Friday, September 3, 2010


Thankfully it's more humanely cooler today than yesterday. I'm not used to that kind of heat anymore.......And as sometimes the best-laid plans do go astray.....I had spaghetti bubbling away and the oven baking bread, adding more uncomfortable toastiness to the hot house............Finally, around 4 o'clock I asked Norm.........."Hey! We do have air conditioning, don't we?" That's how often we have to use it, when I don't even remember that we have it!

A couple of days ago I went walking and brought my camera.......these are a couple of sights that caught my eye. My niece, Lauren, had taken some photos recently of peeling madrone trees and I thought they were very good. I saw a couple of the smaller manzanita trunks that looking interesting and that's what this first shot is all about. I might try cropping in even closer and see what effect that gives. As for now, I like to look at the play of light and shadow in the background woods. BTW.....on Wednesday I received my flu shot up in Coos Bay at the North Bend Medical Clinic. I don't know if other doctors or clinics have them yet, but if this is something you do then it might not hurt to ask and see if you can't get one now. A friend recently came down with the flu. It might or might not be the same strain that might be visiting us this winter, but just be aware.
This photo was showing how the ferns are turning color and the grass going to seed. Another sign of the approaching fall. How did you like our little moisture Wednesday? Not as much as last week but enough to really make you scratch your head when Thursday brought heat of 85 degrees, at least at our place. Course there was that cooking I had going on.......
Another side note.....if you have 'instant play' with Netflix you might enjoy the English series, Doc Martin. Norm is really enjoying it on nights that we don't have our Netflix movies that have been mailed to us. I think we have only 1 more series until the end.....and after that, I'd like to re-watch All Creatures Great and Small. I used to enjoy that series so much and there are many similiarities to Doc Martin. I might have mentioned previously about how the scenry in Doc Martin looks like our area. Tonight we watch The Bounty Hunter...........chic-flick, as Norm calls it.
Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend........lots going on!!
Stay safe.

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