Sunday, September 19, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was quiet and generally low-key. It made a nice match with the rain we've had the last couple of days. Not anything too significant in the amount of rain, but it was one more definite annoucement that summer is now over. I baked bread to go with some good rainy day comfort food.......spaghetti. Tonight, lamb stew.

This first photograph was at the north end in Old Town Bandon. I've always found the rotting pilings to be picturesque. There are generally large numbers of gulls and maybe geese hanging around there. The water is fairly shallow and the tide brings all kinds of gull-goodies for them to feast on. In this shot, the sky was filled with the birds as they fly and soar through the air, for what or why, I don't know. It always facinates me though. We didn't make our Gold Beach trip as we had hoped. We'll just postpone it which is just as well since Saturday was raining pretty good. Maybe I can get Norm to drive a little ways up the Rogue River. A friend of mine traveled recently along the Umpqua and the maples are turning the most beautiful colors now. It was a fantastic photo she took and now I want to do that too!! 8-))

This was shot from the car again, looking at the south side of the Coquille River from Hwy 101. All this grass was doing a slow waltz in the faint breeze we had that day. Mesmerizing! The color was a little flat the day both of these were taken and I thought the sepia was a fairly good way to bring a little definition to the sky and thin clouds.
Here's hoping that your new week is full of new energy and enthusiasm for life!!
Go get'em!!

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