Monday, September 27, 2010


I've spent most of the day putting off and dreading calling for tech support to get online again. Some kind of computer glitch.......Do any of you have the same love-hate relationship with your computer? Well, as you can see I am back in business but I'm sure my blood pressure is elevated. And I commend the poor man that had to help me.......I panic when I can't hear what's said........rummage around looking for numbers on equipment I can't name. It's just a major nightmare in my description of things!! (OK, Donna.......calm down. It's over now.....sigh.

Today we're having a little 'Indian Summer' weather.....pretty warm and sort of humid. Maybe a pretty sunset tonight, huh?? Last night's promised to be colorful but instead just sort of 'grayed out'. The first photo here was taken on our way to dinner along Bandon's Beach Loop. It was my birthday yesterday and Norm took me to brunch at Redfish.......very good, by the way. I had their European quiche and Norm had Eggs Benedict. Then for dinner we went to Inn At Face Rock in Bandon and enjoyed that meal and our cutest little waitress ever. Very sweet and of course, she laughed at Norm's jokes.
This second photo here was in a trailer park in Charleston and someone's own little garden design. It's pretty clever, don't you think?? Not many flowers but clearly a fishing town theme.
Picked the last of the basil for this year. I love it's pungent aroma. Since I think I have enough pesto made up and frozen for the next year, I'm drying what I picked today. Especially in this warm weather, the scent is filling the kitchen area. Makes me think of my nephew Nick. He loves pesto..........actually he loves food, period. I'll have a pesto dinner for him when he visits next month.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and I expect it to be better than least as long as my computer remains working. Fingers and toes crossed..............
All of you enjoy and have a great day!!

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