Wednesday, September 22, 2010


No, I didn't see the flush of autumn color that I'd expected, but as you can see, I made due with the few bursts that I did see. Makes it all the more 'worthy' of enlarging and admiring these few leaves, huh? More to follow......... I was up in Langlois this morning getting my hair done and it's always a treat. This morning, Tim gave me a piece of his delicious quiche........soooo good!! He's another one around the area that is getting an abundance-plus of Valley Flora vegetables. So, he sometimes worries that they might be spoiling there are so many, and he gets up at midnight to bake a quiche or two. Now that particular kind of thinking is as foreign to me as anything I've ever heard!! I don't know whether to call him an early riser or a late night-owl. How about crazy?? But it must work for Tim because it was one of the best quiche's I've had!! It definitely worked in my favor. He has more new items in his salon........scarves from Arabia are among the newest and most beautiful. Some gorgeous and reasonably priced knits from a lady who uses her own wool and brings it to it's product forms as socks.......beautifully colored! Also makes placemats, table runners and aprons. I bought myself an apron, as a matter of fact. (Just in case I ever lose my mind enough to get up at midnight to bake up a quiche, don'cha know!) 8-))
Tim will be carrying some of my greeting cards. I brought in a couple dozen today and Tim and Maria bought enough so that I already need to supply more. And I'm not complaining!!

This second photo is again of the stream that feeds into the Elk River. Isn't it a perfect representation of what the Pacific Northwest is all about? The green, the moss, water and more water, those rocks.........I love it! The untamed land.

Well, enjoy this beautiful autumn least it's beautiful right now on a late Wednesday afternoon. Tomorrow might be another story.......but whatever it is, enjoy it anyway!!

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