Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Anyone else feel like today should be either Sunday or Wednesday?? And I think Norm has asked me about three times today if it was Tuesday? I don't know if I'm the one he should be asking........

And we have had our 30% chance of rain today..........over and over and over. Let's see; that makes it about 90% doesn't it? Sound right to me! A nice steady on-going soft rain. So.....it was again a good day for a big pot of ham and beans and I baked a nice loaf of crusty bread. And tonight we watch the final episode of Doc Martin on Netflix. Funny coincidence......I mentioned the Doc Martin series in my blog a few days back. One of my friends read what I wrote and she looked it up on Netflix, then realized that the town the series takes place in is a little village in Cornwall just a village away from where her husband's grandfather came from. They're now watching the series and loving it. Fun, huh? Since it's raining that 30% today I thought it might be nice to show a flower from our place. This zinnia is really pretty large and I love the way the petals grow off in all kinds of crazy directions.
I also posted this shot on Flickr. I titled it 'Zinnia From Down Under'. I just now got a comment from one of my Flickr contacts that she listed this as one of her favorites........she's from Australia. 8-)) Love it!

This other photo is of the one and only Willie.........Princess of her domain in our household. Her wish is nag....nag.....nag, until one of us finally gives in. Here she is enjoying her due with a royal rub under her royal chin. You can really tell she actually hates it, huh? Eyes clenched tight in pain and disgust. Poor mistreated little beastie.......

We had a delightful visit this morning with some friends that we hadn't gotten to know very well previously. They now live in Arizona but come back to Port Orford every year to enjoy their old stomping grounds and get together with old friends. Norm and I very much enjoyed getting to know them a little more.......Class I people that make you want to stay in touch.

So ends another day in Port Orford..............I hope everyone has a nice evening and a happy Friday........Oh!.....I mean Wednesday.

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