Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today my camera caught some fun and unusual sights between Port Orford and Coos Bay. Everything was catching my eye today. It was one of those mornings that if we had stopped to take a shot of everything I saw that was worthy of an photo image, we'd just now be arriving in town to do our shopping. I just happen to love everything I saw this morning.

This first one is of a spider web. (Duh!) I've been wanting to photograph it for about a week or so. It's much larger and thicker than the usual spider webs we see around our area. I'm thinking that it might be a mite web that the state brought in to combat the gorse that is taking over the south Oregon coast and into the valleys. That was pretty much a dismal failure, but every once in a while I see the thick webs enclosing about a foot of branch. Anyway, this is pretty interesting when viewed on large. And it has it's own beauty......... The traffic was pretty light today, which was a treat for us. And the amount of shoppers was fairly light also......double treat!! We had a bite to eat at The High Tide in Charleston overlooking the bay. The boat traffic was heavy.........the bridge had to be raised at least three times that I saw. And crossing the rivers....the small boats were lining up and down all fishing for salmon, I guess. The first rains are supposed to bring them up river to spawn........and it spawns fishmen, ever hopeful and nets ready.
This second shot is a goofy one, huh? I had stopped in Bandon on a high bluff to take shots of the Islands. There were pieces of crab lying all over the place and it occured to me that this gull wasn't going to fly off until he ate all his dinner. You see the look he was giving me.....haha! 8-))
He got the last laugh, though. On one shot I knelt down on the grass........and something did not smell right. 8~( Enough said.
Huh......I just got a phone call from a carpet cleaner who said I won a contest and he's coming to clean 2 rooms tomorrow for free. Norm thinks it's a scam........and truthfully, I don't remember entering a contest to have carpets cleaned. So......I'm preparing my "NO!" word in case they think they can "offer" more. Stay tuned tomorrow........
Everyone have a great Friday and prepare for an even better weekend.
Laugh and smile...............

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