that long for your everyday person. But the love of family, pride in God, self and country has been there throughout the centuries. Course, those were, and are, the basis for many wars and personal battles. And still we all have hope for a more peaceful world.....Maybe we should look to ourselves first. Can't give away what we don't possess. When I re-look at these photos and remember the peacefulness of being there, it seems so easy. The trick is to carry that memory around with me when I drive back down to Hwy. 101 and someone cuts in front of me in their car!! That's the test!! 8-))
In looking at the second photo, you can see I'm still enamored with trees. These two stately alders were growing up on a steep hill across the road from where we were parked. Love that white bark.............Almost as much as the new lemon risotto I made tonight.......Oh, it was SO good! Even Norm liked it, and Norm never likes rice of any kind much. I have some left over and thought I'd try risotto patties tomorrow night. Yum!
Tomorrow.......Wednesday, and I have an appointment with the "Hair Wizard" as Norm calls Tim, of Jefferies Salon. My morning of treating myself to enjoy the company and conversation with one of my favorites. And all of you have a great Wednesday......the half-way point of the week and if I'm not mistaken, the first (official) day of autumn. Time to find brightly colored leaves.......and acorns. One can never have too many fallen acorns!

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